Rapport for Champions

''I grew up in Seattle,I can't believe I'm praying for rain.'' - Emma

Real name: Emma deLauro
Other known aliases: Agent deNono, Kelly Baker
Occupation: Hero, former salesgirl.
Current group affiliation: Mutant X
Past group affiliations: Agent of the G.S.A.
Major enemies: Genomex
First appearance: The Shock of the New 1.01
Origin: The Shock of the New 1.01
Description: Emma is an attractive woman standing 5'9'' tall and weighing 125 lbs. She has blue eyes and reddish hair.


 6     STR     -4
14     DEX     12
13     CON      6
 9     BODY    -2
10     INT      0
14     EGO      8
13     PRE      3
18     COM      4
 4     PD       3
 6     ED       3
 4     SPD     16
 8     REC      8
26     END      0
19     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 57

Powers, Skills and Equipment

21     EC (26),Concentrate(-1/4)     
21a)   7D6 EB,0 END(+1/2)                                            0
25b)   9D6 Mind Control,"Fear Pulse",telepathic contact,single     
        command only,No Range(-1/2),Extra Time(-1/2),1 Charges(-2),     
        Area Effect(+2),radius,x16 Increased Area                    0
13c)   9D6 Mind Control,"Forget",telepathic contact,single command     
        only,x2 Increased End Cost(-1/2)                            12
21d)   7D6 Mind Scan,0 END(+1/2)                                     0
19e)   6 OCV Missile Deflection,reflect at attacker,Concentrate     
        (-1/4),Based On ECV(+1)     
21f)   7D6 Mental Illusions,0 END(+1/2)                              0
21g)   7D6 Telepathy,0 END(+1/2)                                     0
 3     Acting 12-     
 3     Basic Strike     
 3     Conversation 12-     
 3     Interrogation 12-     
 2     Lang: Finnish,fluent conversation     
 4     Martial Dodge     
 4     Martial Escape     
 3     Persuasion 12-     
 2     PS: Salesgirl 11-     
 4     Radio XMIT/REC,"Ring",IIF(-1/4),personal focus     
Powers Cost: 193


Base Points: 100
 5     DNPC,"Mutants on the run.",less powerful,useful skills,
        appear 11-
 5     Distinctive,"Red hair.",easily concealable,minor
30     Hunted,"by Genomex.",more powerful,non-combat influence,
        harsh,appear 14-
20     Normal Stats
10     Psych Lim,"Hides the full scope of her powers.",uncommon,
10     Psych Lim,"Party girl.",common,moderate
15     Psych Lim,"In love with Jesse.",common,strong
 5     Rep,"Mutant freedom fighter.",occur 8-
 5     Rivalry,"with other mentalists.",professional
15     Secret ID,"Emma deLauro"
10     Unluck,2D6
10     Watched,"by Adam",as powerful,non-combat influence,mild,
        appear 14-
Disadvantages Total: 140

Experience Spent: 10
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: This conversion was written after watching every episode I could get ahold of and tried to accurately represent Emma's abilities as displayed on the show. As new episodes become available I will probably add more to it.

Rapport History: Emma deLauro grew up in Seattle, Washington. She was one of the children of Genomex, whose genetic code was altered by an experimental procedure to cure some disease by scientist Adam Kane. Later in life these alterations would manifest unusual abilities. In Emma's case she manifested an telempathic ability. Emma's first memory of her powers were at the age of five when she attended a rock concert with her parents and became lost. Using her psionic ability to locate people, she was able to find them.

Emma was left in foster care at the age of 10.

In high school she became close friends with another mutant, Michelle Bigelow, who could control machines.

Although all records of who were altered by Genomex were lost thanks to Adam, Emma was discovered and hunted down for further medical experiments by Genomex. It was at this time she first ran into the mutant thief Brennan Mulwray, also known as Fuse. She was saved by Adam and eventually Emma and Brennan joined his group, Mutant X, which protects new mutants.

With Mutant X she has learned greater control of her powers and has trained in hand to hand combat. She has become good friends with her fellow Mutant X members Shadowfox and Synergy.

In an accident with another mutant's powers Emma was temporarily split into two people, one meek and one ruthless. The ruthless one joined the G.S.A. as an agent, but the pair were later reunited.

Trivia: On the Mutant X television show, the part of Rapport is played by actress Lauren Lee Smith. She has an official web site at http://www.laurenleesmith.com/main.html.

Powers: Emma is a telempath who can communicate her own feelings and receive the feelings of others. She has been able to help people control their mutant powers and help them recall lost memories. She can scan for people she knows at long distances and has become adept at making people believe illusions that she projects into their minds. She recently developed the ability to launch destructive blasts of energy from her forehead and to reflect mental attacks back at other psionics. She can make people forget things or release powerful waves of fear, but these last two stunts are very difficult and draining to her.

Emma is a skilled saleswoman, who augments her persuasion with her ability to read other's emotions. She has taken basic self defense courses and speaks Finnish.

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  • Character created by Avi Arad.
    Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
    Last Updated - December, 2003

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