Nosecone for Champions (300+130)

"It's not whose the fastest; it's who reaches the finish line." - Nosecone

Real name: Nosecone
Other known aliases: Artillerist (name of Chinese made reissue).
Occupation: Assault vehicle, former magma miner.
Current group affiliation: Autobots/Technobots
Rank: 5
Past group affiliations: None
Major enemies: Decepticons, particularly the Terrorcons.
First appearance: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #7 (Dreamwave comics), Transformers: Headmasters #1 (Marvel comics), Grimlock's New Brain (television series).
Origin: Grimlock's New Brain (television series).
Description: Nosecone is a 20 foot tall brown, yellow and white robot who turns into a Cybertonian drill tank.


49	STR	14
14	DEX	12
24	CON	28
15	BODY	 0
12	INT	 2
16	EGO	12
15	PRE	 5
10	COM	 0
14	PD	 9
14	ED	 9
 4	SPD	16
11	REC	 2
50	END	 1
41	STUN	 2
Characteristics Cost: 112

Powers and Skills

21	14/14 Armor,"Drill", 9- Activation(-1 1/2),x1 Hardened(+1/4)	
10	EC (10),"Transformer powers"	
32a)	14/14 Armor	
27b)	5 LVLS Growth (stats already included),Always On(-1/2),0 END	
	 Persistent(+1)                                              0
13c)	14" Running,1/2 END(+1/4)                                    1
 7d)	Shape Shift,"Drill Tank",Concentrate(-1/4),Cannot change	
	 form if he takes over half BODY.(-1/4),0 END Persistent(+1) 0
19	Life Support,doesn't breathe,safe in vacuum/pressure,safe in	
	 heat/cold,immune to aging	
 5	1D6 Luck	
17	MP (30),"Movement",Only works in appropriate form.(-1/4),	
 1u	5" Flight,"Jet Pack",x4 Non-Combat                           1
 2u	3" Tunneling,"Drill",5 DEF Increased Def                     1
99	MP (149),"Weapons",OIF(-1/2)	
 9u	5 1/2D6 HKA,"Drill",vs physical defense,Only works in	
	 vehicle form.(-1/4),Penetrating(+1/2),1/2 END(+1/4)         7
 6u	5 1/2D6 RKA (Light),"X-Ray Laser Pistol",No Knockback(-1/4),	
	 OAF(-1/2),33-64 Charges(+1/2)                               0
 7u	5 1/2D6 RKA,"Missile Launchers",vs physical defense,17-32	
	 Charges(+1/4),OAF(-1/2),Explosion(+1/2)                     0
 3	Radio XMIT/REC,OIF(-1/2)	
12	49 STR,1/2 END(+1/4)                                         0
 3	Climbing 12-	
18	6 Levels: with pistol, drill and move through.,tight group	
 3	Navigation 11-	
 2	PS: Miner 11-	
 2	WF,Small Arms	
Powers Cost: 318


Base Points: 300
15	Accidental Chg,"to robot form if stunned.",common,occur 11-
20	DNPC,"Humans in need of saving.",incompetent,appear 11-
10	Distinctive,"Giant Robot",easily concealable,major
15	Hunted,"By anti-Autobot forces.",as powerful,harsh,appear
 5	Physical Lim,"No hands in vehicle form.",infrequently,
10	Psych Lim,"Takes his time with everything.",common,moderate
15	Psych Lim,"Overly cautious.",common,strong
15	Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing humans.",uncommon,total
 5	Rep,"Heroic alien robot.",occur 8-
10	Rivalry,"with Afterburner",professional,PC rival
10	Watched,"By Autobot leaders.",more powerful,non-combat
	 influence,mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 130

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 430

Explanation of the conversion: I gave him extra armor with an activation to represent his nearly indestrutable drill. If the activation roll makes it, the attack hit's the drill. Nosecone can tunnel only in vehicle form and fly only in robot form.

Starscream attacks the Technobots in Transformers #50 History (Marvel comics): Nosecone and the Technobots were among the Autobots who joined Fortress Maximus in leaving Cybertron for the planet Nebulos (Transformers: Headmasters #1).

Followed to Nebulos by the Decepticons under Scorponok, Fortress Maximus' band left Nebulos for the planet Earth (Transformers: Headmasters #4).

Nosecone was present when Grimlock fought Blaster for leadership of the Autobots on Earth's moon. The Autobots were then attacked by the Decepticons lead by Ratbat (Transformers #41).

Nosecone and the other Technobots were severely damaged by Starscream when he gained cosmic powers from the Underbase (Transformers #50).

As a result of his very disciplined training in the dangerous but vital job of thermal-energy magma miner back on Cybertron, Nosecone has developed into a very careful warrior. He's slow and methodical in everything he does, weathering enemy artillery fire with the same calm that he exhibits when his fellow Autobots criticize him for his apparent laziness. His attempts to explain his cautious tactics to them usually fall on deaf audio modules and elicit good-natured laughter, but then, Nosecone doesn't realize that his friends are just having a little fun at his expense: Autobots appreciate results, and when Nosecone finishes turning an enemy fortification into steel Swiss cheese, the results of his efforts are unmistakable... and the respect granted to him by his fellow Autobots is obvious.

Nosecone Trivia: On the Transformers television show, the voice of Nosecone is played by actor David Workman. There have been Chinese made immitations of Nosecone in a different color, and even one that was much smaller. On the Transformers television series the Technobots were created by the Dinobot Grimlock to fight the Terrorcons when Grimlock temporarily gained super-intelligence.

Nosecone Powers: In vehicle mode, Nosecone's most distinctive feature is also his most formidable asset: his durabyllium-steel alloy drill can pierce almost any material, and it is virtually indestructible. He also packs two rocket-propelled missiles that use a videocom tracking system to lock on to targets. He's slow of speed, but his treads can carry him across any terrain and up the steepest slopes. In robot mode, he is armed with a high-powered X-ray laser pistol. Nosecone sometimes utilizes a standard Autobot jet pack. He combines with his fellow Technobots Afterburner, Lightspeed, Scattershot and Strafe to form the super-robot Computron.

Weaknesses: Nosecone's slowness often lands him in the middle of trouble - namely, a Decepticon artillery barrage, and although his drill is impervious to most weapons fire, his treads aren't, so he often is left immobilized. He also has a tendency to overheat while drilling through very dense substances. Nosecone's slow methods often put him at odds with impatient fellow Technobot Afterburner.

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