Doublecross for Champions (250+140)

"Decepticon destruction is my favorite sport... and mine, too." - Doublecross

Real name: Doublecross
Other known aliases: Drekbot (name of release in Italy).
Occupation: Supply Procurer
Current group affiliation: Autobots/Monsterbots
Rank: 6
Past group affiliations: None
Major enemies: Decepticons
First appearance: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #2 (Dreamwave comics), Transformers: Headmasters #1 (Marvel comics).
Origin: Unrevealed
Description: Doublecross is a 24 foot tall grey, red and white robot who turns into a mechanical two headed dragon.


42	STR	 2
14	DEX	12
25	CON	30
16	BODY	 0
12	INT	 2
18	EGO	16
18	PRE	 8
 8	COM	-1
12	PD	10
15	ED	10
 4	SPD	16
 9	REC	 4
52	END	 1
37	STUN	 2
Characteristics Cost: 112

Powers and Skills

10	EC (10),"Transformer powers"	
38a)	16/16 Armor	
33b)	6 LVLS Growth (stats already included),Always On(-1/2),0 END	
	 Persistent(+1)                                              0
 7c)	Shape Shift,"Two Headed Dragon",Concentrate(-1/4),Cannot	
	 change form if he takes over half BODY.(-1/4),0 END	
	 Persistent(+1)                                              0
19	Life Support,doesn't breathe,safe in vacuum/pressure,safe in	
	 heat/cold,immune to aging	
10	2D6 Luck	
41	MP (41),"Movement"	
 4u	14" Flight,x4 Non-Combat,1/2 END(+1/4)                       1
 2u	14" Running,1/2 END(+1/4)                                    1
54	MP (94),"Weapons",Only works in appropriate form.(-1/4),OIF	
 4u	7 1/2D6 Drain,"Rust Ray Rifle - drains Armor.",17-32	
	 Charges(+1/4),OAF(-1/2)                                     0
 5u	4D6 HKA,"Bite",vs physical defense,0 END(+1/2)               0
 5u	4D6 HKA,"Claw",vs physical defense,0 END(+1/2)               0
 5u	5D6 RKA (Fire),"Sparks",1/2 END(+1/4)                        4
 3	Radio XMIT/REC,OIF(-1/2)	
10	42 STR,1/2 END(+1/4)                                         0
18	6 Levels: with rifle, bite and punch.,tight group	
 3	Navigation 11-	
 2	PS: Supply Procurer 11-	
 3	Streetwise 13-	
 2	WF,Small Arms	
Powers Cost: 278


Base Points: 250
15	Accidental Chg,"to robot form when stunned.",common,occur
20	DNPC,"Humans in need of saving.",incompetent,appear 11-
20	Distinctive,"Giant Robot",not concealable,major
15	Hunted,"By anti-Autobot forces.",as powerful,harsh,appear
15	Psych Lim,"Disagrees with himself constantly.",common,strong
15	Psych Lim,"Undependable",common,strong
15	Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing humans.",uncommon,total
 5	Rep,"Heroic alien robot.",occur 8-
10	Rivalry,"with other tough Autobots.",professional,PC rival
10	Watched,"By Autobot leaders.",more powerful,non-combat
	 influence,mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 140

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 390

Explanation of the conversion: Doublecross can use his teeth and sparks only in animal form, whereas he use his rifle and claws only in robot mode.

History (Marvel comics): Doublecross and the Monsterbots were among the Autobots who joined Fortress Maximus in leaving Cybertron for the planet Nebulos (Transformers: Headmasters #1).

Followed to Nebulos by the Decepticons under Scorponok, Fortress Maximus' band left Nebulos for the planet Earth (Transformers: Headmasters #4).

Doublecross was present when Grimlock fought Blaster for leadership of the Autobots on Earth's moon. The Autobots were then attacked by the Decepticons lead by Ratbat (Transformers #41).

Doublecross is among strangest Transformers you'll ever meet.  To have a conversation with him you'd think you were talking with an unhappily married couple bickering back and forth.  Because that is exactly what he is!  Doublecross has a split personality, but unlike his Autobot brother Punch, the two personalities contained within this monstrosity are very well aware of one another.  Every decision, every task or activity must be debated between them, and the two sparks contained within each of the two heads of his dragon modes rarely agree, but one thing they do share is a common hatred of Decepticons and when it comes to battle, there's rarely any argument about what to do next - take the enemy down and out!  However, his superiors have a difficult time getting his cooperation when the battle is over and the smoke clears.  Rodimus Prime once sent him to the Web World for a psychological treatment, only to have him returned with the diagnosis that the two personalities are perfectly healthy and normal, robotically speaking, it's just that they never agree!

Doublecross Powers: Doublecross is incredible tough and a vicious opponent, ferocious and savage.  His typical attack usually begins by startling his enemy in monster mode then converting to his robot form and blasting the terrified enemy with his rust-ray rifle.  His weapon has the ability to instantly corrode the joints and armor plating of enemy Decepticons, a great help to his other attack - a slashing and two fisted attack ripping and tearing at his victims with titanium-reinforced razor sharp teeth.  In his two-headed dragon mode, Doublecross can fly great distances at a maximum of 80 mph with the use of rear-mounted wings.

Weaknesses: Doublecross is not terribly strong, in fact he is quite weak, but his terrifying beast mode and super-corrosive rifle usually are enough to compensate. His biggest problems are created when action is needed and he fails to act quickly enough due to him bickering with himself!

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