Cordelia Chase for Nightspawn.

A bit of explanation: Cordelia is a character from the television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I decided to convert her to a character for the Nightspawn role playing game. The best class to represent Cordelia is the Nega-Psychic. The Nega-Psychic is a latent psychic who expends her psychic energy unconsciously, creating a disruptive invisible aura around herself. The aura protects the Nega-Psychic from the supernatural, causing spells and psionic powers to be less effective or fail completely. They also have remarkable recuperative powers and can endure physical stress and hardship somewhat better that an average person. The powers of a Nega-Psychic are usually linked to their personality. They are psychics who are often skeptics of the supernatural, or arrogant people who find the supernatural distasteful. This attitude shapes their latent psychic powers.

The Nega-Psychic P.C.C. has never been printed for the Nightspawn role playing game, but it did exist in Beyond The Supernatural and Rifts role playing games, which are precursors to Nightspawn. I based Cordelia on the Rifts version of the Nega-Psychic, giving her the skills choices of a Nightspawn Kinetic P.C.C.

Note: In The Witch 1.03 Cordelia was cursed with temporary blindness by Catherine Madison. The Nega-Psychic class is immune to magical curses, but I reasoned that Cordelia wasn't even a first level character at this point in the series. Although Buffy could read Cordelia's mind in Earshot 3.18, Cordelia's thoughts seemed to only reflect what she was going to say, unlike other people's thoughts.

Cordelia Chase

Quotes From Cordelia:
Welcome to Hellmouth 1.01 - Cordelia: ''Willow, nice dress. Good to see you've seen the softer side of Sears.''
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered 2.16 - Cordelia: ''I do what I want to do and I wear what I want to wear and you know what? I date whoever the hell I want to date... no matter how lame he is.''

Opinions Of Cordelia:
The Witch 1.3 - Rupert: ''Why should someone want to harm Cordelia?'' Willow: ''Maybe because they met her? Did I say that?''
When She Was Bad 2.1 - Buffy: ''Cordelia, your mouth is open. Sound is coming from it. This is never good.''
Consequences 3.15 - Wesley: ''She's cheeky... isn't she?'' Faith: ''First word jail, second word bait.''
Known Aliases: See the list.
Alignment: Anarchist
Insanity: Obsession: Loves her appearance.
Attributes: I.Q.: 11, M.E.: 14, M.A.: 19, P.S.: 10, P.P.: 13, P.E.: 13, P.B.: 17, Spd: 21
Hit Points: P.E.+13=26
S.D.C.: 41
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: P.E.x2 plus 14 = 40
P.C.C.: Nega-Psychic
Level Of Experience: 4
Natural Abilities:
1. Psionic Powers: Like all members of the Nega-Psychic class Cordelia is a master psychic with the powers of Surpress Fear, Deaden Senses, Summon Inner Strength, and Group Mind Block. She also has Impervious To Poison and Resist Fatigue. She saves vs. psionic attacks as a master psychic. Cordelia is not aware she has any psychic powers, and they are activated by instinct when she needs them. For instance she used her Impervious To Poison power when bit by a snake in I Only Have Eyes For You 2.19, she used her Summon Inner Strength power to keep up with Buffy running back to the library in Homecoming 3.05, and once there used her Surpress Fear power so she wouldn't be afraid when ambushed by the Gorch vampires.
2. I.S.P.: M.E.+70=84
3. Special Abilities: Cordelia has the powers of Closed To The Supernatural, Disrupt Magic, and Enhanced Healing detailed in the book Rifts: Psyscape.
Magical Knowledge: None, but she has witnessed spell casting and assisted others in their casting.
Combat Abilities: +1 to roll, +3 to parry, +4 to dodge, +1 to disarm, +1 to initiative, +2 to pull punch.
Attacks per Melee Round: 3
Damage: 1D4 from punch, 1D6 from kick.
Bonuses: +2 to save vs. horror factor, poison, disease and mind control.
Vulnerabilities/Penalties: None
P.C.C. Skills:
  • Domestic: Dance +10% = 60%/70% (She danced with Jesse in The Harvest 1.02, Owen in Never Kill a Boy On The First Date 1.05, Xander in Dead Man's Party 30.2 and Wesley in The Prom 3.20.)
  • Domestic: Dance (Professional Quality bonus +10% to above.)
  • Physical: Wrestling (With boyfriends in dark closets.)
  • Pilot: Automobile +15% = 85% (She drove Xander to Buffy's house in her red Chrysler Sebring in What's My Line Part 1 2.09)
  • Science: Mathematics: Basic +5% = 70%
  • Technical: Computer Operation +15% = 75%
  • Technical: Computer Programming +15% = 65% (She took a programming class with Harmony and Willow in The Harvest 1.02.)
  • Technical: Language: English 98%
  • Technical: Literacy: English 98%
  • Special: Inspire Trust or Intimidation 55% (From her high M.A. attribute. She intimidated a vampire into running away in Homecoming 3.05.)

