Riley Finn

Riley Finn for Champions

Real name: Riley Finn
Other known aliases: See the list.
Occupation: Demon hunter, former student and soldier.
Current group affiliation: Employed by a secret branch of the U.S. military.
Past group affiliations: Scooby Gang, Initiative, U.S. Marines.
Major enemies: Formerly the Initiative and Adam.
First appearance: The Freshmen 4.01
Description: Riley Finn is a good looking 6'2'' tall man and well built, with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes.


18     STR      8
18     DEX     24
15     CON     10
13     BODY     6
13     INT      3
14     EGO      8
13     PRE      3
16     COM      3
 8     PD       4
 8     ED       5
 4     SPD     12
 8     REC      2
30     END      0
30     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 88

Powers, Skills, Equipment and Followers

 5     8 Mental Defense     
27     VPP (19),only change between adv,restricted type of powers,     
        no skill roll required,"Only to make military gadgets.",IIF     
 3     Acting 12-     
 3     AK: Sunnydale 12-,(INT based)     
 3     Concealment 12-     
 3     Conversation 12-     
 5     Cramming     
 3     Criminology 12-     
 5     Electronics 12-     
 3     Federal Police Powers     
 3     Interrogation 12-     
 3     KS: Demons & Vampires 12-,(INT based)     
 3     KS: Military Ettiquite 12-,(INT based)     
 4     Martial Disarm     
 3     Martial Grab     
 3     Mechanics 11-     
 3     Navigation 11-     
 3     Oratory 12-     
 3     Paramedic 12-     
 5     5 Resistance     
 3     SC: Psychology 12-,(INT based)     
 3     Security Systems 12-     
 4     Shove     
 3     Stealth 13-     
 3     Streetwise 12-     
 3     Survival 11-     
 3     Systems Operation 12-     
 3     Tactics 12-     
 2     WF,Small Arms     
 8     4/4 Armor,"Body Armor",OIF(-1/2)     
15     MP (30),OAF(-1)     
 1u    6D6 EB,"Stun Gun",stun only,13-16 Charges(0)                  0
 1u    1D6+1 HKA,"Combat stick.",vs physical defense,0 END(+1/2)     0
 1u    2D6 RKA,vs physical defense,9-12 Charges(0),2 Clips           0
 1u    1D6+1 RKA,"Mini-bombs",13-16 Charges(0),Explosion(+1/2)       0
15     Followers: Samantha Finn (75pt)     
Powers Cost: 162


Base Points: 100
10     Distinctive,"Scar on face.",concealable,minor
10     DNPC,"Various people in need.",normal,useful skills,appear
15     Hunted,"The forces of darkness.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 8-
20     Normal Stats
10     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing (humans).",uncommon,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Loves Buffy/Samantha.",common,strong
 1     Quirk - Can't dance.
 1     Quirk - Corn fed Iowa boy.
15     Secret ID,"Government monster hunter."
10     Unluck,2D6
10     Watched,"By the U.S. government.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 117

Experience Spent: 33
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion:

History: Riley Finn was born and raised in Huxley, a small farm town in Iowa. Not a whole lot is known about his history, but he was a Psychology graduate student at U.C. Sunnydale, a teacher's assistant to the late Professor Maggie Walsh, and Special Agent 75329 in the Initiative, a mysterious military operation which captures and experiments on demons.

Riley After Buffy Anne Summers graduated high school, she started to attend U.C. Sunnydale. She moved into a campus dorm with a new roommate, Kathy Newman and met several nice men including Riley. She started taking psychology classes under Professor Maggie Walsh (The Freshman 4.01).

Riley After getting over college student Parker Abrahms, Buffy started to attract the attention of Riley. Things started to develop slowly with him until an accident with a spell cast by Willow Rosenberg caused Buffy and the vampire Spike to fall madly in love with each other, something they both found disgusting after the spell was lifted (Something Blue 4.09).

