Harrier II

Harrier II for Champions

Real name: Donald Joshua Clendenon
Other known aliases: Cardinal
Occupation: Hero and adventurer, former mercenary and soldier.
Current group affiliation: Thunderbolts
Past group affiliations: Masters of Evil, Air Force One
Major enemies: Masters of Evil, New Warriors, formerly the Thunderbolts.
First appearance: New Warriors #28
Description: Donald is a tall black man who wears a red and white suit of power armor.

10/40     STR      0
   14     DEX     12
   13     CON      6
   10     BODY     0
   13     INT      3
   10     EGO      0
   13     PRE      3
   10     COM      0
    6     PD       4
    6     ED       3
    4     SPD     16
    8     REC      6
   26     END      0
   22     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 53

Skills and Equipment

 3     Combat Piloting 12-     
 3     Mechanics 11-     
 3     Navigation 11-     
 4     2 Rng Levels: With weapons systems.,tight group     
 3     Streetwise 12-     
 3     Systems Operation 12-     
 1     TF,Planes     
       Harrier armor:     
10     EC (15),"Stealth fighter.",OIF(-1/2)     
10a)   10/10 Armor     
29b)   PKG,"Enhanced senses.",Sonar,+0 Detect,make into sense,Desc:     
        Radar,IR Vision,Radio XMIT/REC,+6 Telescopic Sense,Hearing     
        Group,+6 Telescopic Sense,Sight Group,360 Degree Sensing,     
        Sight Group     
31c)   11" Flight,x64 Non-Combat,Concentrate(-1/4),0 END(+1/2)      0
 3     5 Flash Defense,Sight Group,OIF(-1/2)     
 3     5 Flash Defense,Hearing Group,OIF(-1/2)     
26     MP (45),"Onboard weapons systems.",OIF(-1/2),No Knockback     
 2u    6D6 EB (Light),0 END(+1/2)                                   0
 1u    3D6 RKA (Fire),"Missiles",4 Charges(-1)                      0
 1u    1D6 RKA (Magnetism),"EMP",Only affects electronics.(-1),x1     
        Armor Piercing(+1/2),Area Effect(+1),radius,2 Charges(-1     
        1/2)                                                        0
22     +30 STR,doesn't add to figured,OIF(-1/2),0 END(+1/2)         0
Powers Cost: 158


Base Points: 100
15     Distinctive,"Guy in power armor in hero ID.",concealable,
20     Hunted,"Authorities and various enemies.",as powerful,
        non-combat influence,harsh,appear 11-
20     Normal Stats
10     Rep,"Runs with former villain group.",occur 11-
10     Rivalry,"with Hawkeye",professional,in superior position
10     Unluck,2D6
10     Watched,"U.S. government and Avengers.",as powerful,
        non-combat influence,mild,appear 14-
Disadvantages Total: 95

Experience Spent: 16
Total Points: 211

Explanation of the conversion: Having Enhanced Senses in a Power Framework requires special permission from the Game Master.

New Warriors #28 History: Growing up in a good family, Donald Clendenon suffered from mistakes and problems growing up, he failed his father when he was robbed while taking a bank deposit. He joined the military in hopes of making a better life, but he was wrong. He was constantly tortured by his superior officers and drank a lot. Eventually he started in the mercenary business and at one time Clendenon was running security for Sea Urchin's smuggling operation, where he came up against the New Warriors and was captures and sent to prison.

He was broken out of prison by his his team mates in called Air Force One. They're an enforcement arm made up entirely of flyers for either a terrorist organization or an extremist coalition known as Air Force One where he was given a battle suit making him able to fly at great speeds and armed with a number of weapons. Members included Sparrow, Tanger and the Killer Shrike. Shrike was later replaced by Tanger.

Air Force One attacked the Taylor Foundation jet heading into... somewhere, a war zone. Cardinal was a former boy toy of Sprocket, the New Warriors's pilot. Hijinks ensued, and the net result was Night Thrasher convincing Cardinal to turn over a new leaf and try to make life better. Later in Rawanda distributing food to starving refugees when they were attacked by a terrorist organization known as the Undertow. Tanger was killed, and Sparrow was kidnaped. Cardinal vowed to find her.

As a relevant note to his villain status... Night Thrasher raided the Undertow base to free Namorita, but left Sparrow behind. He could have rescued her, but his escape was timed and he wasn't willing to endanger that. Assuming that Cardinal learned of this, he would probably take it as a betrayal of trust and resume his villainous ways. Of course, there's also the angle of his bosses, who might just have smacked some sense into him sent him back to work.

He eventually joined the Crimson Cowl III's Masters of Evil until they were defeated and he was sent to Seagate Prison. He was later recruited once again by the Crimson Cowl III, Cardinal then became part of the Masters of Evil again as a way of getting revenge on Hawkeye who he also blames for the death of his daughter, Meteorite III.

Thunderbolts #67 Hawkeye then revealed to Don that he had a biological bomb implanted in his body from years ago when working for Justin Hammer and with out his help he would die. Cardinal then took on the identity of Harrier II to help out the "new" Thunderbolts. While trying to serve the greater good on the new Thunderbolts. Harrier II could not let his hatred for Hawkeye go, during the fight with the Crimson Cowl III. Harrier II dropped Hawkeye into the river and leaving his teammates defenseless and leaderless. Though it was later revealed that Machinesmith caused Hawkeye to be dropped. Leaving Songbird to command the Thunderbolts. With the Crimson Cowl III defeated and the poison in his body stopped. Harrier II has to go through the Elite Agents of SHIELD. Harrier II turned tail and ran with Cyclone II, before Hawkeye caught both them. Hawkeye then forced them to see that being the good guy was better.

Trivia: Donald should not be confused with the first Harrier, who appeared in Black Panther II #2.

Powers: Harrier II wears an armored suit which allows him to fly and has a number of in built sensors and weapons.

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  • Character created by Marvel Comics.
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