Kennedy the Vampire Slayer for Champions

Real name: Kennedy (last name unrevealed)
Other known aliases: None
Occupation: Vampire Slayer
Current group affiliation: Ally of the Scooby Gang.
Past group affiliations: Student of the Watchers
Major enemies: The First Evil, Amy Madison.
First appearance: Bring On The Night 7.10
Description: Kennedy is a good looking dark haired woman standing 5'3'' tall.


 5/30     STR     -5
16/26     DEX     18
15/20     CON     10
 8/18     BODY    -4
   13     INT      3
   10     EGO      0
   18     PRE      8
   18     COM      4
 5/15     PD       4
 5/11     ED       2
 4/ 5     SPD     14
 4/10     REC      0
30/40     END      0
23/47     STUN     4
Characteristics Cost: 58

Powers and Skills

 3     Acrobatics 14-     
 3     Breakfall 14-     
 5     Defense Maneuver     
 2     KS: Demons & Vampires 11-     
 2     KS: Slayer Lore 11-     
 4     Martial Block     
 4     Martial Disarm     
 4     Martial Dodge     
 3     Martial Grab     
 3     Martial Throw     
 1     Streetwise 8-     
 1     Tactics 8-     
 1     Tracking 8-     
 4     WF,Common Melee,Common Missile     
       Slayer package:     
 1     Life Support: Requires half the normal amount of sleep.     
20     +10 BODY     
10     +5 CON     
 8     25% Damage Reduction (PD),Only vs. attacks she sees coming.     
 3     3/3 Damage Resistance     
30     +10 DEX     
 5     +5 ED     
 5     5 Lack Of Weakness     
 5     +5 PD     
 6     1 BODY Regen,recovery rate: per hour     
25     +25 STR                                                     2
 3     12- Combat Sense     
 4     2 Levels,tight group,Only works the second time she fights     
Powers Cost: 165


Base Points: 100
25     Hunted,"By the forces of darkness",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 14-
10     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing (humans).",uncommon,strong
15     Psych Lim,"In love with Willow.",common,strong
20     Psych Lim,"Protector of the innocent.",very common,strong
 1     Quirk - Brat
 1     Quirk - Flirts with women to get a reaction.
 1     Quirk - Gets horny and hungry after slaying.
 1     Quirk - Homosexual.
 1     Quirk - Loves weapons.
 5     Rep,"Slayer",occur 8-
 5     Rivalry,"Other new Slayers.",professional
10     Unluck,2D6 
 5     Watched,"By the Watchers/Scooby Gang.",as powerful,
        non-combat influence,mild,appear 8-
Disadvantages Total: 100

Experience Spent: 23
Total Points: 223

Explanation of the conversion: In Champions terms Kennedy is a martial artist with slightly enhanced strength and speed. The two sets of stats represent her with and without her powers. The Damage Reduction is based on her ability to roll with punches as to not take full damage, she doesn't get it if she is taken by surprise. The combat levels that kick in only the second time she fights someone are based on a Slayers ability to learn from a foe. When she faces a powerful foe a second time they don't seem to give her as much of a problem.

History: Not a lot is known about Kennedy before she arrived in Sunnydale, California in 2002. It is known that she was born into a rich family and has a half sister. She was a potential Vampire Slayer, and was identified at an early age as one. She received training from the Council of Watchers in various weapons and fighting techniques, in case she was ever called.

When the First Evil declared war on the Slayer line in 2002, it put Kennedy in danger. Kennedy's watcher was killed by the Harbingers, so a watcher named Rupert Giles took Kennedy along with potential Slayers Molly and Annabelle with him to protect as he returned to Sunnydale to inform the Slayer of what was happening.

Kennedy The Slayer Buffy Anne Summers and her friends, Anya Jenkins, Willow Rosenberg and little sister Dawn Summers tried to research the First Evil as another friend Alexander "Xander" Lavelle Harris repaired the home from the attack by its Harbingers. They did not find much useful information. Buffy was visited by the image of her mother in a dream, but she thought it might be the First Evil. When the formely evil Andrew Wells recovered Buffy had him take the gang to the Seal of Danzalthar. The seal was abandoned and with all the blood around them they figured it had been activated. Willow attempted to use a locating spell to find the First, but this caused the First to manifest, briefly possessing Willow. Xander saved her by breaking an urn used in the spell. Rupert unexpectedly arrived with the three Slayers in training, Annabelle, Kennedy and Molly. He explained that the First Evil had declared war on the Council of Watchers and the Slayers. He stole what he could from the Council headquarters before it was destroyed and brought that information and the Slayers in training to Sunnydale. Kennedy seemed to make a pass at Willow, who was shocked. Buffy went out on patrol with Rupert and found the place where the Harbingers were last time she fought them. She was attacked by an ancient Turok-Han vampire, who was defeating her until he had to retreat because of the rising sun. That night Annabelle got frightened and ran away, only to be killed by the Turok-Han. Buffy fought it and was severely beaten and left for dead under a pile of rubble. Xander found Buffy and brought her back home. After recovering from her wounds Buffy awoke and told the others they were going to war against the First Evil (Bring On The Night 7.10).

