The Guyver for Nightspawn.

Sho Fukimachi

Sho Fukamachi/The Guyver

Attributes: I.Q.: 10, M.E.: 10, M.A.: 13, P.S.: 10/24, P.P.: 12/18, P.E.: 20/34, P.B.: 12/14, Spd: 10/20
Hit Points: Facade - P.E.+35=55, Morphus - P.E.x2+67=135
S.D.C.: Facade - 30, Morphus - 181
Horror Factor: 16 in Morphus, 18 with arm blades extended.
P.P.E.: P.E.+257=277
R.C.C.: Basic Nightspawn
Level Of Experience: 10
Natural Abilities:
Becoming 1. The Becoming: Standard Nightspawn ability. When he assumes his Morphus, Sho is surrounded by an explosion and a sphere of crackling light, and then plates of bio-armor slap over his human form. When he assumes his Facade the bio-armor rips from his flesh and reforms behind him, where it slowly fades away.
2. Supernatural Senses: Standard Nightspawn ability.
3. Supernatural Attributes: Standard Nightspawn ability.
4. Mirror Walk: Standard Nightspawn ability.
5. Immunities: Standard Nightspawn ability.
Guyver Nightspawn Morphus: The form of the Guyver is from the Bizarre result on the appearance table. It is a combination of Unearthly Beauty/Physical Perfection, Animal/Insectoid/Insect Head, Stigmata/Missing Skin, Alien Shape/Bony Exoskeleton and Biomechanical/Weapon Hand.
Psionic Powers: None
I.S.P.: N/A
Magical Knowledge: None
Talents: Darksong (his Sonic Wave) and Shadow Blast (his Bio-Laser and Pressure Cannon) from the Nightspawn book. He also has the new talents of Dark Power (a Strength boost), and Soul Blast (his Mega-Smasher).
Combat Abilities:
Attacks per Melee Round:
Bonuses : Facade - , Morphus - +2, to Initiative, +3 to Perception, +1 to Strike and Parry with blade arms.
Vulnerabilities/Penalties: None
O.C.C. skills of Note:
Allies of Note:
Minions: None
Weapons & Equipment: None

Sho was just another normal student in 1989 attending classes at his school in Japan. That all changed the day he and a friend witnessed an explosion in the woods outside his school. An artifact that survived the explosion nearly landed on and killed Sho if hadn't been for his friend pushing him out of the way at the last minute. The artifact, which he later learned was called a Guyver unit, was a bio-weapon under development of the Chronos Corperation. A rebellious employee had stolen the unit to sell, but had been chased into the woods by a group of Chronos guards. The explosion was a desperate attempt by the thief to destroy the guards and himself. When Sho approached the unit, it attacked him, engulfing him in tentacles, trying to devour him. Then both he and the unit fell into the lake. Once inside the water, Sho experienced his first becoming, and destroyed the unit. Meanwhile on the shore of the lake, Sho's friend met up with the surviving guards from Chronos, who decided he had to die because he witnessed one of the guards in Zoanoid form. Sho emerged from the lake and used his Dark Power talent to tear the Zoanoid who had threatened his friend into pieces! Most of the Chronos guards ran like scarred children, except for Vamore, their commander. He assumed combat from and attempted to kill Sho with bio-lasers. Sho then activated his Soul Blast talent and killed him with one strike!

In days that followed both Chronos and Sho believed that the unit had granted him the power to assume his Morphus. They even referred to him as ''The Guyver'', a name he uses to this day. Chronos hunted him and was responsible for the death of his father. It wan't for many years that he heard the name Nightspawn, and met others of his kind.

Dark Power Talent

This popular talent allows a Nightspawn to tap his inner power in order to increase his raw strength for a short period of time. When activated the P.S. of the Nightspawn increases by one point for every 2 P.P.E. spent. This talent lasts for 1D4 melee rounds. High level Nightspawn are capable of superhuman feats of strength when using this talent.

Limitations:This talent can only be used in Morphus form. Once activated he cannot use it again until after it's duration ends.

Cost: 3 P.P.E. to Acquire. A Nightspawn can spend up to 38 P.P.E. plus 2 P.P.E. per level of experience in it's activation.

Soul Blast Talent

This talent allows the Nightspawn to produce an energy wave of incredible magnitude, and all it costs is a bit of his soul. The energy wave covers an area 5 feet wide and tall, and with a distance of P.E.x100 feet. It does damage to everything in that area effect. Each object in the area takes 1D4 damage for every point of P.P.E spent in the activating this talent.

Limitations:This talent can only be used in Morphus form. To use it the Nighspawn must use all his melee attacks in a round. The melee after it's use he only gets half his melee attacks, rounded down.

Cost: 5 P.P.E. to acquire, and it costs at least 20 to activate, but can cost more to increase damage. Whenever used it burns off 1 P.P.E. permanently! The rest recover normally.

Created by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (

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