Graviton for Champions

''The fundamental forces of the cosmos are mine to command! I am gravity's master! Nothing can resist my power!'' - Graviton in West Coast Avengers #4

Real name: Doctor Franklin Hall
Other known aliases: None
Occupation: Professional criminal and would-be king, former physicist.
Current group affiliation: None.
Past group affiliations: Legion Accursed. Former partner to Halflife, Zzzax and Quantum. Former king of Sky Island.
Major enemies: Avengers, Thunderbolts, Spider-Man.
First appearance: Avengers #158
Origin: Avengers #158
Description: Graviton is 6'1'' tall and weighs 200 lbs. He has blue/grey eyes and black hair with white temples.


 9     STR     -1
14     DEX     12
20     CON     20
11     BODY     2
18     INT      8
14     EGO      8
20     PRE     10
14     COM      2
20     PD      18
20     ED      16
 4     SPD     16
 6     REC      0
40     END      0
26     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 111

Powers and Skills

 10     360 Degree Sensing,"for Spatial Awareness",Unusual Sense     
 36     12/12 Armor (Gravity)     
 54     EC (Gravity) (54)     
 55a)   34" Flight (Gravity),x4 Non-Combat,0 END(+1/2)               0
 66b)   12/12 Force Wall (Gravity),0 END(+1/2),Affects Desolid(+1/2) 0
197c)   60 STR TK (Gravity),fine manipulation,No Range(-1/2),0 END     
         (+1/2),Area Effect(+1 1/2),radius,selective target,x2     
         Increased Area,Affects Desolid(+1/2)                        0
 27     EC (27),"Gravity gift powers."     
 40a)   6/6 Armor,Usable By Others(+2 3/4),usable at range,x250 # Of     
 27b)   6" Flight (Gravity),0 END(+1/2),Usable By Others(+2 3/4),     
         usable at range,x250 # Of Targets,x5 Increased Max Range     
         (+1/4)                                                      0
 19     Life Support (Gravity),doesn't breathe,safe in     
         vacuum/pressure,safe in radiation,safe in heat/cold     
 25     Spatial Awareness (Gravity)     
  3     Computer Programming 13-     
  5     Electronics 12-     
  3     Inventor 13-     
 15     3 Levels: with TK.,related group     
  4     SC: Physics 14-,(INT based)     
  3     SC: Subatomic Physics 13-,(INT based)     
Powers Cost: 589


Base Points: 100
15     Distinctive,"Man with glowing eyes and costume.",
 5     Enraged,"When his authority is undermined.",uncommon,occur
        8-,recover 11-
15     Hunted,"By heroes",as powerful,non-combat influence,harsh,
        appear 8-
15     Psych Lim,"Casual killer.",common,strong
25     Psych Lim,"God complex",very common,total
10     Public ID,"Franklin Hall"
20     Rep,"Ultra powerful villain.",occur 14-,extreme reputation
10     Unluck,2D6
Disadvantages Total: 115

Experience Spent: 485
Total Points: 700

Explanation of the conversion: Graviton's Telekinesis is Area Effect, allowing him to place 100 tons of Strength to each hex in the area. This is how he is able to lift his sky islands.

History: After a freak accident gave him the power to control gravity, scientist Franklin Hall dubbed himself Graviton and used his powers to turn a research facility into his own little island in the sky, complete with a female colleague as his unwilling queen. When the Avengers came to the rescue, Hall easily subdued them with his powers but suffered a self-defeating breakdown when his chosen mate tried to kill herself rather than remain his slave. He disappeared in a colapse of his powers (Avengers #158-159).

He returned to human form and took a New York city department store hostage, but was exiled to space by Thor (Mighty Thor #324).

Graviton returned to Earth and attmepted to Earth and tried to take over Los Angeles. He was thwarted by the west coast branch of the Avengers and forced into space again (West Coast Avengers #2-4).

He returned to Earth with the aid of Halflife, Zzzax and Quantum and fought the west coast branch of the Avengers again and was defeated (West Coast Avengers II #12-13).

Graviton was among the villains recruited by Mister Bitterhorn into Mephisto's Legion Accursed. They were used in part of a plot to kill the Beyonder with Mephisto's Beyondersbane weapon, but were delayed by the Thing until the weapon melted down (Secret Wars II #7).

He battled the Fantastic Four, but was defeated by the Human Torch II, whose powers were increasing for an unknown reason (Fantastic Four #322).

During Loki's Acts of Vengeance he was assigned by the Kingpin to kill Spider-Man. He captured the Daily Bugle building and defeated Spider-Man in combat (Amazing Spider-Man #326).

Spider-Man then used the powers of Captain Universe he has recently acquired to defeat Graviton (Amazing Spider-Man #329).

He was hired by the Chameleon along side the Brothers Grimm, Goliath III, Titania II and the Trapster to kill Spider-Man, wrecked the Daily Bugle building, but was defeated by Spider-Man again (Web of Spider-Man #64-65).

He was defeated by the Vision II, who caused him to increase in density until he became a miniature black hole and fell out of this reality (Avengers Unplugged #2). From there he discovered himself in a micro dimension where he was worshipped as a god, but he found that his scientific knowledge was inadequate to create a machine to allow him to return home. He was able to create a distress call hoping someone on Earth would be able to return him home (recounted in Thunderbolts #17).

In order to get vengeance on the Thunderbolts, Baron Zemo II and Techno created a Hulk robot that went on a rampage. This robot absorbed energy from the Thunderbolts attacks in order to return Graviton to Earth. Summoned from the extra-dimensional world he'd been trapped in, Graviton proved why he was considered one of the Avengers most powerful foes by quickly incapacitating both the Thunderbolts and the Lightning Rods. Even even with the return of Atlas II to the Thunderbolts (formerly Graviton's old partner Goliath III) it wasn't enough to stun the Master of Gravity for long. However, Moonstone II was able to use her psychology skills to make Graviton realize he was acting blindly and without purpose. The villain flew off to decide just what he wanted out of life (Thunderbolts #17).

Graviton eventually returned, having raised another island in the sky. He appointed himself king and offered the powers of flight and invulnerability to anyone who would join him. Hundreds of young people did just that. His people then raided the surface for anything they wanted. The Thunderbolts opposed him again, with the assistance of Angel II and Machine Man. They were able to use gravity nullifying devices supplied by Machine Man to cause him to colapse in on himself, disappearing.

Graviton then appeared again, this time allying himself with Moonstone II in a plot to gain total mastery over his powers and take over the world. He incapacitated most of the world's heroes by suspending them in mid air and created floating cities of all the major cities in the world, then he defeated the Redeemers.

Powers: Graviton can mentally manipulate the particles of gravitational force for which he is named, increasing or decreasing the force of gravity on any person or object, or applying that force in more complex ways for flight, manipulation of objects and force fields. He can sense the world around him through gravity, and effect even desolidified beings. He can use his powers over gravity to raise his own island in the sky, and also grant limited power over gravity to anyone he wishes. This allows his followers to fly and have gravitational armor like him. These powers are still at his command and he can revoke them with a thought. In effect, he is one of the most powerful humans on Earth. He can even keep the effects of his power in motion while distracted or sleeping. Thanks to the gravitational field surrounding him he is almost immune to physical harm.

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