Quicksand for Champions

Real name: Unrevealed
Other known aliases: None
Occupation: Professional criminal, former scientist.
Current group affiliation: None
Past group affiliations: Former partner of Mongoose and Sandstorm. Former member of Masters of Evil VI.
Major enemies: Thor, Sandman, Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, Nova
First appearance: Mighty Thor #392
Origin: Unrevealed
Description: Quicksand is a humanoid female composed of living sand. She is 6'8'' tall and weighs 500 lbs.

59     STR     44
18     DEX     24
23     CON     26
15     BODY    10
13     INT      3
10     EGO      0
20     PRE     10
12     COM      1
14     PD       2
17     ED      11
 4     SPD     12
16     REC      0
46     END      0
54     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 143

Powers and Skills

  7     1 LVLS Density Increase (stats already included),Always On     
         (-1/2),0 END Persistent(+1)                                 0
 15     EC (15),"Sandshifting"     
 15a)   11/9 Armor     
 12b)   Desolid,cannot pass thru solids,Only to pass through     
         openings.(-1/2)                                             4
 30c)   Shape Shift,any shape,0 END(+1/2)                            0
 15d)   4" Stretching,0 END(+1/2)                                    0
 16     Life Support,doesn't breathe,safe in radiation,immune to     
110     MP (110),"Sand attacks."     
  7u    11D6 EB,vs physical defense,No Range(-1/2),Area Effect(+1),     
         line                                                       11
  1u    2D6 HA,"Hammer fists."                                       1
  4u    6D6 HA,No Range(-1/2),Area Effect(+1),radius,Personal     
         Immunity(+1/4),Continuous(+1)                               6
 28     20" Running                                                  4
  3     Disguise 11-     
  3     Martial Grab     
  4     Crush     
  3     SC: Nuclear Physics 12-,(INT based)     
  4     Shove     
Powers Cost: 277


Base Points: 100
25     Distinctive,"Large woman made of sand.",not concealable,
20     Hunted,"By authorities.",as powerful,non-combat influence,
        harsh,appear 11-
10     Psych Lim,"Wants to be human again.",uncommon,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Casual killer.",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Greedy",common,strong
 5     Rep,"Powerful villain.",occur 8-
15     Secret ID
20     Susc,"Heat attacks transform her into glass.",common,effect
        is instant,3D6
10     Unluck,2D6
Disadvantages Total: 135

Experience Spent: 185
Total Points: 420

Explanation of the conversion:

History: As a former scientist, the woman known as Quicksand obtained her powers as a result of a nuclear accident and altered her atomic structure. Quicksand attempted to destroy a nuclear power plant as revenge for accident which caused her to mutate into Quicksand and first battled Thor (Mighty Thor #392-393).

She allied with Mongoose after he demonstrated device which could temporarily transform her back into human form (Mighty Thor #402).

She was aboard cruise ship to Femzonia and battled Anaconda (Captain America #388-389) and was among superhuman women who fought Captain America and Paladin (Captain America #390).

She fought along side the villain Sandstorm against Spider-Man and the Sandman (Web of Spider-Man #107-108).

She was approached by Crimson Cowl III and recruited into the Masters of Evil VI, but was defeated by the Thunderbolts. After that she attempted a robbery in New York, but was defeated by Nova, when his powers flared up and one blast from Nova turned Quicksand into solid glass (Nova III #4).

Powers: Quicksand is composed of a malleable sand-like substance which can be hardened, dispersed, or shaped according to her will. She is superhumanly powerful. She can bend and extend her body or portions of it and can also create a sandstorm against her enemies.

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