Sabretooth for Champions

Real name: Victor Creed
Other known aliases: Slasher, El Tigre.
Occupation: Mercenary and assassin.
Current group affiliation: Brotherhood of Mutants.
Past group affiliations: Marauders, X-Factor II, Team X, former partner to the Constrictor.
Major enemies: X-Men (particularly Wolverine), Morlocks, Caliban.
First appearance: Iron Fist #14
Origin: Unrevealed
Description: Victor is an animalistic man standing 6'6'' and weighs 275 lbs. He has blonde hair and clawed hands and feet.


23     STR     13
23     DEX     39
25     CON     30
18     BODY    16
10     INT      0
10     EGO      0
18     PRE      8
10     COM      0
 8     PD       3
 8     ED       3
 5     SPD     17
15     REC     10
50     END      0
43     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 139

Powers, Skills and Equipment

 4     4/4 Damage Resistance     
11     EC (11),"Tiger powers."     
13a)   PKG,"Enhanced senses.",+3 Enhanced PER,with all senses,IR     
        Vision,Tracking Scent     
 9b)   1D6 HKA,vs physical defense,No Knockback(-1/4),0 END(+1/2) 0
 3     Life Support,immune to disease     
 2     Life Support,immune to aging,Ages slowly.(-1/2)     
10     12 Mental Defense     
10     1 BODY Regen     
 6     9" Running                                                 2
 3     Acrobatics 14-     
 3     Breakfall 14-     
 3     Climbing 14-     
 4     Fast Strike     
 3     Interrogation 13-     
 4     Killing Strike     
 8     1 Levels,all combat     
 3     Navigation 11-     
 4     Nerve Strike     
 3     Streetwise 13-     
 3     Survival 11-     
 2     WF,Small Arms     
Powers Cost: 111


Base Points: 100
15     Berserk,"If he goes without a mental attack for a week.",
        uncommon,occur 14-,recover 14-
10     Distinctive,"Mutant",easily concealable,major
15     Distinctive,"Lion-man",concealable,major
20     Hunted,"by various heroes and authorities.",as powerful,
        non-combat influence,harsh,appear 11-
10     Psych Lim,"Addicted to telepathy.",uncommon,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Casual killer.",common,strong
20     Psych Lim,"Violent!",very common,strong
10     Public ID,"Victor Creed"
15     Rep,"Hired killer mutant beastman.",occur 11-,extreme
 5     Rivalry,"with Wolverine.",professional
 5     Unluck,1D6
10     Watched,"by employers.",as powerful,non-combat influence,
        mild,appear 14-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: Having Enhanced Senses in a Power Framework requires special permission from the Game Master.

History: The full origin of Sabretooth is unknown. However, his real name is believed to be Victor Creed, and he is a superhumanly powerful mutant. Sabretooth is said to be the ultimate warrior and survivor, and for years he has been driven by psychotic needs to hunt, fight, and kill other human beings.

Apparently Victor Creed was psychologically abused by his father, who confined him to the dark basement of their home.

At one point Victor Creed became the student of the man called the Foreigner, who became the head of the world's leading organization of assassins.

At some point over thirty-five years ago Creed had an affair with another superhuman mutant, Mystique, and they had a son, Graydon Creed, who headed the anti-mutant organization called the Friends of Humanity and ran for the presidency of the United States before his recent assassination.

In the early 1960s Creed was a special operative for the Central Intelligence Agency, who apparently gave him the code name Sabretooth. In the C.I.A. Creed frequently worked in partnership with two other superhuman mutant agents, Logan, code-named Wolverine, and David North, code-named Maverick. Other special agents with whom they were associated in Team X included John Wraith, Mastodon, and Silver Fox. All had been subjects of the still mysterious Weapon X project, a program seemingly run by the United States government to create a team of super-soldiers. Apparently the Weapon X project scientists introduced an age suppression factor into the D.N.A. of Sabretooth and the other Team X members that retarded their aging, as well as having another operative, Aldo Ferro, give them false memory implants for reasons that remain unclear. Hence, Sabretooth cannot trust all of his own memories.

Creed had a falling out with Logan and North during a mission in Berlin in the early 1960s. Since then, Sabretooth and Wolverine have been mortal enemies.