''Okay, yes, I have been known to do a little prep work before our conversations. It's not easy, you know, talking to you, sometimes. It's like an oral exam.'' - Riley

Buffy & Riley Buffy had a dream about a group of demons called the Gentlemen coming to Sunnydale. Willow attended her wiccan group, but was upset she didn't find any spell casters in it, although a shy girl named Tara Maclay noticed her. Anya Jenkins started to wonder if there was more to her relationship with Alexander Harris then just sex. The following night, when Spike stayed over at Xander's place, the Gentlemen did come, using a magic box to steal every ones voice. When Sunnydale awoke the next morning everyone had lost their voice, and the Gentlemen started to collect hearts of their silenced victims. Riley and the Initiative soldiers were sent out on patrol to keep the peace in Sunnydale and hunt down the cause. Rupert Giles did research and discovered that only a human voice could stop the Gentlemen. Tara tried to team up with Willow to find a magical cure for the loss of their voices, but ended up nearly being taken by the Gentlemen. When Xander mistakenly believed Spike had attacked Anya, Xander beat the crap out of Spike, winning Anya's heart. Buffy went hunting for the Gentlemen, where she ended up accidentally meeting and teaming up with Riley against them. Riley destroyed the magic box that held their voices and a single scream from Buffy killed the Gentlemen. The next morning Buffy and Riley decided they needed to talk about their secret lives (Hush 4.10).

Riley Eventually Buffy and Riley made it work together, although they almost broke up when Riley learned Buffy was secretly the Slayer she he learned his secret (Doomed 4.11).

Riley Feeling like he wasn't needed any more by Buffy, Rupert spent the night out drinking with his old chaos sorcerer pal Ethan, which ended with Rupert waking up transformed into a Fyral demon. Unable to speak english in Fyral form, Rupert paid Spike to help him track down Ethan. Buffy and Riley mistakenly thought the Fyral demon attacked Rupert and tracked it, but eventually discovered the Fyral was Rupert. They forced Ethan to turn Rupert back and then Riley had the Initiative take Ethan into custody (A New Man 4.12).

Faith & Riley Although Buffy, trapped in rogue Vampire Slayer Faith's body, was captured by police and later by the Council of Watchers, she managed to escape and regain her own body, but not before Faith had started to take over Buffy's life. Faith had even had sex with Riley. Faith left Sunnydale (Who Are You 4.16).

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Jonathan #1 In 2000, after Buffy's old school mate Jonathan Levinson cast a spell to make himself cool he ended up becoming a super star. Jonathan rescued a European princess who was attending U.C. Sunnydale from being abducted by Russian vampires, and Buffy helped him out by handing him a hot towel afterwards. After more Russian vampires attacked Buffy in Sunnydale Jonathan recruited Buffy, Riley, Xander, Anya, Rupert and Willow on to his team investigating them. Spike refused to join. Jonathan told them about the Zadamiye, which was the inspiration for the Initiative, where they experimented on and enhanced vampires. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Zadamiye was abandoned and the vampires left to die in the cells, but they escaped and came to Sunnydale. Jonathan lead his group to the hellmouth under the ruins of Sunnydale High School to find the vampires. Jonathan had Willow cast a spell that, for a short while, made them invisible to non-human eyes. They attacked the vampires, but Rupert was shot by a the vampire. The vampires were loosing and opened a water main as a last resort, hoping it would drown the gang. Jonathan lead them out of the tunnel where Spike picked them up, deciding to help out Jonathan, and took the group to the hospital as Jonathan looked after Rupert's wounds. Jonathan then returned home to his twin super model girlfriends for a good night's sleep (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Jonathan #1).

Riley & Buffy Buffy, Riley, Xander, Anya, Spike, Willow and Tara attended a party at Lowell house. Buffy and Riley ended up sneaking off to have sex together, The party was interrupted by a series of poltergeist attacks. Willow, Tara and Rupert did a magic spell together to try to put the spirits to rest, but only when Xander and Anya were able to stop Buffy and Riley did the spirits stop, as they were drawing power from Buffy and Riley's sexual energy (Where The Wild Things Are 4.18).

