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''I'd heard the girls are knockouts. Guess I should have asked what they meant.'' - Brennan

Real name: Brennan Mulwray
Other known aliases:
Occupation: Hero, former thief.
Current group affiliation: Mutant X
Past group affiliations: Agent of the G.S.A.
Major enemies: Genomex
First appearance: The Shock of the New 1.01
Origin: The Shock of the New 1.01
Description: Brennan is an attractive tall man with dark hair.


13    STR     3
18    DEX    24
13    CON     6
13    BODY    6
13    INT     3
13    EGO     6
13    PRE     3
14    COM     2
 7    PD      4
 7    ED      4
 4    SPD    12
 8    REC     4
26    END     0
27    STUN    0
Characteristics Cost: 77

Powers, Skills and Equipment

 5    0/8 Armor,Only vs. electricity.(-1),Not when wet unless    
       properly grounded.(-1/4)    
40    8D6 EB (Electricity),Not when wet unless properly grounded.    
       (-1/4),1/2 END(+1/4)                                       2
20    4D6 Luck    
16    +5" Superleap (Electricity),x16 Non-Combat,Gestures(-1/4)   2
 3    Acrobatics 13-    
 2    11- Contact: Street criminals    
 3    Criminology 12-    
 3    Electronics 11-    
 3    Legsweep    
 8    1 Levels,all combat    
 6    4 Levels: with EB.,Gestures(-1/4)    
 3    Lockpicking 13-    
 4    Martial Dodge    
 5    Off Strike    
 3    Security Systems 12-    
 3    Seduction 12-    
 3    Sleight Of Hand 13-    
 3    Streetwise 12-    
 5    Takeaway    
 1    TF,Planes    
 4    Radio XMIT/REC,"Ring",IIF(-1/4),personal focus    
Powers Cost: 143


Base Points: 100
 5    DNPC,"Mutants on the run.",less powerful,useful skills,
       appear 11-
30    Hunted,"by Genomex.",more powerful,non-combat influence,
       harsh,appear 14-
20    Normal Stats
15    Psych Lim,"Enjoys his powers.",very common,moderate
15    Psych Lim,"Overconfident",common,strong
15    Psych Lim,"In love with Shalimar.",common,strong
 5    Rep,"Accomplished thief.",occur 8-
 5    Rep,"Mutant revolutionary.",occur 8-
10    Susc,"If he uses powers while wet.",uncommon,effect is
Disadvantages Total: 120

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 220

Explanation of the conversion: I put the Gestures limitation on the Levels with his Energy Blast because he has shown that making sweeping hand movements allow him to focus and aim his blasts more easily, although he can still use his powers when his hands are restrained, he can't aim very well.

Fuse History: When Brennan Mulwray was young he suffered from an unspecified disease which was cured with experimental genetic treatments from Adam Kane and a company called Genomex. Due to these treatments he would later develop amazing elemental powers to control and generate electricity. Brennan claims he's been in trouble since 3rd grade.

He used his powers to become a professional thief. While he was a thief he met a telekinetic mutant hacker named Toni Quintana.

He encountered Emma eLauro, also called Rapport, when she was on the run from the Genetic Security Agency. Brennan was briefly captured by the G.S.A. and forced to become an agent for them until he escaped and joined Adam in the mutant underground group Mutant X.

Since joining Mutant X he has reformed his thieving ways and become very close with his team mate Shalimar Fox, also known as Shadowfox. He is also good friends with Jesse Kilmartin, also called Synergy.

Trivia: On the Mutant X television show, the part of Fuse is played by actor Victor Webster. Victor has an official web site at http://www.victorwebster.com/.

Powers: Brennan Mulwray is a tough, yet vulnerable, street-smart wise guy in his late 20s with the astonishing ability to generate enough electricity from his own body to power a small city. A fast talking cavalier with an ingratiating grin, Brennan is a master of electricity, who throws bolts of energy from his fingertips. Brennan loves being a New Mutant, throwing off sparks is an absolute blast. Recently Brennan has developed the ability to use electrical jolts to launch himself in super-leaps.

Brennan finds it easier to aim his electrical blasts when he gestures with both hands, but this is not required for him to use his powers. Brennan receives a powerful backlash from his powers if he uses them while he is wet and not properly grounded.

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  • Character created by Avi Arad.
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