  • P.C.C. Related Skills:
  • Communications: Radio: Basic 65% (She used a walkie talkie in Dead Man's Party 3.02.)
  • Physical: Hand To Hand: Basic
  • Physical: Prowl 45% (She snuck up on Xander in Beauty And The Beasts 3.04.)
  • Technical: Art +5% = 60% (She drew a picture of the gill man in Go Fish 2.20.)
  • Technical: Language: Spanish +10% = 80%
  • Technical: Lore: Vampires +5% = 55% (She has encountered numerous vampires.)
  • Technical: Research +5% = 75% (From looking up stuff about monsters in the library.)
  • ?
  • ? (Gained at level 4.)

  • Secondary Skills:
  • Physical: Athletics (She was a cheerleader.)
  • Physical: Running (Mostly away from monsters.)
  • W.P.: Blunt (She wields a nasty spatula in Homecoming 3.05.)
  • W.P.: Archery & Targeting (She used a crossbow in In The Dark 1.03.)
  • ?

  • Allies Of Note: She can count on help from her friends Angel, Welsey Wyndam-Price, Charles Gunn, Winifred Burkle, Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles, Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg.
    Minions: None
    Weapons & Equipment: Has been known to carry a cell phone in her purse, carry a number of primitive weapons, as well as a stunner.
    Money: Cordelia was pretty well off, but her family fell on hard times. She makes a decent income through Angel Investigations.

    Appearance: Cordelia is attractive woman of 5'7'' with dark hair and hazel eyes.

    Personality: Cordelia ranges from being nice to playing the queen snob from hell, mostly depending on how her relationship with a boy is going. Cordelia has an almost brutal honesty streak when dealing with people.

    History: Cordelia Chase was born in on or around January 14th, 1981 the only daughter of a wealthy family living in Sunnydale, California.

    In sixth grade Cordelia which included school mates Alexander LaVelle Harris and Willow Rosenberg, where something funny happened to Cordelia involving a man with antlers on his belt (mentioned in Invisible Girl 1.11).

    By 9th grade Cordelia became good friends with fellow student Harmony Kendall. They took remedial Spanish together. It was at that time that a boy named Donnie Ray developed a crush on Cordelia and wrote a song for her (mentioned in Disharony 2.17).

    Cordelia quickly climbed to be the head of her social clique in her school, and had a tendency to belittle those she saw as nerds and outcasts.

    Cordelia Cordelia was among the many students and teachers of Sunnydale High who ignored unpopular student Marcie Ross so completely that Marcie literally faded from sight one day in class (Out of Mind, Out of Sight 1.11).

    Cordelia & Buffy In her sophomore year Cordelia met and befriended Buffy Anne Summers, a new girl in the school who had moved from Los Angeles. That didn't last long though, as Buffy couldn't stand Cordelia's attitude towards her less popular schoolmates (Welcome To The Hellmouth 1.01).

    ''Oh, I would kill to live in L.A. That close to so many shoes?'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia Cordelia was commonly hit on by a boy named Jesse Mcnally, but she played hard to get. Unluckily she decided to let him dance with her the day after he became a vampire, and almost ended up a snack for Jesse and his new vampire buddies. Luckily Buffy and friends showed up to fight off the creatures, and saved her life (The Harvest 1.02).