Riley When preparing for her final confrontation with the rogue cyber-demonoid soldier Adam, Buffy lost Riley when Adam activated a control chip that had been implanted in him by Professor Walsh. Spike realized that disks he gave Willow wouldn't get to Buffy unless he got them together again after breaking them apart. Adam planned to get the demons, soldiers and Buffy to all fight each other, allowing him to pick from the pieces to build his demonoid army. Anya tried to help Xander get over the fight. Adam reanimated Riley's friend Forrest Gates into a cyber-demonoid soldier. Buffy came across Spike while exploring the caves Adam had once used and realized something was up when he knew they had a fight. Willow decrypted the disks and found out Adam's plans. Buffy got Willow, Xander and Rupert together and explained how Spike made them fight then figured out Adam's plan to get the demon and soldiers fight inside the Initiative. Rupert suggested a paralyzing spell he knew, but he wasn't powerful enough to cast the spell, Willow didn't speak the language needed, and they needed to get close to Adam to cast it. Xander jokingly suggested they needed to combine strengths and Rupert suggested an enjoining spell that would allow them to combine abilities. They broke into the Initiative, only to be captured by the soldiers there. Adam then released the demons. Riley escaped Adam's control and defeated Forrest. Xander, Willow and Rupert cast the enjoining spell, called on the power of the Slayers and gave their combined power to Buffy. Buffy was able to negate Adam's powers with the paralyzing spell and then ripped Adam's power supply out. Spike then helped Buffy lead the surviving soldiers out of the Initiative in hopes of them not staking him. The government then destroyed the Initiative (Primeval 4.21).

Riley The next night Riley went to the government for debriefing as Willow, Xander and Rupert spent the night over at Buffy's house with her watching videos. They all fell asleep where they had nightmares of the first Slayer trying to kill them, who had been offended by being called on by them to defeat Adam. Buffy was able to defeat her and they woke up unharmed (Restless 4.22).

Riley Buffy was surprised to discover that the world famous vampire Dracula came to town and attempted to seduce her. Dracula put Xander under his control. Riley and Rupert discovered the castle he was hold out in and fought the three vampire sisters who worked for Dracula. Dracula attempted to take Buffy, but she fought off his attacks and defeated him. When Buffy returned home she found she had a 14 year old little sister named Dawn waiting (Buffy vs. Dracula 5.01).

''I've lived in Sunnydale a couple of years now. Know what I've never noticed before?.. A big, honking castle.'' - Riley

Scoobies The demon Toth decided to try to kill Buffy by using the Ferula-gemina in an attempt to divide her into two beings, one strong and one weak, but accidentally got Xander instead. Weak Xander thought strong Xander was a demon who had stolen his face, and was hurt when he saw that the supposed demon lived his life better than he did. The weak Xander went to Willow for help. Strong Xander got a new apartment and consoled Anya over her new percieves mortality. When Toth attacked again Buffy was able to slay him. Riley confided to Xander that he didn't think that Buffy return the love he had for her (The Replacement 5.03).

''Psychologically, this is fascinating. Doesn't it make everyone wanna lock them in separate rooms and do experiments on them?... Just me, then.'' - Riley

Riley When Spike learned that Riley was visiting a vampire whore house for suck jobs he informed Buffy, who was shocked. Riley said he wasn't feeling that Buffy needed him any more and told her the military had offered him a job, which he would take if she didn't want him to stay in Sunnydale. Although Buffy did eventually decided to ask him to stay, it was too late and Riley had left already (Into The Woods 5.10).

Riley Buffy was shocked when Riley returned to Sunnydale, hot on the tail of a demon threat he was ordered to take out by the military. Riley asked for Buffy's help in tracking it, but she soon discovered her ex-boyfriend was happily married and that Spike was dealing with the demon Riley was hunting. When Riley found Buffy and Spike in bed together it shocked Buffy into breaking up with Spike for good (As You Were 6.15).

Soldier Spike started to experience a breakdown of his implant which was going off at random. Buffy attempted to call Riley to get help for Spike. Unable to locate Riley Buffy and Spike decided to break into the Initiative to get the drug they used to keep him sedated. In the remains of the Initiative headquarters Buffy and Spike were attacked by a demon, which Buffy slew, then discovered by a military team who said Riley sent them to help. The military were under orders to help Buffy in any way she needed, and offered to repair or remove Spike's implant (The Killer In Me 7.13).

Trivia: On Buffy The Vampire Slayer the part of Riley is played by actor Marc Blucas.


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