Human Torch

The Human Torch for Champions

Real name: Human Torch
Other known aliases: Jim Hammond, Pappy.
Occupation: Full time hero.
Current group affiliation: None
Past group affiliations: Invaders, All-Winners Squad, Avengers, Heroes For Hire, former partner to Toro and Sungirl.
Major enemies: Red Skull, Mad Thinker, formerly the Axis powers.
First appearance: Marvel Comics #1
Origin: Saga of The Original Human Torch #1
Description: The Human Torch appears to be an attractive man in his mid 20's with blue eyes and blonde hair. He is 6'3'' tall and weighs 300 lbs.

  18     STR      8
  18     DEX     24
  20     CON     20
  10     BODY     0
  13     INT      3
  10     EGO      0
  18     PRE      8
  18     COM      4
   7     PD       3
   8     ED       4
   4     SPD     12
8/10     REC      0
  40     END      0
  29     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 86

Powers, Skills and Equipment

 3     4/0 Armor,Does not work in a vacuum or in water.(-1/4),     
        Linked(-1/2),"to RKA Damage Shield."     
 9     0/13 Armor,Only vs. fire.(-1)     
10     Eidetic Memory     
19     EC (Fire) (24),Does not work in a vacuum or in water.(-1/4)     
15a)   8D6 Dispel (Fire),vs SFX (one power),Concentrate(-1/4),No     
        Range(-1/2),Area Effect(+1),radius                         5
25b)   11D6 EB                                                     5
15c)   20" Flight (Fire),Linked(-1/2),"to RKA Damage Shield.",1/2     
        END(+1/4)                                                  2
17d)   1D6 RKA (Fire),No Knockback(-1/4),Continuous(+1),0 END     
        (+1/2),Damage Shield(+1/2),Selectable Damage Shield(+1/4)  0
30     Life Support,doesn't breathe,doesn't eat/sleep/excrete,safe     
        in vacuum/pressure,safe in radiation,safe in heat/cold,     
        immune to disease,immune to aging     
 5     5 Power Defense     
 3     +2 REC,When in bright sunlight or standing in a fire.(-1/2)     
 1     Oratory 8-     
 1     Paramedic 8-     
 3     Tactics 12-     
 8     4/4 Armor,"Unstable molecule costume.",OIF(-1/2)     
Powers Cost: 164


Base Points: 100
10     Distinctive,"Flaming figure.",easily concealable,major
20     Hunted,"By numerous villains.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 11-
20     Normal Stats
15     Psych Lim,"Wants to be human, hates being an android.",very
15     Psych Lim,"Hotheaded.",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"In love with Spitfire or Ann Raymond.",common,
20     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing.",common,total
10     Public ID,"Human Torch (it's his legal name!)"
20     Rep,"Famous hero of WWII.",occur 14-,extreme reputation
 5     Watched,"by the U.S. government.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,mild,appear 8-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: I didn't give him the same Multipower of flame tricks the Human Torch II has because I don't recall him pulling all the same tricks. The Life Support and Power Defense represent his artificial construction.

History: The Human Torch was created in Professor Phineas T. Horton's laboratory in 1939, Horton being one of the pioneers in the field of artifical intelligence and robotics. Horton's work had focused on one thing up until this point: an android that mimicked virtually all of the functions of a human being including independent thought. He was successful with one small draw back. Whenever the android came into contact with air it's phototelectric solar cells burst into flame, without harming the android itself. Not thinking of anything else other then his attempt to recoup some of the money he had spent building the android, Horton announced a press conference and showed the android off in a airtight tube, releasing just enough air into the tube to cause the Torch to ignite in public. Needless to say Horton hadn't considered the ramifications of his revalations. The press went nuts and condemed this monster a danger to society and Horton was forced to seal it in an air-tight container and then seal the container in concrete. He had headphones attached to the android and fed it information, so that it could learn while it incubated. Horton hoped to learn how stop the android from bursting into flames at the first contact with oxygen.

