Ratman for Champions

Real name: Edward Albert Fink
Other known aliases: Eddie
Occupation: Government agent, former terrorist.
Current group affiliation: Strikeforce America, ally to the Elementals.
Past group affiliations: Congress of the Supernature, Destroyers.
Major enemies: Lord Oblivion, Shadowspear, formerly the Elementals.
First appearance: Elementals #1
Description: Eddie is a smallish mousy looking fellow whose dress sense is at least half a century out of date. In Ratman form he has brown fur, enlarged ears, claws, pointed teeth and a long rat-like tail. He has a brown uniform with a stylized mouse head on it.


 8/28    STR    -2
10/26    DEX     0
15/23    CON    10
   10    BODY    0
   13    INT     3
   18    EGO    16
10/20    PRE     0
   10    COM     0
 4/10    PD      2
 5/ 7    ED      2
 4/ 6    SPD    10
 6/12    REC     2
30/46    END     0
22/36    STUN    0
Characteristics Cost: 43

Powers and Skills

 5    4/4 Armor,12- Activation(-3/4),Linked(-1/2),"to Shape    
11    +8 CON,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift."    
38    +16 DEX,Only In Hero ID(-1/4)    
10    EC (10),"Lyncanthrope"    
13a)  50% Damage Reduction (PD),resistant,Not vs. silver.(-1/2)    
16b)  50% Damage Reduction (ED),resistant,Not vs. fire.(-1/4)    
16c)  2D6 HKA,vs physical defense,Only In Hero ID(-1/4)         3
10d)  Shape Shift,0 END Persistent(+1)                          0
 4    +2 Enhanced PER,with all senses,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape    
 5    Instant Change    
 6    Life Support,immune to disease,immune to aging    
 1    +2 PD,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift."    
 7    +10 PRE,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift."    
20    2 BODY Regen    
 9    +1.4 SPD,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift."    
13    +20 STR,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift."                    2
 3    Acrobatics 14-    
 4    2 Levels: with claws.    
 3    Paramedic 12-    
 3    Stealth 14-    
 3    Streetwise 13-    
 3    Survival 11-    
 3    Tactics 12-    
 1    TF,Small (Cars)    
Powers Cost: 207


Base Points: 100
10    Accidental Chg,"Changes to rat form when angry.",common,
       occur 8-
10    Distinctive,"Ratman",easily concealable,major
15    Distinctive,"Creepy death aura.",not concealable,minor
15    Hunted,"by various supernatural threats.",as powerful,harsh,
       appear 11-
10    Psych Lim,"Gets talkative when drunk - can't keep a
10    Psych Lim,"Vengeful",uncommon,strong
15    Psych Lim,"Falls for nice girls at the drop of a hat.",very
15    Psych Lim,"In love with Becky Golden/Fathom.",common,strong
15    Psych Lim,"Overconfident.",common,strong
10    Public ID,"Edward Albert Fink"
 5    Rep,"Supernatural wererat former villain.",occur 8-
10    Rivalry,"with Walker.",romantic,in superior position
10    Watched,"by the U.S. government.",more powerful,non-combat
       influence,mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion:

History: Little is known about Edward's early years. It is known that he was born on December 21st, 1934 in Panama City. It would appear he became a supernatural being in his mid to late 20's. Somehow he found himself a member of the Destroyers working for the sorcerer Saker by the 1980's.

In 1981 Ratman and the Destroyers were sent to kidnap John and James Bowen, brothers who Saker sensed contained high amounts of darkforce, and could potentially become superhumans after their death (recounted in Elementals II #26).

He fell for Fathom of the Elementals when he was assigned to watch her after they had been captured. Even though Fathom used him to escape he never blamed her for that.

After Saker was defeated Ratman came to the U.S. looking for Fathom, but was unable to win her heart.

Ratman was hired by the U.S. government to help explore Saker's installation on Nacht Island.

The U.S. government discovered several superhumans in suspended animation on Nacht Island. They were created by Saker over the years as experiments. These superhumans were formed into Strikeforce America and Ratman helped train them, and even named them. They included Commander Chaos (formerly John Bowen), Kid Chaos (formerly James Bowen), Jumpstart, Ghost Girl, Skyscraper and Microman. They were joined by the first Doctor Thunder, a scientist who found a magical belt of strength on the island.

Elementals II #16 When Vortex decided to visit Nacht Island to discover what Ratman was doing there, he was able to get Ratman drunk at a bar and get him to spill information about Strikeforce America. They were interrupted by Commander Chaos, who was furious that Ratman was giving away secrets. Vortex decided the best way to learn about the Strikeforce was to pick a fight with Commander Chaos, who called in the rest of the team. Once Vortex decided he learned enough he stopped fighting (Elementals II #16).

When the threat of the Oblivion Planet to all Earth's superhumans was discovered by Monolith, he recruited Thor to aid him in collecting all Earths superhumans in Asgard for the Congress of the Supernature. Ratman was among those present. He was upset to learn that Fathom had a new boyfriend named Walker, so he decided to try asking out several other women who were there. He was shot down by Kami Kazi, Bloody Mary, Astarte and Lady Luck (Elementals II #20).

Elementals II #26 During the Oblivion War Ratman was a member of Green Unit, lead by Fathom against the Oblivion Planet. They assaulted the dam on the river Acheron and lost unit member Matthew (Elementals II #26).

Elementals Sex Special #3 He had a brief romantic encounter with Lady Luck when he was wounded in the Oblivion War (Elementals Sex Special #3).

In 1996 Ratman was in Buenos Aries fighting his old foe Dead Willie when he was approached by Morningstar's husband Merlin Ambrose. Merlin informed Ratman that the Elementals, including Fathom, had been taken into custody by the Dark Circle, a powerful group of ancient vampires, for the crime of killing the vampires created by Captain Cadaver. Ambrose sent Ratman on a quest to recover any of a number of ancient artifacts what were powerful enough to hurt the ancient vampires and gave Ratman the demonic transport Carnifax. After loosing the list Ratman decided to attack the Dark Circle himself. When Ratman arrived at the castle the judge of the Circle lived he broke into the room of the judge's daughter Celia, much to his surprise (Elementals: The Vampires Revenge #1).

Elementals: The Vampires Revenge #2 Realizing the judge wasn't home Ratman made his escape on Carnifax, but took Celia, who wanted to run away from her father, with him. He asked Celia if he knew where any ancient artifacts were being held. She lead him to the Robe of the King of Kings, but they arrived just as Dead Willie, who had found Ratman's list, was stealing it. During the fight the robe was destroyed as Celia's guardian Higgins arrived to take her back home. Ratman and Celia left as Dead Willie took on Higgins (Elementals: The Vampires Revenge #2).

Elementals: Ghost of a Chance When Vortex asked the Haunting to marry him he asked Ratman to be his best man. Ratman threw a Bachelor Party for Vortex which included the goddess Astarte as a stripper. After some troubles the wedding took place (Elementals: Ghost of a Chance).

Trivia: Ratman started out as a role playing game character created by Bill Willingham for his book Death Duel With The Destroyers for the Villains & Vigilantes role playing game. Bill would later write the Elementals comic and reused the Destroyers as villains in that book.

Powers: Edward is a supernatural human lyncanthrope with the qualities of a rat. He has superhuman physical strength and speed, enhanced senses as well as lethal claws in his Ratman form. He has an amazing regeneration ability in either form and no longer ages. Like all members of the supernature he has a supernatural aura which makes the living uneasy around him.

He has a costume made of ectoplasm which protects him and can be called to him at will.

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