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Real name: Ranma Saotome
Other known aliases:
Current group affiliation:
Past group affiliations:
Major enemies:
First appearance:
Description: Ranma is a muscular young man with brown hair, although he can also be a young woman with red hair at times.


Val     Char     Cost
 16     STR         6
 23     DEX        39
 18     CON        16
 12     BODY        4
 11     INT         1
 15     EGO        10
 14     PRE         4
 18     COM         4
  6     PD          3
  8     ED          4
  5     SPD        17
  8     REC         2
 40     END         2
 30     STUN        1
Characteristics Cost: 113

Powers and Skills

Cost     Powers                                                    END
  35     Anything-Goes Kempo, usable barehanded (default) plus 
         with clubs, whip, swords, polearms, wind/fire wheels,
         chain weapons and staff
          Maneuver           OCV   DCV   Effect
          Kick               -2    +1    10d6
          Punch               -    +2    8d6
          Grab               -1    -1    Grab, 41 STR for roll
          Uproot              -     -    46 STR for shove
          Bind               +1     -    41 STR for weapon bind
          Two-Finger Block   +2    +2    Abort
          Dodge               -    +5    Abort
  12     +3 DC w/Kempo, built in
   5     +2 levels w/hth combat, costs END, cost 2xEND              2
   8     +4" Running (10" total)                                    2
   2     +3" Superleap (6" total), requires Acrobatics roll -1/2    1
  15     6" Tunneling through 6 DEF material, only when beserk -1   1
  10     Shapeshift to female form, 0 END Persistant, requires      0
          special circumstances to change (see text) -1 
   7     Acrobatics 16-
   3     Breakfall 14-
   3     Climbing 14-
   5     Survival 12-
   3     Acting 12-
   3     KS:  Anything-Goes Kempo 12-
   3     KS:  Unique Fighting Styles 12-
   3     Disguise 11-
   2     Area Knowledge: China 11-
   1     Fam. w/Seduction 8-
   6     Lang:  Accented Mandarin, Basic English (Japanese native)
   6     Weapons Fam:  Common Melee Weapons, Common Martial Arts 
          Melee Weapons, Whip, Wind-and-Fire Wheels
   5     +1 level w/HtH combat
Powers Cost: 137


100+    Disadvantages
 20     Berserk when unable to escape cats 11-, 8-
 20     Psych Limitation: Ailurophobia (fear of cats)
 20     Psych Limitation: Macho
 10     Psych Limitation: Compulsive wise ass
 10     DF: Style disadvantage (Anything-Goes Kempo)
 10     DF:  Inappropriate speech and clothing in female form
 10     Reputation 8- (strong reaction, "weirdo martial artist")
 10     DNPC:  Akane Tendou ("as pow"), 14-
 20     Hunted by numerous martial artists, usually one at a time, 14-
  5     Romantic Rivalry w/other suitors of Akane
 15     Unluck 3d6
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: I've taken Ranma from an early part of the manga, before the introduction of his more powerful techniques. (Had to keep it to 250 pts, after all.) While Ranma can use a variety of weapons, he normally disdains them. He'll only use a weapon if the challenge he's in requires them, or if his opponent is overwhelmingly powerful. I've designated the "shredding" effect of Ranma's Neko-ken as Tunneling rather than HKA, since while it *looks* dangerous, he never actually uses it on flesh. Ranma gets a roll to break out of Berserk if he's shape-shifted, or if Akane is available and no opponents are present. Ranma doesn't remember anything that happens while he's berserk. Akane, while a formidable martial artist in her own right, has abominable combat luck and constantly requires rescuing, thus her DNPC status.

History: Ranma Saotome has been trained by his father Genma in martial arts from early childhood. While Genma is himself a skilled martial artist, he has poor impulse control, and sometimes used dubious training methods. Most notably, the Neko-ken (cat fist) training, which ended up giving Ranma a fear of cats and a barely-controllable berserker condition.

About the time Ranma turned sixteen, his father took him to Jyuusenkyo, the valley of cursed springs. They sparred there, and fell into the pools. As a result, Ranma turns into a busty young woman when doused with cold water, and can only be restored with hot water. (It is unknown what lukewarm water would do.)

After that, the duo came to the Nerima district of Tokyo, where Ranma was engaged against his will to Akane Tendou, another martial artist. Despite a spectacularly bad first impression, they secretly are very much in love. Between rivals for Akane's affections, the three other women who want to marry him, and a fistful of martial arts weirdos who want to thrash him, Ranma's life is seldom dull.

Powers: Ranma is is peak physical condition and is a highly skill martial artist. His only superhuman power is his rather odd ability to change genders when splashed with warm or cold water.

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  • Character created by Rumiko Takahashi.
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