Dennis Pearson

Dennis Pearson for Champions

Real name: Dennis Pearson
Other known aliases: Phantom Dennis
Occupation: Homemaker and haunt.
Current group affiliation: Ally of Angel Investigations.
Past group affiliations: None
Major enemies: Formerly Maude Pearson.
First appearance: Rm w/a Vu 1.05
Origin: Rm w/a Vu 1.05
Description: Dennis Pearson has no appearance, he is invisible. When he was first released from the wall that imprisoned his spirit he was a white fog vaguely shaped like a human face.


10     STR      0
11     DEX      3
10     CON      0
10     BODY     0
10     INT      0
13     EGO      6
10     PRE      0
10     COM      0
 5     PD       3
 5     ED       3
 3     SPD      9
 4     REC      0
22     END      1
20     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 25

Powers and Skills

20     EC (30),"Ghost",Always On(-1/2)     
33a)   Desolid,Vulnerability: Magic,0 END Persistent(+1)           0
20b)   Invisibility,Sight,no fringe,0 END Persistent(+1)           0
30     Life Support,doesn't breathe,doesn't eat/sleep/excrete,safe     
        in vacuum/pressure,safe in radiation,safe in heat/cold,     
        immune to disease,immune to aging     
20     10 STR,Useable while desol.(+2)                             2
 2     PS: Housekeeper 11-     
Powers Cost: 125


Base Points: 75
 5     Distinctive,"Adept",easily concealable,minor
15     Physical Lim,"Mute",frequently,greatly
20     Physical Lim,"Cannot leave Cordelia's Apartment.",all the
20     Psych Lim,"In love with Cordelia.",common,total
 1     Quirk - Eager to please.
 1     Quirk - Likes it cold.
 1     Quirk - Neat freak.
 1     Quirk - Sensitive about the word "ghost".
 1     Quirk - Watches a lot of television.
 5     Rep,"Supernatural spirit.",occur 8-
 5     Rivalry,"with any man Cordelia dates.",romantic
Disadvantages Total: 75

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 150

Explanation of the conversion: Dennis Pearson was written to be a Follower for Cordelia Chase.

Dennis History: Dennis Pearson was raised by his mother Maude Pearson in their home in California, part of an apartment complex she owned. In 1946 he met a woman, and the two planned to move away together, but Maude wouldn't hear of it. Unable to talk her son out of marrying the woman, Maude trapped her son and bricked him up alive in a wall in her home so that he would never leave his mother. Shortly after Maude Pearson died of a heart attack. Since Dennis was no where to be found, the police suspected he had somehow murdered his mother and run off.

Over the years many strange events occurred in that apartment. Single women who moved in there quickly moved out or committed suicide. The deaths included Margo Dressner in 1959, Jenny Kim in 1965 and Natalie Davis in 1994. What no one knew is that the ghost of Maude Pearson was haunting the apartment, and still ''protecting'' her son from these women.

Cordelia In 1999 Allen Francis Doyle got into financial trouble with some demons as his friend Cordelia Chase was shopping for a new apartment. Their mutual friend Angel agreed to help Doyle if he found Cordelia a nice place to move into. The place they found was Maude Pearson's old place, which had a surprisingly low cost. When Cordelia learned her house was haunted, she decided to fight back rather then run away. As they were exercising the ghost some hit men came looking for Doyle. In the fight Cordelia released Dennis from the wall, his spirit had been trapped in for all those years. Dennis destroyed the ghost of his mother. Cordelia got a roommate, the ghost of Dennis Pearson (Rm w/a Vu 1.05).

Cordelia and Dennis ended up hitting it off well as roommates. He cares for, protects and cleans up after her, and they always have each other.

When the rogue Vampire Slayer Faith attempted to ambush Cordelia in her apartment, Dennis did his best to warn Cordelia off, but failed (Five by Five 1.18).

Trivia: On Angel the part of Dennis is played by actor BJ Porter.

Powers: Dennis Pearson is a ghost, and as such is immaterial and invisible. He can move about the home he haunts, and move objects.

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