Iron Fist #14 In Sabretooth's first recorded exploit as a costumed criminal, he held the celebrated lawyer Jeryn Hogarth captive. Hogarth's client Daniel Rand, in his costumed identity of Iron Fist, fought and defeated Sabretooth, thus helping to rescue Hogarth (Iron Fist #14).

Later, Sabretooth formed a partnership with another costumed criminal, the Constrictor. However, driven by his psychotic needs, Sabretooth disguised himself and stalked victims in New York City, murdering them with a knife, thus giving rise to newspaper reports of a mysterious Slasher. Private investigator Misty Knight happened upon one of Sabretooth's attacks and fought him. This led to subsequent battles between Sabretooth and the Constrictor on one side and Knight's friends Iron Fist and Luke Cage, alias Power Man, on the other.

Later, Sabretooth sought to join the Foreigner's organization. Sabretooth tracked down the costumed adventurer the Black Cat, who had clashed with some of the Foreigner's men, but Spider-Man saved the Black Cat and defeated Sabretooth.

Subsequently, Sabretooth joined the Marauders, a cadre of superhuman assassins who worked for the mysterious Mister Sinister. Mister Sinister assigned the Marauders to massacre the underground community of mutants called the Morlocks. In the course of helping to carry out this massacre, Sabretooth once again encountered and fought Wolverine. This led to a series of subsequent battles between the two long time enemies.

The X-Men finally captured Sabretooth, and their leader, Professor Charles Xavier, undertook trying to help Sabretooth overcome his psychotic impulses, just as the X-Men had aided Wolverine in controlling his own tendency towards berserker rage. Infuriated at discovering Sabretooth at Xavier's mansion, Wolverine battled Sabretooth and seemingly injured Sabretooth's brain with a thrust of one of his claws. Afterwards, Sabretooth seemed unusually passive and peaceful, and Boomer, one of the members of X-Force, developed a fondness for him. However, Sabretooth recovered his true personality while pretending to remain docile, and finally turned against Boomer and the X-Men, mortally wounding Psylocke.

Later, the United States government made Sabretooth a member of the second version of X-Factor, the government's team of superhuman mutant operatives. Certain people in the government secretly intended Sabretooth to serve as a sleeper agent to kill the other members of X-Factor if the government deemed them to be out of control. However, Sabretooth was forced to wear an electronic restraining collar designed by X-Factor's resident inventor Forge that contained a nerve inhibitor which would administer a severe shock to Sabretooth's nervous system if he turned aggressive towards another person or tried to take off the collar. Eventually, however, thanks to pills he obtained that helped him resist the pain, Sabretooth succeeded in removing the collar. He savagely assaulted several other members of X-Factor and then escaped.

Sabretooth remains at large, continuing to wreak havoc.

Sabretooth Sabretooth Sabretooth Note: The character of Sabretooth appeared in the X-Men movie, as well as the X-Men and X-Men: Evolution television series.

Powers: Sabretooth can regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human being. His fast healing ability makes him virtually immune to poisons and to most drugs. Sabretooth also has a limited immunity to the fatigue poisons generated by bodily activity; hence he has greater endurance than any ordinary human being.

Sabretooth has superhumanly acute senses (of sight, hearing, smell, and taste, although perhaps not of touch), comparable to those of certain animals. For example, he can track someone by smell just as a dog or a wolf can. In part Sabretooth's superhuman senses comprise a separate superhuman power of his, but they are also due in part to his power of fast cellular regeneration. Sabretooth's night vision is preternaturally sensitive, containing twice the average human being's area of light-gathering retina, and extends into the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. His hearing is extraordinarily acute, able to detect light breathing in a cave at 200 feet. His sense of taste can detect 1 part of foreign matter in 10,000. His highly developed olfactory sense and memory allow him to detect and track a scent over eight hours old (possibly a concentration of 20 parts per million) that he had not been exposed to for up to several months previously. Dilute, common odors of perspiration, perfumes, cigarettes, candies, and food are beacons to his senses. Sabretooth ages at a very slow rate.

Sabretooth's claws and teeth are strong enough to rend through substances as durable as bone.

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