Rubberband Man

Rubberband Man for Champions

Real name: Adam Evans
Other known aliases: Stringer
Occupation: Hero and musician, former criminal.
Current group affiliation: None
Past group affiliations: The Metabreed
Major enemies: Puff, Onyx, Ebon, formerly Static.
First appearance: They're Playing My Song
Description: Adam is a black man in his late teens. He appears to wear a purple and white rubber suit, but it's actually a part of his body.


15    STR     5
18    DEX    24
15    CON    10
10    BODY    0
13    INT     3
10    EGO     0
18    PRE     8
10    COM     0
 6    PD      3
 6    ED      3
 4    SPD    12
 8    REC     4
30    END     0
26    STUN    0
Characteristics Cost: 72

Powers and Skills

30    EC (30),"Rubber body."    
30a)  75% Damage Reduction (PD),resistant    
30b)  75% Damage Reduction (ED),resistant    
15c)  Desolid,cannot pass thru solids,Concentrate(-1/2),constant    
       concentration,0 END(+1/2)                                  0
20d)  Shape Shift,any shape,Extra Time(-1/2),0 END Persistent(+1) 0
30e)  8" Stretching,0 END(+1/2)                                   0
 6    2D6 HA,"Hammer hands."                                      1
 8    6" Superleap,x4 Non-Combat                                  2
 3    Climbing 13-    
 3    Martial Grab    
 3    PS: Musician 12-,(INT based)    
Powers Cost: 178


Base Points: 100
 5    Distinctive,"Makes a squeaky noise when using powers.",
       easily concealable,minor
15    Distinctive,"Purple stretchy guy.",easily concealable,
15    Hunted,"by Authorities.",less powerful,non-combat influence,
       mild,appear 14-
20    Normal Stats
10    Psych Lim,"In love with Sharon Evans.",uncommon,strong
15    Psych Lim,"Solves problems with his fists.",common,strong
15    Psych Lim,"Vengeful.",common,strong
20    Psych Lim,"Overconfident",very common,strong
10    Public ID,"Adam Evans"
10    Rep,"Bang Baby musician.",occur 8-,extreme reputation
10    Rivalry,"Static",professional,in superior position
 5    Watched,"By Static.",as powerful,mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: I tried to make this conversion able to do everything Rubberband Man did on the television series. The only thing I can see this conversion can't do is the time Rubberband Man became a simple rubber ball and someone picked him up and threw him. This would imply some Shrinking, but I didn't have the points for it.

History: Adam Evans and his brother Ivan were among over a hundred teenagers in Dakota exposed to an unknown gas, in what was later called by the media the Big Bang. A large number of those teenagers later expressed metahuman powers, and Adam and Ivan were no exception. Adam displayed rubber-like qualities and took up the nickname Rubberband Man, while Ivan became a living shadow and called himself Ebon.

Adam was also an amateur musician and sent in samples of his music to record producers. He was shocked to discover that rap singer Ice Pack released his latest album using Adam's music, without paying him or giving him credit. Adam took on the identity of Rubberband Man and attacked the record company. He traced the theft back to Ice Pack's manager, but when he attempted to take the law into his own hands he was opposed by the heroic band baby Static. He was captured and both Adam and the manager were taken to prison (They're Playing My Song).

Although Adam attempted to serve his time in prison, he discovered life wasn't easy for a metahuman there. Eventually he escaped and started a new life under the identity of a musician called Stringer. After hitting it big he met and started dating Sharon Hawkins, who unknown to him was the sister of Static, secretly Virgil Hawkins. Things seemed to go well for Stringer until a pyrotechnic accident at a show he was giving and that Sharon and Virgil were attending. During the fire Virgil changed to the identity of Static to save people. After the fire he confronted Stringer about his carelessness in starting the fire and Static discovered Stringer was really Rubberband Man. Adam then vowed to uncover Static's secret identity as payback. During a later confrontation between Static and Rubberband Man they were attacked by the metahuman bounty hunters Puff and Onyx. Adam evaded capture. Although Sharon talked Adam into turning himself in to the police and serving his time, Puff and Onyx were determined to collect his bounty and attacked him anyway. Static helped Rubberband Man defeat the bounty hunters and then Adam turned himself in (Bent Out Of Shape).

After serving his time in prison Adam was released and became a hero in Dakota, and defeated the villianous bang baby known as Aquamaria, who was working for Ebon. Later when Adam ended up in direct conflict with Ebon and his gang the Metabreed, Adam let Ebon go, making others question if Rubberband Man was really reformed. Ebon took the opportunity to frame Adam for helping in a prison break, and on the run from the law Adam joined the Metabreed. Static then proved how it was Ebon who set Adam up and together they defeated the Metabreed (Bad Stretch).

Trivia: In the Static Shock television series, the voice of Adam is played by actor Kadeem Hardison.

Powers: Rubberband Man is made of living rubber. He can stretch, bounce and change his shape at will. He can even make it appear that he has different clothes on or turn his hands into simple weapons. He can squeeze through almost any opening and take the shape of any object he can imagine. His rubber body provides him with resistance to physical attacks and insulates him from electricity attacks.

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