This might have worked if not for the fact that Horton hadn't thought of the concrete expanding when it hardened. Although the Torch didn't immediately escape enough air leaked in through cracks in the concrete and through the tube that he was able to escape. The people of New York city were not ready for a man who was made of flame, and as such he caused a panic. Having been dubbed the Human Torch, the poor android realized the harm he was causing and doused himself in a swimming pool to stop his flame. It took some time but the Torch was able to learn how to control his powers and he even adopted a secret identity as a New York police officer, taking the name Jim Hammond (Marvel Comics #1).

The Torch fought for good against such menaces as the Sub-Human, the Asbestos Lady, and his future ally (but natural adversary) Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel Mystery Comics #8-10).

The Torch adopted Thomas Raymond soon after that, a young boy who had been orphaned and who had mutant powers to create fire. Thomas took the heroic battle name Toro and served as the Human Torch's sidekick (Human Torch #1).

Invaders Giant Size #1 Once World War II began, the Torch and Toro joined forces with the Sub-Mariner, Captain America, and Bucky in the Invaders (Giant Size Invaders #1).

Alongside the other Invaders he was brainwashed by the Red Skull and battled the Liberty Legion (Invaders #5-6).

When Jacueline Falsworth was attacked by a vampire he donated blood to her to save her life. This had the side effect of activating latent superhuman speed powers in her and she became Spitfire (Invaders #11).

The Torch fought for the Allies throughout the war, but was always discontent with the fact that he was not a natural-born human.

In late 1942 the Human Torch and his fellow Invaders traveled to New York and stopped a German submarine from firing on the city. When they went out to destory the submarine they were faced with the Nazi super group called Battle-Axis, lead by Doctor Death. The Human Torch was defeated by Volton, but escaped (Invaders II #1).

The Torch and Namor tracked down one of the Battle-Axis members homes and were confronted by Doctor Death and Golem, who was being forced to work for Battle-Axis, who were holding his brother hostage. After being ambushed, the Torch taken captive and Namor left to die in the burning house, but he was saved by the Blazing Skull (Invaders II #2).

In the later 1940's the Torch and Toro also served in the post-war predecessor of the Avengers, the All-Winners Squad, along side Namor, Captain America II, Bucky II, the Whizzer and Miss America (All-Winners #19).

Exposure to radiation from an atomic blast eventually caused the Torch to begin losing control of his powers, and he tried to destroy himself in 1955 by burning himself out. Instead, he lay insensate in a desert for years until he was found and briefly revived by the Mad Thinker, only to be seemingly killed by his sentient computer Quasimodo. Sometime later the adult Toro died in trying to avenge the Torch's death.

For reasons of his own, the time master Immortus convinced the Vision II that he was a reconstructed Human Torch.

Avengers West Coast II #50 In 1989 the west coast branch of the Avengers was approached by Ann Raymond, the widow of Toro. She wanted to learn what really happened to her husband, having recently learned that the Vision II wasn't the Human Torch reborn. She hoped that it was possible Toro might somehow still be alive. She told them of the plot the Mad Thinker had used to lure Toro to him, which included a funeral for the Human Torch that Toro was abducted from. Scarlet Witch, Doctor Pym, the Wasp, Wonder Man and the Vision II investigated the grave site. When the Vision II discovered a deactivated artificial body in the grave the Scarlet Witch cast a hex which spontaniously reactivated the Torch. He flew from his grave confused, but was greeted back to the world of the living by the Avengers. They pieced back together what really happened, gave the Torch a new costume made of unstable molecules and invited him to join the Avengers (Avengers West Coast II #50).

The Torch then met Ann Raymond at the Avengers west coast compound. He helped defend her against demons attacking the compound who were sent by Master Pandemonium (Avengers West Coast II #51).

