Joey Finkleberry

Joey Finkleberry for Champions

Real name: Joey Finkleberry
Other known aliases: None
Occupation: Former student.
Current group affiliation: Ally of Freak Force.
Past group affiliations: None
Major enemies: Frightening Force, formerly Freak Force.
First appearance: Freak Force #10
Origin: Freak Force #10
Description: Joey is an awkward looking teenage boy with brown hair who weighs 90 lbs. He wears glasses.


  100     STR     90
   14     DEX     12
   23     CON     26
   10     BODY     0
   10     INT      0
   10     EGO      0
8/ 23     PRE     -2
   10     COM      0
   20     PD       0
   20     ED      15
    4     SPD     16
   25     REC      0
   46     END      0
   72     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 157

Powers and Skills

56     15/15 Armor,x1 Hardened(+1/4)     
 5     5 Lack Of Weakness     
12     Life Support,safe in vacuum/pressure,safe in radiation,safe     
        in heat/cold,immune to disease     
10     +15 PRE,"Ultra scary rep.",Negative uses only.(-1/2)     
 2     KS: Comic books. 11-     
 8     1 Levels,all combat     
Powers Cost: 93


Base Points: 100
10     Distinctive,"Mutant",easily concealable,major
 5     Enraged,"When made fun of.",uncommon,occur 8-,recover 11-
 5     Physical Lim,"Near sighted.",infrequently,slightly
 5     Psych Lim,"Polite",uncommon,moderate
10     Psych Lim,"Overconfident",uncommon,strong
25     Psych Lim,"Feels guilty over his past crimes.",very common,
10     Public ID,"Joey Finkleberry"
20     Rep,"Powerful brick.",occur 14-,extreme reputation
10     Unluck,2D6
10     Watched,"by the U.S. government.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,mild,appear 14-
Disadvantages Total: 110

Experience Spent: 40
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: Joey is a pretty simple brick. He's a rather unskilled normal except for his strength and invulnerability. Because of his reputation as the strongest man alive, Joey can frighten almost any super-villain into giving up.

Freak Force #10 History: Joey Finkleberry grew up in Chicago, where he was picked on at school by his fellow classmates as well as his teachers. His father was abusive and a neighborhood dog always bit him in the ass. His life was a living hell. One day he just woke up with mutant super-powers. With the strength of a thousand men, Joey went to school seeking revenge on those who made his life miserable. He went on a rampage, easily killing most of his family and classmates in a fit of anger. Freak Force were called and tried to stop him, but they too were no match for Joey. Officer Dragon eventually talked him down and convinced him to give up as Joey was wracked by guilt over his actions (Freak Force #10).

Joey allowed himself to be jailed for his crimes, and was a model prisoner.

When the villain Bludgeon tried to take over the city of Chicago no hero could stop him. Rapture of Freak Force asked Joey to help. Being released into Rapture's custody, Joey asked Bludgeon to surrender. When Bludgeon refused Joey flicked his fingers and knocked Bludgeon's head off, then returned to his cell (Freak Force #15).

Freak Force II #3 Joey spent his time in the Stronghold prison without further incident until Frightening Force attacked the prison and tried to break free all the super criminals there. Joey stopped the break out by walking out of his cell and yelling at the super criminals, who were all deathly afraid of Joey. Joey then assisted Freak Force in battling Frightening Force, Frightening Force member Negate removed Joey's powers. This caused a massive explosion which left a powerless Joey in the hospital (Freak Force II #3).

Powers: Joey is a mutant with vast superhuman strength, the limits of which have never been gauged. He is also seemingly invulnerable to harm. Only the power-damping villain Negate has ever hurt Joey.

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