Cryotek for Champions (300+140)

''Always know what your allies and enemies choose to ignore.'' - Cryotek

Real name: Cryotek
Other known aliases: Free Trader
Occupation: Criminal Overlord
Current group affiliation: Predacons, partner to Chro and Cyclonus.
Rank: 9
Past group affiliations: None
Major enemies: Maximals
First appearance: Convention Comics 2002.
Origin: Unrevealed
Description: Cryotek is a 20 foot tall winged blue and black robot who turns into a transmetal dragon or a high speed ground transport. Persumably he turned into something else before he stole Megatron II's dragon form.


51	STR	16
18	DEX	24
23	CON	26
15	BODY	 0
20	INT	10
14	EGO	 8
23	PRE	13
 8	COM	-1
13	PD	 8
13	ED	 8
 4	SPD	12
11	REC	 2
50	END	 2
42	STUN	 2
Characteristics Cost: 130

Powers and Skills

12	EC (12),"Transformer powers"	
27a)	13/13 Armor	
13b)	10" Flight,x16 Non-Combat,Restrainable(-1/2),Not in vehicle	
	 form.(-1/4)                                                  2
25c)	5 LVLS Growth (stats already included),Always On(-1/2),0 END	
	 Persistent(+1)                                               0
23d)	19" Running,1/2 END(+1/4)                                     2
22e)	Shape Shift,"Dragon/Transport",limited group of shapes,	
	 Incantation(-1/4),0 END Persistent(+1)                       0
 1	Life Support - Requires half normal food.	
19	Life Support,doesn't breathe,safe in vacuum/pressure,safe in	
	 heat/cold,immune to aging	
80	MP (120),"Weapons",Restrainable(-1/2)	
 6u	4D6 HKA,"Claw/Bite.",vs physical defense,0 END(+1/2)          0
 4u	6D6+1 RKA (Cold),"Breath",OAF(-1),17-32 Charges(+1/4),No	
	 Knockback(-1/4)                                              0
 8u	4D6 RKA (Fire),"Plasma Missiles",13-16 Charges(0),Explosion	
	 (+1/2),x25 Increased Max Range(+1/2)                         0
 5u	5D6 Transform,"Spark Extractor",major,cumulative,No Range	
	 (-1/2)                                                      11
 3	Radio XMIT/REC,OIF(-1/2)	
 4	1 BODY Regen,recovery rate: per hour,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape	
 6	+2" Running,"Wheels",x8 Non-Combat,has turn mode,OIF(-1/2),	
	 Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift."                               0
13	51 STR,1/2 END(+1/4)                                          0
 3	Bribery 14-	
 3	Bureaucratics 14-	
 3	Criminology 13-	
 3	Electronics 11-	
 3	Inventor 13-	
12	4 Levels: with Weapons Multipower.,tight group	
 3	Navigation 11-	
 3	SC: Robotics 13-,(INT based)	
 3	Security Systems 13-	
 3	Streetwise 14-	
 3	Survival 11-	
 2	TF,Space Vehicles	
 2 	WF,Small Arms	
 3	Weaponsmith 11-	
Powers Cost: 320


Base Points: 300
15	Accidental Chg,"To beast form if stunned.",common,occur 11-
15	Distinctive,"Talking dragon-bot.",not concealable,minor
15	Hunted,"By anti-Predacon forces.",as powerful,harsh,appear
10	Psych Lim,"Obsessed with learning.",common,moderate
15	Psych Lim,"Power Hungry",common,strong
15	Psych Lim,"Overconfident",common,strong
15	Psych Lim,"Control Freak",common,strong
10	Rep,"Evil alien robot.",occur 8-,extreme reputation
10	Rivalry,"with other Predacon leaders.",professional,PC rival
10	Unluck,2D6
10	Vuln,"to high energon attacks in robot form.",uncommon,x2
10	Watched,"By Predacon leaders.",more powerful,non-combat
	 influence,mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 450

Explanation of the conversion:

History: Cryotek was a Predacon criminal overlord and inventor on the planet Cybertron 300 years in the future. He became one of the most deadly and mysterious figures in the history of Cybertron's criminal underworld. Though he was once considered one of the planet's most gifted engineers, Cryotek became increasingly dissatisfied with the actions of the Predacon ruling class - leaders who he felt had too quickly abandoned the classical Decepticon philosophies of conquest and deceit. Relying on the more illicit opportunities available to a being of his considerable skills and intellect, Cryotek eventually became one of the most dangerous outlaws on Cybertron - one more than willing to apply his scientific talents to the less-than-noble pursuits of extortion, theft, and criminal mayhem. Cryotek's logical mind and pragmatic bent have made him an extremely successful gangster, one who approaches each new business venture with the discipline of a trained researcher. Nevertheless, Cryotek does find the time to take great pleasure in his work.

Cryotek was a mentor to the Predacon who would become known as Megatron II. Cryotek masterminded the theft of the Golden Disc from the supercomputer Vector Sigma, but Megatron II betrayed Cryotek and took the disc for himself and fled Cybertron in the stolen Predacon transwarp ship the Dark Side. Cryotek continued to build his research and development operations, coming up with inventions like the spark extractor after Megatron II left Cybertron.

Cryotek Upon Megatron II's return, Cryotek struck up a bargain with his old student, willingly assisting Megatron II with the elimination of his hated beast form - or at least those elements that Cryotek could most readily exploit! Unprepared for the painful metamorphosis involved in assuming Megatron II's dragon body, Cryotek was sent into temporary stasis lock, allowing his research and development operations to fall into Megatron II's waiting hands. Left betrayed both by his former protege and his own pursuit of power, Cryotek recovered only in time to see his empire - and Cybertron - fall completely to Megatron II's sinister designs.

Cryotek fled the planet and allied himself with the Quintessons. He used Cyclonus as a spy among the Wreckers and plotted to defeat the Dinobots, Mutants and Wreckers (Convention Comics 2002).

Trivia: The toy of Cryotek is similar to that of transmetal 2 Megatron II. A Chinese made knockoff of Cryotek is slightly smaller and is dark green and gold in color.

Cryotek Powers: Cryotek is a Predacon, highly fuel efficient Cybertonian. He is a brilliant weapons designer and criminal genius. He is a triple changer who can assume the form of a dragon or a high speed ground transport. Tough, powerful and highly skilled, he has built an impressive arsenal of weapons for himself. He is capable of firing super cooled blasts of ammonia from the hoarfrost projector mounted in his dragon head. His deadly jaws are also capable of firing plasma torpedoes, each with an effective range of several hundred miles. His deadliest weapon is based on one of his most prized inventions, the spark extractor mounted in his tail. He can use these weapons in any mode. Swooping through battle like an icy demon, Cryotek will often set down on one of his enemies, armored claws bared, only to rend a still pulsing Spark violently from their body - leaving his Targetmaster partner, Chro, to pick at their remains. Although intelligent and logical to the extreme, Cryotek is still an extremely vicious fighter. He recovers from damage quicker in beast mode and is better protected from high energon levels as well.

Cryotek Weaknesses: Cryotek has few weaknesses. He can sometimes be overconfident and overbearing to others. He is a seeker of knowledge, sometimes letting his curiosity get the better of him. Should his carefully laid plans be foiled, Cryotek can be sent into intense periods of isolation and malaise - though his plans are not often foiled! High energon fields can adversely effect Cryotek if he stays in robot form for too long. His animal form is protected from high energon levels.

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