''I don't see how one person, even a Slayer, could protect us. I saw what those bringer guys can do. They tore apart my watcher... and if this thing is the root of all evil, isn't the hellmouth it's number one vacation spot? I mean, don't you think we should be hiding our asses on the other side of the globe?'' - Kennedy

Kennedy Young potential Slayers Chloe, Eve and Vi came to live with Buffy in her home over the next week. Buffy went to pick up another potential Slayer named Rona at the bus stop and had to fight off several Harbingers. Unable to find any useful information on how they could fight the First Evil, Rupert suggested they consult an oracle known as Beljoxa's Eye. Anya was against the idea of consulting the eye, but Buffy insisted they needed to try. Willow was contacted by a friend in her coven who learned another potential Slayer had come to Sunnydale and was staying at a motel. Buffy and Xander went to find the girl but were shocked to find the long dead body of Eve. Buffy raced home to confront what was actually the First Evil pretending to be Eve. The First told them to prepare for a visitor after the sun went down, then vanished. Buffy, Xander and Willow covertly formulated a plan to kill the Turok-Han and boost the moral of the potential Slayers by having them witness Buffy slaying it. That night they lead the Turok-Han to a construction site and Buffy was able to behead it. Buffy then went to the First's caves and rescued the the good vampire Spike (Showtime 7.11).

''...and with this many girls, well, I'm just saying if we don't get another bathroom in this house soon, things are gonna get ugly.'' - Kennedy

Kennedy Buffy and Spike took to training the potential Slayers for action in their war with the First Evil, as she continued her work as a councilor at Sunnydale High School. Willow received a phone call from her coven that they had located another potential Slayer who was already living in Sunnydale. Willow, Xander, Dawn and Anya performed a spell to locate the new Slayer and were shocked when the spell seemed to indicate that the person they were looking for was Dawn. Dawn asked the others not to tell Buffy right away, then sneaked out to clear her head about the idea of what she was. Buffy and Spike took the potential Slayers to the graveyard, where Buffy and Spike locked the girls in with a crypt with a newborn vampire, which they defeated. While walking Dawn ran into schoolmate Amanda, who was having a bad night. Amanda had been attacked by a vampire at the school, which she was able to get away from. Dawn decided to try herself as a potential Slayer and face the vampire with Amanda. When Willow, Xander and Anya discovered Dawn was missing they went to get Buffy to help find her. Dawn and Amanda tried to face the vampire, but seemed out matched. During the fight Dawn realized that Amanda was actually the one the spell indicated was the potential Slayer, as Amanda was outside the house when the spell was cast, right behind Dawn. Dawn talked Amanda into facing the vampire and Amanda was able to slay it right as Buffy arrived. Afterwards Amanda joined the ranks of the potential Slayers. Xander had a talk to Dawn about the difficulties of not being chosen or having powers, yet fighting evil, which made her feel better (Potential 7.12).

''You think she dated him too?'' - Kennedy

Kennedy To help the potential Slayers learn more about what they were Rupert took them out to the desert to commune with the spirit of the first Slayer. Kennedy faked a cold and stayed behind so she could ask Willow out on a date to the Bronze. Willow reluctantly agreed and they spent some time talking about their lives. When Willow and Kennedy got back home Kennedy kissed Willow good night and Willow found herself transformed into Warren Meers, the man who killed Willow's old girlfriend Tara Maclay. After shocking everyone with her new appearance, and explaining that she probably did it to herself with out of control magic, Willow went out to try to fix it. Kennedy followed. Willow and Kennedy sought out the U.C. Sunnydale wiccan group. They were surprised to find Willow's old witch friend Amy Madison among them, who claimed to be recovering from her own magic problems. Amy seemed to try to help Willow return to normal, but failed. In a fit of anger Willow hit Amy, then ran off when she realized she was becoming like Warren. Enraged and acting like Warren, Willow bought a gun. Kennedy learned that Amy wasn't as recovered as she seemed and confronted her, learning that Amy had hexed Willow, causing the problem. Amy teleported Kennedy back to Buffy's house, where an enraged Willow threatened Kennedy, saying their kiss had made her forget Tara for a moment. Kennedy realized this was all stemming from Willow's guilt and to help her move on Kennedy kissed Willow again, returning her to normal (The Killer In Me 7.13).

