Meggan for Champions

Real name: Unrevealed
Other known aliases: Goblin Princess
Occupation: Adventurer
Current group affiliation: None
Past group affiliations: Excalibur
Major enemies:
First appearance:
Description: Meggan usually appears as an attractive woman with blonde hair and pointed ears. She can look like almost anything if she wants to.


10/40     STR      0
   14     DEX     12
   20     CON     20
   10     BODY     0
   10     INT      0
   11     EGO      2
   20     PRE     10
   20     COM      5
    8     PD       6
    8     ED       4
    4     SPD     16
    8     REC      4
   40     END      0
   25     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 79

Powers, Skills and Equipment

15     EC (15),"Elemental powers."     
15a)   10" Flight,0 END(+1/2)                                    0
15b)   Shape Shift,limited group of shapes,0 END(+1/2)           0
10c)   6D6 Telepathy,Empathy only.(-1/2)                         3
 3     Mental Awareness     
 5     5 Power Defense     
 4     1 BODY Regen,recovery rate: per hour,Only in natural     
 9     +30 STR,doesn't add to figured,Only in natural settings.     
       (-1/2),Must be touching the Earth.(-1/4),x3 Increased End     
       Cost(-1)     9
75     VPP (30),can change powers as 0 phase,no skill roll     
       required,"Only powers appropriate to current form."     
 5     Animal Handler 12-     
 1     Lang: Faerie     
 3     Survival 11-     
 3     Tracking 11-     
 8     4/4 Armor,OIF(-1/2)     
Powers Cost: 171


Base Points: 100
15     Accidental Chg,"In times of stress turns into a
        wolf-child.",uncommon,occur 14-
15     DNPC,"People in need of saving.",normal,appear 11-
 5     Distinctive,"Mutant",easily concealable,minor
 5     Distinctive,"Blonde elf woman with big hooters.",easily
15     Hunted,"by various Mutant Hunters.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 8-
 5     Physical Lim,"Appearance reflects her mood.",infrequently,
10     Physical Lim,"Powers slowly diminish away from the British
15     Psych Lim,"In love with Captain Britain.",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Naive",very common,moderate
20     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing.",common,total
10     Public ID,"Meggan"
 5     Rep,"Empathic mutant shapeshifter.",occur 8-
15     Susc,"To heavily polluted conditions.",uncommon,per turn,2D6
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: I decided to go with a Variable Power Pool to simulate many of Meggan's powers. Common uses for it are Growth, to Shapeshift into completely nonhuman forms, for her Energy Blast, to give her Enhanced Senses or to increase her Strength. I gave her the Power Defense because she was able to resist the altering powers of Jamie Braddock.

History: Meggan was born in a camper that was part of a modern-day gypsy convoy, although her true nature may be more supernatural in origin. She was born in the middle of winter, and her powers automatically caused fur to grow on her body, to protect her from the cold. The other gypsies heard of this and immediately began to gossip about the werewolf-child. The gypsies added to the story, saying that she was born with a number of weird body features, such as antennae. These rumors caused her powers to physically mimic the forms that the gypsies had gossiped about.

She spent most of her early life in her parents' camper, constantly watching television. She was taking to be imprisoned in an interment camp for mutants during a warping of reality that occurred when the hero Captain Britain fought the reality-altering villain Mad Jim Jaspers. When reality was restored, Meggan found herself homeless and wandering the streets of London, preying on those who would prey on others, creating an urban legend around herself. This brought her into conflict with Captain Britain, whom she secretly admired, although the two reconciled after their battle led to the death of an innocent bystander, Meggan's friend.

Meggan was invited to live with Captain Britain in Braddock Manor. There, in a battle with a group of young English mutants called the Cherubium, Meggan found out that she could use her powers and change her shape and facial features. She turned herself into a beautiful woman, a typical media stereotype of a female super hero. She and Captain Britain then embarked on a number of adventures, and they fell in love. She joined Captain Britain when he left his duties as national champion and lived in a secluded lighthouse.

