Husk for Champions

Real name: Paige Gunthrie
Other known aliases: None
Occupation: Student and hero.
Current group affiliation: Generation X
Past group affiliations: None
Major enemies: Emplate, Omega Red, Gamesmaster
First appearance: X-Force #32, but in Rom Annual #3 the New Mutants visited the Gunthrie home and met the family. One of them was a little blonde girl who was never named but talked briefly to Wolfsbane. This could have been a young Paige Gunthrie before her appearance in X-Force #32.
Description: Paige appears to be a good looking young woman of 5'7'' tall weighing 100 lbs. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her appearance can alter radically when she uses her powers.

 5     STR     -5
14     DEX     12
18     CON     16
10     BODY     0
13     INT      3
13     EGO      6
13     PRE      3
16     COM      3
 6     PD       5
 6     ED       2
 4     SPD     16
 8     REC      6
36     END      0
22     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 67

Powers, Skills and Equipment

35     10D6 Aid,use optional healing rules,Self only(-1/2),Visible     
        (-1/4),Trigger(+1/4),Desc: When Husked                      6
87     MP (130),"Husking",Gestures(-1/4),Concentrate(-1/4)       
 6u    PKG,"Bird form",Shape Shift,"Bird",0 END(+1/2),4 LVLS     
        Shrinking(0.125m,25g,+8 DCV,+12 KB),0 END(+1/2),15" Flight,     
        Restrainable(-1/2)                                          3
 7u    PKG,"Brick Form",7/7 Armor,Var FX(+1/4),Life Support,doesn't     
        breathe,doesn't eat/sleep/excrete,safe in vacuum/pressure,     
        safe in radiation,safe in heat/cold,immune to disease,+35     
        STR,1/2 END(+1/4)                                           1
 9u    PKG,"Mentalism Invulnerability form",Invisibility,Mental     
        Group,no fringe,0 END(+1/2),33 Mental Defense,75% Damage     
        Reduction (Mental)     
 7u    PKG,"Rubber form",75% Damage Reduction (PD),resistant,4/4     
        Armor,3" Stretching,0 END(+1/2),+10 STR                     1
 9u    PKG,"Speedster",4/4 Armor,50% Damage Reduction (PD),     
        resistant,+10 DEX,+19" Running,+2.0 SPD                     4
 3     Computer Programming 12-     
 2     PS: Farmer 11-     
 3     SC: Physics 12-,(INT based)     
 3     Security Systems 12-     
 3     Shadowing 11-     
 1     WF,Rifles     
 8     4/4 Armor,OIF(-1/2)     
Powers Cost: 183


Base Points: 100
10     Distinctive,"Mutant",easily concealable,major
15     Distinctive,"Her powers generally make her inhuman
        looking.",easily concealable,extreme
20     Hunted,"by various enemies and mutant haters.",as powerful,
        non-combat influence,harsh,appear 11-
10     Physical Lim,"Gets drunk on half a glass of beer.",
 5     Psych Lim,"Doesn't want to be seen as a hick.",uncommon,
10     Psych Lim,"Unsure of self.",common,moderate
15     Psych Lim,"Overenthusastic.",common,strong
20     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing.",common,total
 5     Rivalry,"Wants to lead Generation X.",professional
15     Secret ID,"Paige Gunthrie"
10     Unluck,2D6
15     Watched,"by White Queen and Banshee",more powerful,
        non-combat influence,harsh,appear 14-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: I decided to represent her husking ability with a Healing Aid power and a Multipower. In her most basic form her husking can be used to heal and clean herself by husking without using the Multipower. If she decides to have a new form she must choose a slot and concentrate while husking. The five slots represent the different kinds of forms she can assume. The first one is the bird form she assumed when trying to save Cannonball II and Meltdown from Sena Blaze. The second one is a generic brick form for when she assumes a metal or rock-like form, with the variable special effects allowing different forms. The third slot is based on when she confronted the Gamesmaster and became invisible to and immune to his mental powers. The forth slot is based on a time she turned into rubber to save someone who was falling. The fifth slot is a super fast form she assumed once. It should be noted that her Multipower has Special powers and requires the permission of the game master.

History: Paige Gunthrie is one of a large coal mining family from Cumberland, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Zebulon and Lucinda Gunthrie. Her father died of black lung disease and her older brother Samuel went to work in the mines as soon as he was old enough. Soon after Sam manifested mutant powers and joined the New Mutants as Cannonball II under the guidence of Professor X.

Husk is one of several young mutants who were detected by Professor Xavier with the aid of Cerebro. She followed the combined teams of the New Warriors and X-Force in their attack on the Gamesmaster in the Alps, and has instrumental in getting him to give up the Younghunt. During the attack she assumed a form that was a skinny black humanoid with claws that was immune to mental powers (New Warriors #46).

Xavier had plans for recruiting her and other mutants to be his next generation of students. These plans were prematurely activated by the appearance of a group of techno-organic mutacidal beings known as the Phalanx who accessed Xavier's records to discover the locations of the youngsters. Banshee, Sabretooth, Emma Frost and Jubilee went after them to save the young mutants, some of whom didn't even know of their powers. Ultimately, most of the kidnapped teens were rescued and joined the school under the instruction of Banshee and Emma Frost.

When the school started to suffer from financial trouble, Emma Frost brought in her sister Adrienne to help run things. Adrienne had hired Paladin to retrieve a sword that had killed her husband from a man named Noy in Mandipoor. Paladin showed up having been defeated by the Rising Sons, super-mercinaries working for Noy. Husk and several other members of Generation X joined Paladin in returning to Mandipoor and retrieving the sword (Generation X #52-54).

While in school Paige has studied computer programming and security systems.


Powers: Husk is a mutant metamorph, who is able to change her physical form by tearing off her outermost layer of skin. Husk has been able to shift into anything that does not exceed her body mass. Any extra mass left when she shifts into a smaller form (such as a bird or insect) is shunted into an unknown extradimensional space, and will return to Husk when she resumes her human form. Husk prefers to change herself into a form resembling her own, but composed of a different element, such as silver, stone, and steel, with the appropriate properties of those forms, including an increased strength and resistance to injury. She has learned to clean and heal herself by husking.

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  • Character created by Marvel Comics. Picture by Lori McDonald.
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