    ''It's like when I go shopping. I have to have the most expensive thing. Not because it's expensive, but because it costs more.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia After that Cordelia had a tendency to fall into life threatening situations regularly, but seemed to pull through unharmed. During her sophomore year she tried out and qualified as a cheer leader. This really pissed off Catherine Madison, a former cheer leader turned witch who had gone through a lot of trouble to become a teen again only to not make the squad. Cordelia was cursed with blindness by Catherine, but it took a while to take effect. Cordelia was nearly killed when it kicked in while she was taking a driving test. Luckily Buffy showed up in time to save her. Buffy and friends were able to reverse Catherine's spells. (The Witch 1.03).

    ''Hey, I'm really sorry you guys got bumped back to alternate. Hold it, wait... No I'm not!'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia then turned 16 (implied in Birthday 3.11).

    Cordelia She flirted with Owen Thurman, but was unable to gain his interested (Never Kill a Boy On The First Date 1.05).

    ''Ooo! Hello salty goodness! Pick up the phone, call 911. That boy is going to need some serious oxygen after I'm through with him.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia After B. Snyder was appointed the new Principal of Sunnydale High he assigned librarian Rupert Giles to run the annual Talent Show. Cordelia entered right away, where she demonstrated her singing ability. She sang The Greatest Love of All (98kb) (Puppet Show 1.09).

    ''My song is about dignity and human feelings and personal hygiene or something.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia When nightmares started to come true at Sunnydale High Cordelia suffered from the worst bad hair day on record and was forced to join the chess club (Nightmares 1.10).

    Cordelia As the school year was ending Cordelia ran for May Queen while she was dating school jock Mitch Fargo. Mitch was attacked in the locker room by a floating baseball bat. Buffy, Xander, Willow and Rupert investigated the attack. Thinking it might have been a ghost Willow investigated all the dead and missing Sunnydale students. Cordelia's friend Harmony was pushed down the stairs by an unseen assailant, who Buffy felt brush against her as it escaped and heard a giggle. Buffy guessed the attacker was an invisible girl. Seeing Cordelia as a common thread in the attacks, Buffy started watching Cordelia as she was preparing her May Queen dress. Good vampire Angel then visited Rupert in the library, where they talked about Buffy. Rupert was investigating the prophecies of the Master and Buffy, but was having no luck. Angel said he could get Rupert a copy of the Pergamum Codex, a book of Slayer prophecies. Buffy heard a flute playing in the school at night. Cordelia was elected May Queen. From Willow's list of missing kids she found that missing student Marcie Ross played the flute in band. Checking out the band room Buffy discovered a hidden nest in the ceiling tiles where Marcie was living. Looking through Marcie's yearbook Buffy found she had no friends. Cordelia discovered her favorite teacher, Miss Miller, nearly suffocated by an invisible assailant. Buffy met with Xander, Willow and Rupert in the library. Rupert realized Marcie had become invisible because everyone ignored her. Cordelia then joined them in the library realizing someone was hurting her friends, hoping Buffy could help her. Buffy decided to go with Cordelia to prepare for her coronation as May Queen, hoping it would lure out Marcie. Xander, Rupert and Willow heard a flute playing in the school and went after Marcie, but it ended up being a trap. Marcie locked them in a room with a gas leak. Marcie then knocked out Buffy and Cordelia and took them to the Bronze to put them on display. Angel arrived with the Codex in time to save Xander, Willow and Rupert. Marcie attempted to cut up Cordelia's face, but Buffy escaped and was able to knock Marcie out. Marcie was then taken away by the F.B.I. Although Cordelia was thankful for Buffy and friends saving her, she soon reverted to form and treated them as losers. The F.B.I. put Marcie into training as an assassin (Out of Mind, Out of Sight 1.11).

