Dragon for Champions Play

Real name: Unknown
Other known aliases: None.
Occupation: Hero and adventurer, former police officer, federal agent, bounty hunter and actor.
Current group affiliation: None
Past group affiliations: Chicago Police, Special Operations Strikeforce (leader).
Major enemies: Horde, Cyberface, Overlord, Jimbo da Mighty Lobster.
First appearance: The Savage Dragon #1
Origin: Unrevealed
Description: Dragon is an abnormally muscular and somewhat attractive man standing 5'10'' tall and weighing 450 lbs. He has an overdeveloped upper body and green eyes and skin. He only has two toes and has a fin on his head instead of hair, although he does have some body hair and can grow a beard.


52     STR     37
18     DEX     24
23     CON     26
13     BODY     6
13     INT      3
10     EGO      0
18     PRE      8
12     COM      1
10     PD       0
 9     ED       3
 4     SPD     12
14     REC      0
46     END      0
49     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 120

Powers and Skills

 9     0/12 Armor,Only vs. fire.(-1)     
 6     4/0 Armor     
 7     1 LVLS Density Increase (stats already included),Always On     
        (-1/2),0 END Persistent(+1)                               0
 6     Life Support,safe in heat/cold,immune to disease     
15     32 Mental Defense,Gradual effect over one minute.(-1)     
15     MP (15)     
 1u    13" Running                                                3
 1u    10" Superleap,x16 Non-Combat                               5
 5     5 Power Defense     
20     2 BODY Regen     
 1     Bureaucratics 8-     
 3     Criminology 12-     
 3     Deduction 12-     
 8     1 Levels,all combat     
 4     Martial Dodge     
 3     Martial Throw     
 2     PS: Policeman 11-     
 1     TF,Small Spaceships     
18     12- Universal Translator,Only known Earth languages.(-1/4)     
 2     WF,Small Arms     
Powers Cost: 130


Base Points: 100
15     DNPC,"Various support characters.",normal,appear 11-
20     Distinctive,"Big, green and has a fin.",not concealable,
25     Hunted,"By various enemies.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 14-
 5     Physical Lim,"Oddly shaped body.",infrequently,slightly
 5     Physical Lim,"Has no memory before being found.",
15     Psych Lim,"In love with Rapture/Smasher.",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Unflappable.",very common,moderate
20     Psych Lim,"Does the right thing.",very common,strong
10     Public ID,"Dragon"
15     Rep,"Famous super cop from Chicago.",occur 11-,extreme
 5     Unluck,1D6
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: Dragon's immunity to mental powers only comes into effect after his first exposure to one. Once he is exposed he gains 6 points of Mental Defense after each turn to that particular attacker, until after a minute he has the full Mental Defense. He needs to adapt to each attacker (immunity to one mentalist doesn't make him immune to a different mentalist) but once adapted to one particular attacker he always gets the full immunity to that one attacker.

Savage Dragon #1 History: Found naked in a burning vacant lot, the man later known as Dragon was taken to Hillman Hospital where he was questioned by Lieutenant Frank Darling. Upon learning that the man had no memory of his past and knowing of the mounting super-freak threat, Darling was determined that this freak, this blank slate, not become a new menace. Nurse Ann Stevens dubbed the man Dragon because of his green skin and unusual features, and the name stuck. Darling saw to it that Dragon got a job working for his cousin, Fred, at his warehouse. When several super-heroes were incapacitated and it appeared that the criminal organization known as the Vicious Circle would take over the city, Lieutenant Frank Darling asked Dragon if he would join the Chicago Police department. He refused. When super-freaks, SkullFace and Hardware tried to rob Fred, Dragon intervened and had the two arrested. In retaliation, the Vicious Circle had Fred's warehouse blown sky high, killing Fred. After witnessing the menace of the Vicious Circle firsthand and with no place else to turn, Dragon sought out Frank Darling and joined the Chicago Police. Dragon's first heroic act as a police officer was to free some hostages from a group of bank robbers. During the fight he received assistance from the vigilante called Star (Savage Dragon #1).

Savage Dragon #2 Dragon's next major arrest was when he tracked the mutant killer known as Arachnid to his sewer home and defeated him. Later that day three superfreaks working for the Vicious Circle gang, Basher, Mako and Hellrazor, took hostages in a mall demanding that they send in Dragon. The Dragon went in and he was attacked, but then the fight was joined by the recently created cyborg SuperPatriot. SuperPatriot started firing at freaks without mercy, killing Basher and wounding Mako and Hellrazor. When he was about to kill Dragon police officers stopped SuperPatriot, as he was unaware that Dragon was an officer and not a freak gang member. SuperPatriot ran off confused and the Dragon collapsed from the loss of blood (Savage Dragon #2).

Savage Dragon #3 Dragon spent nine days in the hospital, until he was attacked by Inferno, but he easily overpowered him being immune to Inferno's fire. When leaving the hospital Dragon was mobbed by reporters and then attacked by the Youngblood member Bedrock, who wanted to see if Dragon was tough enough to join them. Dragon defended himself, but was disgusted to learn they were flighting for such a stupid reason. He arrested Bedrock for the property damage he had caused (Savage Dragon #3).

Dragon was such a success for the Chicago Police they decided to recruit a whole superhuman division with Dragon as the leader. The members included Dart, Rapture, SuperPatriot and Barbaric. Because the other members did not enjoy the restriction of police work all the members except Dragon left to form a group of superhuman bounty hunters called Freak Force alongside Ricochet and Mighty Man II.

Eventually he started dating Rapture and fathered a son with her, however the child was kidnapped and a dead body left in his place so everyone thought the son had died.

Dragon and a number of other superhumans started a government super group called the Special Operations Strikeforce. Rapture was killed on a mission.

Dragon then started dating Smasher and married her. After she was thought to be killed too, and Dragon retired from superheroics to raise Smasher's daughter.

When Powerhouse realized Dragon hadn't sent Mighty Man III to attack the Vicious Circle he apologized for sending his men after him. He also agreed to ally with Dragon in finding out information on the Covenant of the Sword, who had captured the Vicious Circle member Baby Boom and was suspected of kidnapping Dragon's friend SuperPatriot and others (Savage Dragon #73).

After Darklord and the Covenant used the combined powers of Negate and Baby Boom to create a nega-bomb and rob most of the superhumans on Earth of their super powers, Powerhouse volunteered to aid the Special Operations Strikeforce in taking Darklord down. He was part of the raiding party lead by Dragon against the Covenant.

Dragon killed the infant supervillain named Damien DarkLord. This timestream altering event, killing Damien before he could grow older and travel back through time, somehow caused the Dragon's mind to transfer into his counterpart of a savage new world.

With no memories of his alternate self's past life, Dragon set out to uncover the details behind the events that shaped this parallel world, and to discover the background of the man whose body he now resides within.

Powers: Dragon has vast super human strength. His legs are strong enough to enable him to leap a maximum height of 460 feet straight up in the air, and a maximum distance of 945 feet. He is capable of lifting (pressing) approximately 34 tons. He is very nearly impervious to flame. His skin acts like a bullet proof vest; a bullet isn't capable of penetrating it but a sharp knife thrust by a super human arm can. His body can heal at an amazing rate, and even regrow lost body parts. Dragon's body has an uncanny ability to adapt to any mental attack. After about a minute of exposure to such a power he builds up an immunity to it, but he needs to build up a separate immunity to each new source of mental attack. Once adapted to it he remains immune to that particular attack.

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  • Character created by Erik Larsen.
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