The Human Torch assisted the Avengers and Fantastic Four against an Atlantean invasion force. During this he was reunited with Captain America and met Sersi. Although he wanted to get together with Namor as well, he was informed by Iron Man that Namor had died (Avengers West Coast II #56, Avengers Annual #18, Avengers West Coast Annual #4).

Avengers West Coast II #53 The Torch continued to spend time with Ann at the compound, talking about Toro. The compound was attacked by Ironclad, Vapor and X-Ray of the U-Foes who had been lead to believe that the Avengers had killed their leader Vector. The Torch fought X-Ray and was beaten. This was actually a plot by Loki to trick the U-Foes into attacking the Avengers as part of his Acts of Vengeance. Vector showed up and ordered his teammates to cease the meaningless attack (Avengers West Coast II #53).

The Avengers west coast compound was attacked by the monsters of the Mole Man, who was also tricked by Loki. The Human Torch and Wonder Man were able to convince the Mole Man that he may have been mislead and the Mole Man ordered his monsters to return to his kingdom (Avengers West Coast II #54).

The Human Torch and Ann Raymond were in the Avengers west coast compound when Tigra escaped from Doctor Pym's lab, having recently been taken over by her animal side. He flew off to try to find her, but was unsuccessful. What he did come across was an official telling him that the Avengers were being evicted (Avengers West Coast II #56).

While searching for his place in the world the Torch flew over Orange County. Stopping in a diner he heard a news report about a flying man causing electrical damage. He flew to investigate and confronted the recently created Living Lightning. He was joined by Doctor Pym, the Wasp and Ann Raymond. During the fight the Living Lightning was grounded and disappeared (Avengers West Coast II #63).

The Human Torch and Captain America were then tricked by a boy who had gained the Gem of Cyttorak into coming to an amusement park. They were ambushed by the animated wax heroes and the Great Lakes Avengers team. The Torch accidentially killed Mister Immortal with a flame blast, but he got better. After defeating the Great Lakes Avengers they learned that the same boy had tricked the Great Lakes Avengers too. Although the boy wanted to steal Captain America's shield, the Captain had taken the precaution of switching it for the one used by the wax Captain America when he realized what was happening (Avengers West Coast II #64).

The Torch and Ann Raymond then went on a quest to discover the true fate of Toro. They placed ads in the newspapers, and were responded to by an annomous Namor, who wanted the world to think he was dead. Namor met them on an island disguised as the Mad Thinker and in a mock battle let it slip that Toro died at Lisianki Island, then disappeared (Avengers West Coast II #65).

Namor #12 During a battle with the Warrior Woman and Master Man in the early 90s, the Torch gave an emergency blood transfusion to Jacquline Falsworth, just as he had in the 40s. Spitfire regained her youth from the transfusion but the Torch was at long last deprived of his flame powers. To protect him from any old enemies, members of the Avengers and Fantastic Four announced that the Torch had died in battle. In reality, Jim Hammond settled down with Toro's widow and at long last embarked on a normal human life (Namor the Sub-Mariner #12).

Recently, the Torch took over Namor's company, Oracle Inc. He also funded a new group of heroes, Heroes For Hire, and partially regained his powers during one of their exploits.

Trivia: The Human Torch II, a member of the Fantastic Four, took his battle name from the first Human Torch after gaining similar powers. Frankie Ray, the step-daughter of Professor Horton was accidentially doused in some chemicles used in the creation of the Human Torch and gained similar flame powers. She was later turned into a cosmic being by Galactus and went by the name Nova II.

Powers: The Human Torch is an android, a manufactured person whose body dublicates most functions of a living body. He was designed to draw power by absorbing solar energy, but something unexpected happened and he released the extra energy as an aura of flame. The Torch can also absorb external fire into his body, putting it out. Once the Human Torch learned to control this energy he was able to fly and shoot blasts of flame. As an android he lacks many of the weaknesses and needs of a human being. He does not age, nor does he need to eat or breath. He is immune to disease and resistant to the effects of radiation. When he flies he leaves a flaming trail behind him.

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