The Power Pack
for Champions

Energizer (250) - Friday - Zero-G (250) - Starstreak II (250) - Mass Master (250)

  Team leader:  Zero-G
  Other members:  Energizer, Friday, Starstreak II and Mass Master.
  Former members:  Kofi, Tattletale.
  Allies:  Cloak, Dagger, Leech, Light Trakker, Arthur Maddicks.
  Major enemies:  The Snarks, Bogey Man.
  First appearance:  Power Pack #1
  Origin:  Power Pack #1
  About the team:  Power Pack started out as four siblings who were granted
   super powers by a dying alien to try to save their planet from evil
   aliens.  They gained new members on and off over the years including
   a number of mutants, an alien kid who was the nephew of the one who 
   gave them their powers and his intellignet spaceship Friday.
   When their series was ended in a cliffhanger at issue #62 their was a 
   story about them in Marvel Super Heroes II and then a large one shot
   comic that tried to tie up the series.  The Power children later made
   some appearences in the New Warriors series when the oldest child, 
   Alex, joined them for a while. 

Chronology of Appearences:

  • Power Pack #1-62
    Issue Summary:

  • X-Factor Annual #2 - 1987
    Issue Summary: The issue starts out with the four Power children and Franklin playing in the park and talking about Franklin's latest dream. Then Leech and Artie Maddicks show up in the park along with Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Artie, Jean and Scott go off for icecream when suddenly Quickliver shows up and tries to kindnap Franklin, but is shocked to discover that he can't seem to run at super speeds. Thanks to Leech standing next to Franklin at the time Quicksilver has had his powers dampened. The Power Kids and leech have to take on Quicksilver without powers, since Leech is dampening them too. They resort to kid fighting tactics and hold their own until Lockjaw shows up and being unable to teleport it resorts to growling and scaring them away. Scott and Jean notice what is going on and run off to change costumes and find the rest of X-Factor (which they do amazingly quickly) and confront Quicksilver. Scott stupidly orders Leech and Power Pack to move away so they can use their powers and Lockjaw's powers return. Quicksilver orders it to take them home. Unfortunately Lockjaw teleports Quicksilver, Franklin and all of X-Factor into the Inhumans royal palace on the moon (which he considers his home) rather then where Quicksilver intended. This is the last we see of Power Pack (other then Franklin) for the rest of the issue. The rest of the issue involves learning Maximus the Mad mind controlled Quicksilver and Lockjaw into kidnapping Franklin in a plot to take his powers. This includes the required fight between X-Factor and the Inhuman Royal Family and their eventual team-up to take care of Maximus.

  • Power Pack Holiday Special #1
    Issue Summary:

    Power Pack #1 Power Pack #44 Power Pack #62 Power Pack Holiday Special #1

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