The Masters of Evil VI
for Champions

Masters of Evil

Man-Killer - Klaw - Flying Tiger - Crimson Cowl III - Tiger Shark - Cyclone II

Aquaduct Blackwing Bison Boomerang Cardinal
Aquaduct - Blackwing - Bison - Boomerang - Cardinal

Constrictor Dragonfly Eel II Icemaster Joystick
Constrictor - Dragonfly - Eel II - Icemaster - Joystick

Klaw Lodestone Man-Ape Quicksand Shatterfist
Klaw - Lodestone - Man-Ape - Quicksand - Shatterfist

Shocker II Shockwave Slyde Sunstroke Supercharger
Shocker II - Shockwave - Slyde - Sunstroke - Supercharger

  Team leader:  Crimson Cowl III
  Other members:  Aquaduct, Blackwing, Bison, Boomerang, Cardinal, 
   Constrictor, Cyclone II, Dragonfly, Eel II, Flying Tiger, Icemaster, 
   Joystick, Klaw, Lodestone, Man-Ape, Man-Killer, Quicksand, Shatterfist, 
   Shocker II, Shockwave, Slyde, Sunstroke, Supercharger, Tigershark
  Former members:  Atlas, Jolt, Mach-1, Moonstone and Songbird were 
   offered membership, but they declined.
  Allies:  None known.
  Major enemies:  Thunderbolts, Baron Zemo II, Citizen V III.  
  First appearence:  Thunderbolts #3
  About the team:  

Brief info on new members:
  • Aquaduct - Fresh from the Force of Nature is Peter Van Zante, the villian formerly called the Water Wizard. He has the ability to control liquids telekinetically, create water constructs and drain water from victims bodies.
  • Blackwing - Son of the Maggia cyborg Silvermane, this guy controls bats and has a flying platform. He worked with Man-Killer in the past and then joined up with the Red Skull's Skeleton Krew.
  • Bison - Once fought Thunderstrike.
  • Boomerang - Fred Myers is an Australian baseball pitcher who turned to crime when he was thrown out for accepting bribes. He became an enforcer for the Secret Empire, then went independent when they fell apart.
  • Cardinal - A this guy fought the New Warriors as a member of Air Force One.
  • Constrictor - Frank Schlichting in a professional assassin who wears a armored suit with electrified constricting tenticles and worked for Justin Hammer.
  • Dragonfly - This former member of the Animen was abducted by the Stranger and made her way back to Earth in an issue of Quasar.
  • Eel II - Edward Laveli wears a slippery, electrically charged suit.
  • Icemaster -
  • Joystick - Fast babe with energy sticks who doesn't wear any underware!
  • Lodestone - Old foe of Darkhawk who controls magnetism.
  • Man-Ape - Rival to the Black Panther, once worked with Atlas in the Lethal Legion.
  • Quicksand - Lady who has become living sand.
  • Shatterfist -
  • Shocker II - Former member of the third Masters.
  • Shockwave -
  • Slyde - Slippery foe of Spider-Man.
  • Sunstroke - Former minion of Dominus who fought the West Coast Avengers.
  • Supercharger -

  • Chronology of Appearances:

  • Thunderbolts #3, 18-20, 24, 25
    Issue Summary:

    Thunderbolts #3 Thunderbolts #19 Thunderbolts #20

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