    ''Buffy, I, uh, I, I know we've had our differences, with you being so weird and all, and hanging out with these total losers...'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia Rupert learned from the Pergamum Codex that Buffy was destined to face the Master in combat and die. Although she tried to quit being the Slayer, Buffy realized she had to fight him after Willow discovered a number of students in the school were slaughtered by the Master's minions. The Anointed One lead Buffy to the Master, leading to Buffy being overpowered and drained by him, then thrown into a pool of water. This freed the Master and opened the hellmouth. Xander and Angel showed up after the Master left and Xander gave Buffy C.P.R. He was able to revive her. Buffy returned to life more powerful then before. As Rupert, Xander, Willow, Cordelia and computer teacher Jenny Calender fought the minions of the Master Buffy fought the master himself. She was able to defeat the Master. As he died the hellmouth closed (Prophecy Girl 1.12).

    ''Obviously, Kevin has underestimated the power of my icy stare.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia Buffy spent the summer with her father in Los Angeles, then returned to Sunnydale just in time to save Willow and Xander from a vampire attack. Willow, Xander and even Cordelia noticed a change in Buffy's attitude, she had become cold and harsh. Angel welcomed her back and she was hurtful with him too. She even teased Xander sexually at the Bronze, then left him cold. Although Xander thought Buffy might be possessed, Rupert believed she had issues to deal with after her death experience fighting the Master. The remaining followers of the Master then recovered his bones and attempted to resurrect him using a spell which required the sacrifice of those who were near him when he died. They kidnapped Rupert, Willow, Jenny and Cordelia. Buffy, Angel and Xander were able were able to beat the location of the ceremony out of a vampire and save them, killing most of the Master's remaining followers except the Anointed One. Buffy then dealt with her issues by smashing the bones of the Master with a sledge hammer. The next day at school she made up with Willow and Xander (When She Was Bad 2.01).

    ''Buffy, you're really campaigning for bitch-of-the-year, aren't you?'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia When out patrolling Buffy and Angel came across the dug up and empty grave of a recently killed high school cheer leader. She eventually discovered that high school students Chris Epps and Eric were trying to build a zombie mate for Chris's zombie brother Daryl. When Chris and Eric targeted Cordelia to provide the head for their creation Buffy was able to save her and confronted the boys. She learned Chris had reanimated Daryl. During a fight in the school science building a fire broke out and Daryl and the unfinished body or his mate burned up (Some Assembly Required 2.02).

    Cordelia was almost sacrificed by a college fraternity to the reptile demon Machida, but was saved by Angel, Xander, Rupert and Willow. She then went on a date with Jonathan Levinson (Reptile Boy 2.05).

    ''Buffy, it's like we're sisters. With really different hair.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia dated Devon, the lead singer of the band Dingoes Ate My Baby, but then dumped him because of his lack of attention. She dressed up as a cat for a Halloween party in 1997, but ended up spending most of the night running away from kids who had turned into their costumes on that night thanks to a spell by Ethan Rayne (Halloween 2.06).

    Xander & Cordelia When trapped in Buffy's basement by an assassin with Xander, she started a secret relationship with him. At this time she first met the Vampire Slayer Kenda (What's My Line Part 2 2.10).

    In 1998 Cordelia then turned 17 (implied in Birthday 3.11).

    Scoobies Knowledge of Xander and Cordelia's relationship crushed Willow when she discovered them kissing in the library (Innocence 2.14).

    Cordelia Unable to put up with the harassment from her piers about dating Xander any more, Cordelia broke up with him on Valentines day. Xander was so upset by her treatment of him he blackmailed Amy, who he knew was learning witchcraft, into helping him cast a love spell on Cordelia. Xander planned to make Cordelia love him again so he could break up with her, but the spell backfired and all women who saw Xander except Cordelia fell in love with him. Willow even offered herself to Xander in bed, which he refused. Buffy and Amy fought for Xander's affections, which resulted in Amy getting a bloody nose and Buffy magically transmuted into a rat. Eventually even Jenny, Buffy's mother Joyce, Drusilla and most of the women at Sunnydale High School were hunting for Xander to express their love as well as hunting Cordelia for hurting him the way she did. Xander and Cordelia hid together, narrowly escaping Angel, who was looking to kill Xander as a gift to Buffy. Rupert and Amy were able to remove the spells turning Buffy back to a human being and lift the love spell from Xander. Luckily most of the women forgot what happened afterwards. Cordelia was so impressed that Xander had turned to magic to win her heart and that he protected her when she was threatened by the other women that she got back together with him, even though it made her an outcast among her old friends (Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered 2.16).

