Peregrine for Champions

Real name: Amare Sweet
Other known aliases: The Flying Cheer Leader
Occupation: Talk show hostess, former cheer leader.
Current group affiliation:
Past group affiliations:
Major enemies: Card Sharks
First appearance:
Description: Peregrine is a beautiful and buxom blonde woman with a fully functional pair of white feathered wings growing from her back.


13     STR      3
20     DEX     30
15     CON     10
13     BODY     6
13     INT      3
18     EGO     16
20     PRE     10
20     COM      5
 8     PD       5
 8     ED       5
 4     SPD     10
 8     REC      4
30     END      0
28     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 107

Powers, Skills and Equipment

25     15" Flight (Telekinesis),Restrainable(-1/2),1/2 END(+1/4) 1
15     3D6 Luck     
 4     1 BODY Regen,recovery rate: per day     
 5     Acrobatics 14-     
 3     Bump Of Direction     
 3     12- Contact: New York Aces.     
 5     Conversation 14-     
 3     Double Jointed     
 3     Flying Tackle     
 5     High Society 14-     
 4     2 Levels: With claws.     
 3     Lightsleep     
 4     Martial Disarm     
 4     Martial Dodge     
15     Money,filthy rich     
 5     Oratory 14-     
 1     Passport     
 1     Press Pass     
 8     PS: Model 18-,(PRE based)     
 7     Seduction 15-     
20     1D6 HKA,"Claws",OIF(-1/2),x1 Armor Piercing(+1/2),0 END     
       (+1/2)                                                    0
Powers Cost: 143


Base Points: 100
15     DNPC,"Son, John Fortune",incompetent,appear 8-
15     Distinctive,"Beautiful winged woman.",concealable,major
15     Hunted,"By the Card Sharks.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 8-
20     Normal Stats
 5     Physical Lim,"Wings are bulky in small areas.",infrequently,
15     Psych Lim,"Exhibitionist",very common,moderate
15     Psych Lim,"Takes risks.",common,strong
10     Public ID,"Amare Sweet"
15     Rep,"Loose TV show host, model and ace.",occur 14-
 5     Rivalry,"with other women.",romantic
10     Vuln,"to Knockback.",common,x1 1/2 effect
10     Watched,"By fans.",as powerful,non-combat influence,mild,
        appear 14-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion:

History: Born Amare Sweet in Venice, California, Peregrine had a typical childhood until she was struck by the wild card virus at the onset of puberty. An extremely self-confident young woman, she was determined not to let her wings ruin her life. Instead, she set out to parlay what was essentially her jokerhood (albeit an extremely attractive jokerhood) into fame and fortune.

She first achieved nationwide fame as "the flying cheer leader" while she was still in high school. She moved to New York after graduating from high school, changed her name legally to Peregrine, and was soon established as a top model.

Guest appearances on television talk shows proved her to be articulate and witty as well as exotic and photogenic. She was given an opportunity to guest-host a popular night time show, and eventually took it over permanently, renaming it Peregrine's Perch. She is also a very successful businesswoman with her own lines of clothing, makeup and perfume. Peri is both liked and respected by her fellow aces.

Although happy with her business career, Peregrine also craves excitement and has been involved in numerous dangerous situations. She fought the Swarm and was among the group of aces that destroyed the Astronomer's Cloisters headquarters. It was during this adventure that she met Fortunato, and after a brief affair she became pregnant by him and bore his child, John Fortune, on June 15, 1987.

Peregrine dated many famous men, but never had a serious relationship until she met a freelance documentary maker named Josh McCoy on the WHO-sponsored world tour of 1987. Peregrine, the baby, and McCoy share her penthouse apartment on Central Park. She and McCoy occasionally talk of marriage, but have never taken the plunge. She continues to be a favorite subject of gossip columnists.

Although Peregrine has gorgeous feathery wings and weighs only 80 pounds because of her hollow, but strong, bone structure, her ability to fly is really a form of telekinesis; the wings would not be able to support her weight unaided. However, she has no other telekinetic abilities.

When Peregrine is expecting trouble, she wears specially designed titanium talons that make extremely effective (and showy) weapons.

Powers: Peregrine has the ace power of telekinetic flight. She also has a set of fully functional white feathered wings growing from her back. Although the wings do not grant her the power of flight, they aid her maneuverability in flight. The flapping of her wings is a psychological crutch to her flight, so much so that if they were injured or bound, she would be unable to fly. Peregrine's physilogy is highly efficient, allowing her great strength and agility for her size.

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  • Character created by Gail Gerstner-Miller.
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