Northstar for Champions

Real name: Jean-Paul Beaubier.
Other known aliases: Jean-Paul Martin
Occupation: Hero, former professional skier and terrorist.
Current group affiliation: X-Men
Past group affiliations: Alpha Flight, unnamed French-Canadian separatist terrorist group.
Major enemies: Master of the World.
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #120
Origin: Alpha Flight #10
Description: Northstar is an attractive man who is 5'11'' tall and weighs 185 lbs. He has black hair and blue eyes. He has pointed ears.


13     STR      3
20     DEX     30
23     CON     26
11     BODY     2
10     INT      0
10     EGO      0
13     PRE      3
18     COM      4
 8     PD       5
 8     ED       3
 6     SPD     30
12     REC      8
46     END      0
30     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 114

Powers, Skills and Equipment

 2     2/2 Damage Resistance     
22     2D6 Flash,Sight Group,No Range(-1/2),Only when touching     
        Aurora.(-1),Concentrate(-1/4),Area Effect(+1),cone       6
 5     5 Flash Defense,Sight Group     
 7     5D6 HA,"Hyper fast punches.",x2 Increased End Cost(-1/2),     
        Restrainable(-1/2)                                       2
69     MP (69)     
 7u    27" Flight,x16 Non-Combat                                 5
 5u    27" Running,x8 Non-Combat                                 5
 3     Speed Reading     
 3     Lang: English,fluent w/accent     
 0     Lang: French,native     
 3     Streetwise 12-     
 2     PS: Professional skier. 11-     
 8     4/4 Armor,"Protective costume.",OIF(-1/2)
Powers Cost: 136


Base Points: 100
 5     Distinctive,"Elfin features.",easily concealable,minor
10     Distinctive,"Mutant",easily concealable,major
20     Hunted,"by various mutant and homosexual haters.",as
        powerful,non-combat influence,harsh,appear 11-
15     Psych Lim,"Quick to anger.",very common,moderate
15     Psych Lim,"Arrogant",very common,moderate
15     Psych Lim,"Protective of Aurora.",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing.",common,strong
10     Public ID,"Jean-Paul Beaubier"
10     Rep,"Homosexual French-Canadian mutant hero.",occur 11-
 5     Rivalry,"with Paulie Provenzano.",professional
 5     Unluck,1D6
 5     Watched,"by Phoenix IV.",as powerful,non-combat influence,
        mild,appear 8-
20     Vuln,"to Dispel, Drain and Suppress attacks.",common,x2
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion:

History: Jean-Paul Beaubier and his twin sister Jeanne-Marie were separated in infancy after their parents were killed under circumstances yet to be revealed. Jean Paul was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Louis Martin, who were cousins of his mother. The Martins could not afford to adopt Jeanne-Marie as well, however, so they arranged for her to be raised at Madame DuPont's School for Girls in LaVelie, Quebec. Soon afterward, Martin, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, was posted to northern Quebec, and moved his family there. When Jean-Paul was about six years old, Mr. and Mrs. Martin were killed in an accident, and Jean-Paul was placed in a foster home. Jean-Paul and Jeanne Marie thus grew up separately, each unaware of the other's existence.

During his adolescence, Beaubier's mutant powers began to emerge. Beaubier was befriended by Raymonde Belmonde, who helped him overcome his fears about the ways in which Beaubier was different from the majority of people, not only due to his mutant nature but also his homosexuality. Having reached self-acceptance, Beaubier now secretly used his mutant powers to achieve success in skiing. Beaubier became a world champion skier, winning a gold medal at the Olympics while he was still in his late teens. At some point during his adolescence, Beaubier was also apparently a member of a radical French Canadian separatist group.

Alpha Flight #1 To this point, Beaubier, unaware of his true parentage, had called himself Jean-Paul Martin. After James McDonald Hudson recruited Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, code-named Aurora, to be a superhuman agent for the Canadian government's Department H, Hudson's wife Heather noticed the resemblance between Aurora and Jean-Paul Martin. Hudson himself investigated and discovered that Jean-Paul Martin was really her brother. Agents of Department H contacted Jean-Paul and informed him of his true parentage; thereafter he called himself Jean-Paul Beaubier. Beaubier met with Hudson, who told him that he had discovered his superhuman powers. Hudson invited Beaubier to become one of Department H's agents, and then introduced him to his sister. Beaubier was overjoyed to learn that he had a sister, and accepted Hudson's invitation. After a period of training, the Beaubier siblings both became members of Alpha Flight, the team of superhuman agents that Hudson created for Department H, and Jean-Paul took the code name Northstar.

Incredible Hulk #279 Once it was established that Bruce Banner's mind was in control of the Hulk's body, the Hulk was treated to a celebration in New York City where he received a presidential pardon from Ronald Reagan, the key to the city, and praise from a number of superheroes, including Northstar (Incredible Hulk #279).

Even after Alpha Flight temporarily lost the financial support of the Canadian government, Northstar remained with the team in order to be with his sister. He not only cared deeply about his sister as his only living relative, but was concerned about her because she had a dual personality. After the Beaubier siblings had a particularly intense quarrel over Jean-Paul's sexual attitudes, however, Northstar ceased to operate with the team on a regular basis. Aurora sought to break her ties to her brother completely by altering her own superhuman powers so that they were no longer the same as his. Her lover, Dr. Walter Langkowski, known as Sasquatch, performed an experiment in molecular rearrangement upon Aurora which did indeed alter her superhuman abilities. As a result, for a long time Northstar and Aurora could not touch each other without temporarily becoming incapable of using their superhuman powers.

After the death of Langkowski, Aurora and Northstar became reconciled with each other. Northstar once again became a regular member of Alpha Flight, then led by Heather Hudson and again receiving funding and support from the Canadian government.

During this time, Beaubier caught a fatal disease during a battle with the magical entity known as Pestilence that caused him to waste away over a period of several months. However, as a part of an elaborate hoax played by the Asgardian trickster god Loki, Beaubier has led to discover that his mother was a Faerie, thus making him and his sister human-Faerie hybrids. With the help of his sister's powers turned against him, Beaubier was healed of his disease, believing that he finally cast off his "dead human half." Beaubier left Earth to join other Faerie in the extra-dimensional plane of Asgard. Beaubier soon learned of the Loki's hoax, but he remained trapped in Asgard until his sister and Beta Flight members Purple Girl, Laura Dane, and Goblyn rescued him.

Alpha Flight #118 Northstar was among the people invited to the wedding of Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler. He met Hector of the Patheon (Incredible Hulk #418).

Northstar eventually left Alpha Flight to write a book about his life. It went on a book signing tour where he survived an attempt on his life and was recruited into the X-Men by Phoenix IV. Once there he met fellow recruit Paulie Provenzano and they became bitter rivals.

Powers: Jean-Paul Beaubier has the mutant ability move at increased speeds and fly, even able to attain Mach speeds flying. As a side effect, his body possesses a degree of invulnerability to enable him to withstand the friction of the air at such speeds. He can also hover in mid-air. When in physical contact with his sister, Aurora, they jointly can produce phenomenally bright light. His eyes are naturally resistant to damage by bright light and he can read at super speeds.

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