Months later, Captain Britain went on an alcoholic binge when he found out that his sister Betsy, the mutant hero Psylocke, had been killed in Dallas with her team, the X-men. A desperate Meggan went to Muir Island to ask former X-Man Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat, for advice. Meggan arrived at Muir Island to discover the alien Gatecrasher and her team, the Technet, there. The Technet had been hired by Opal Luna Saturnyne, Omniversal Majestrix, to capture the former X-Man Rachel Summers, Phoenix III. Gatecrasher captured Meggan and Shadowcat, but their ally Nightcrawler escaped to warn Captain Britain of Meggan's capture. Captain Britain and Nightcrawler arrived in time to join a three-way fight between the Technet and the extra-dimensional bounty hunters the Warwolves, and they released Kitty and Meggan. Working as a team, the heroes thwarted the team and decided to stay together and form a team to work in England. They named the team Excalibur, and they settled in the lighthouse that Meggan and the Captain had been living in.

Meggan adventured with Excalibur throughout its tenure. At one point, when the team went to New York City during a demonic invasion, Meggan became affected by the evil emotional energy, giving into her evil side. She allowed the demon N'Astrish to transform her into the Goblin Princess. Eventually, Shadowcat was able to use the magical armor and "soulsword" of her friend Illanya Rasputin to free the Captain from the Goblin Princess's control, and Kitty then used it to free Meggan from the demoic influence. It was during this time that Meggan learned more about herself and her powers.

Much later, Meggan joined Rachel Summers in a journey across Europe for a mutual journey of self-discovery. The two encountered one of an ancient race of beings called Neuri, who revealed Meggan's true form as seen through the alshtra, or spirit plane. Meggan was believed to have some supernatural origin as well. Meggan and Summers returned as Excalibur's true purpose was revealed as being protectors of the convergence of multiple realities, in which Meggan was instrumental.

Shortly after this, Captain Britain proposed marriage to Meggan. However, their plans were cut short after Captain Britain was lost in the time stream after Excalibur adventured to Rachel Summer's native future. Despondent, Meggan withdrew into a catatonic state in which she was able to remain in contact with Captain Britain. Eventually, she served as an anchor to guide Captain Britain back to reality. In doing so, Meggan learned more about her own powers, in that she could effect her environment even as her environment could effect her. She rejoined Excalibur full-time and participated in many adventures.

Later, Captain Britain and Meggan were wed in a ceremony on Otherworld. Afterwards, Excalibur disbanded, and Captain Britain and Meggan remained in Great Britain.

More recently, the computer Mastermind II was manipulated by the time-travelling villain Kang, the end result of which made Mastermind II believe that it should be Captain Britain and even guardian of the multiverse. As such, it made its way into the dimension of Otherworld, captured the current guardian, Roma, and impersonated her. In an effort to draw Captain Britain into battle, Mastermind II, as Roma, began killing other members of the Captain Britain Corps. Captain Britain and Meggan joined with other allies (Psylocke, Captain UK, Crusader X, and the Black Knight V) to confront "Roma," and in the process Braddock pulled the sword Excalibur from its resting place in Otherworld. Newly empowered, Captain Britain was able to oust Mastermind II and defeat him. In gratitude, Roma offered Captain Britain her position as guardian of the multiverse, which he accepted, and he remains in Otherworld with Meggan by his side.

Powers: Meggan's primary ability is the power to shapeshift. She seems limited to humanoid forms, but otherwise seems unlimited in her ability to assume different shapes in body, color of skin, hair, and animal features such as fur, antennae, claws and fangs. Her true form seems to be a tall elf-like being. Meggan's powers are susceptible to the intense emotions of others, and she has in the past subconsciously shapeshift to accommodate the desires of others. It is suggested that her powers are based on islands of Great Britain, and her control wanes the further she travels from them.

Meggan is able to fly under her own power and can limitedly communicate empathically with animals, and can sense the emotions of others. She can see the astral forms and life force energy surrounding people and her environment.

It is also suggested that Meggan draws her power from the energy of the Earth itself, which allows her to increase her strength to superhuman levels if she chooses. Meggan has the ability to drain nearby objects of their electrical energy. She can also tap into the power of the Earth to sense things such as earth movements, fire and water, and also control them. Meggan also becomes extremely ill if nature around her becomes corrupted.

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