''It was Gone with the Wind. I saw that, and I knew I wanted to sweep Scarlet off her feet.'' - Kennedy

Kennedy & Willow As Buffy and Xander were out on dates Andrew was contacted by the First Evil, in the form of his dead former partner Jonathan Levinson. The First Evil wanted Andrew to get the gun Willow bought and use it to kill the potential Slayers. Andrew pretended to go along with the First, but secretly set up an operation with Willow, Dawn, Kennedy and Amanda to try to learn about the First's motives and weaknesses. The First discovered it was being duped and became very angry (First Date 7.14).

Drain Buffy continued to train the new potential Slayers who arrived in her home. She introduced Robin Wood to her operation. When he brought over the bag that used to belong to his mother Buffy opened it to find a book and storytelling tools which told of the origin of the first Slayer. The story took on a life of it's own and a portal opened which Buffy entered. She found herself face to face with the Shadow Men, those who created the first Slayer. Back in Buffy's home her place in this world was taken by a demon. The demon trashed the place and escaped. Theorizing that they would need the demon to get Buffy back home, Spike captured it as Willow, Anya, Dawn and Kennedy combined efforts to open a portal to send the demon back. The Shadow Men offered to give Buffy more demonic power, but she refused it, not wanting to become less human then she already was. They then offered her knowledge of what was to come, and showed her a vision of an army of Turok-Han. Willow barely was able to control the magic energy in the spell she was casting, and had to drain some energy from Kennedy and Anya to make it work. As Willow lost complete control Xander was able to ground her and return her to normal. The portal open and demon thrown in, Buffy returned home. Kennedy took some time to come to grips with being used by Willow (Get It Done 7.15).

''Chamber your energy. Punch block combo! Hold it! What the hell do you call that, potential? Try that in the field, you are dead. Drop, and give me twenty.'' - Kennedy

Kennedy & Willow Kennedy and Willow did make up, and their relationship took a very public turn. When the Seal of Danzalthar started to act up Willow was able to discover that the tears of the one who activated it could shut it down. Buffy took Andrew to the seal and made him face what he and done and truly repent for killing Jonathan (Storyteller 7.16).

Kennedy Once Xander was released from the hospital he rejoined Buffy and the potential Slayers at her home in time for them to all vote her out of power and put Vampire Slayer Faith in charge of their group. Even Willow, Anya and Dawn sided against Buffy. Buffy left, at Dawn's request, because Dawn knew Buffy would never be able to follow their orders (Empty Places 7.19).

''Maybe we need a vote... to see who wants Faith to have a turn in charge.'' - Kennedy

Willow & Kennedy In order to gain more information about the First Evil Faith used Kennedy as bait to capture one of it's Harbingers. Although Willow had reservations about loosing control, Kennedy was able to talk her in to making love for the first time since Tara's death (Touched 7.20).

''I've never been the bait before. That was, uh... actually, kind of scary.'' - Kennedy

Willow & Kennedy Buffy lead the potential Slayers and her friends in an attack on the Seal of Danzalthar. She gave Spike an amulet given to her by the good vampire Angel as her Champion, then positioned Xander, Rupert, Dawn, Anya, Andrew and Robin to protect the exits and lead the potentials into the seal. Willow and Kennedy cast a spell that empowered all the potential Slayers with full Slayer strength. Buffy fought bravely against the horde of Turok-Han vampires inside the seal, but was severely out-numbered. Anya was killed by a Harbinger of the First Evil. Spike's amulet activated and rays of pure light decimated the ranks of the Turok-Han. Buffy's team retreated as Spike stayed to finish the job, causing the collapse of the seal and destruction of the entire town of Sunnydale as well as his own death. The survivors in Buffy's group escaped in a school bus and made it out of town at the last moment (Chosen 7.22).

''Hey, I'm the first one to call her out when she's not making sense. In fact, this may have escaped your keen notice, but I'm kind of a brat. I've always sort of gotten my way. So you're gonna make it through this, no matter how dark it gets. Because now... you're my way.'' - Kennedy

Trivia: On Buffy The Vampire Slayer the part of Kennedy is played by actress Iyari Limon.

Powers: Kennedy is a Vampire Slayer, and has the usual powers of one. She has enhanced strength, toughness and speed and a natural fighting ability augmented by her years of training in combat. She requires half the amount of sleep as a normal human.

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