    ''Xander, what's going on? Who died and made you Elvis?'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia Just before the Sadie Hawkins dance the school started to be haunted by poltergeist activity. Rupert mistakenly believed that Jenny's ghost was responsible. Buffy learned that the spirit of a boy named James Stanley was trapped in the high school and was forcing people to relive the horror of the night he accidentally shot his lover and teacher Grace Newman then killed himself. Although Buffy, Willow, Cordelia and Xander tried to bind the spirit with a spell, they failed. Eventually James was able to possess Buffy and Grace was able to possess Angel as they relived the night of their deaths together, Because Angel was not killed by the bullet Grace was able to forgive James and the cycle of reliving the night was broken (I Only Have Eyes For You 2.19).

    When Willow attempted to recast the curse that would give Angel a human soul, Daniel ''Oz'' Ozborne and Cordelia assisted her (Becoming Part 2 2.22)

    Cordelia first met Faith, the Vampire Slayer who replaced Kendra, at the Bronze (Faith, Hope and Trick 3.03).

    Cordelia The vampire Mister Trick then set up Slayerfest '98, where several different hunters would compete to capture Buffy and Faith during the homecoming dance. Trick's people mistook Cordelia for Faith and Faith spent the time at the homecoming dance as Buffy and Cordelia fought for their lives (Homecoming 3.05).

    Kiss Willow and Xander tried to resist each other, even going so far as to consider a delusting spell to keep their hormones in check. When the vampire Spike returned to Sunnydale and held them hostage in exchange for Willow casting a love spell on Drusilla to take him back, they fell into each others arms again. Oz and Cordelia walked in on the two making out when they rescued them, causing Cordelia to run off, fall down a flight of stairs, and be impaled with a metal bar in the old building. (Lovers Walk 3.08).

    Cordelia & Friends When an evil wish granting demon named Anyanka tried to grant Cordelia a wish nothing happened, or so it seemed. It seems that an alternate world was temporarely created where Buffy hadn't come to Sunnydale yet, and the Master had taken over the town. Luckily in that reality Rupert was able to defeat Anyanka and the world returned to how it was before she granted her wish (The Wish 3.09).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #4 Needing a source of money for her 1998 Christmas shopping and to pay for damages to a car she destroyed while fighting a vampire, Buffy got a job at the Popsicle Parlor. Angel visited her after hours and they went ice skating together until they were attacked by a minor ice demon. After telling Rupert, Xander, Cordelia and Willow about it she went to work the next day where she discovered the manager summoning another ice demon in the freezer. This one was much more powerful, but Buffy and her friends were able to fight it with fire and by reading from the spell book the manager used. They then played in the snow left from the demon exploding (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #4).

    Cordelia & Xander After Christmas Buffy had to watch Oz for a night of the full moon, and Oz nearly escaped if not for Buffy beating into submission and fracturing his arm. Although Oz understood her actions, Willow held beating Oz against Buffy. Buffy, Willow, Xander and Cordelia went to the Bronze to hear Oz's band, Dingoes Ate My Baby, play. Buffy got beeped by Rupert and they went to the school library where they discovered someone had ransacked Rupert's occult books and left them in a mess. While cleaning up they were attacked by a large black dog, which Cordelia shot with a crossbow and it ran off. The gang left a trap and they discovered that a man who was cursed to be hunted by the black dog was looking for a cure. The black dog showed up and chased him. Despite their best efforts to stop the dog it got the man and nearly caused the death of Willow, if Buffy hadn't saved her. Willow then forgave Buffy for being irrational about Oz and the gang celebrated New Years together (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #5).

    Cordelia When two dead children were discovered in a park in Sunnydale, concerned parents started a witch hunt for people involved in the occult, spurred on secretly by a demon who fed on the strike it caused. Buffy, Willow and Amy were targeted by the entranced parents, lead by Joyce and Willow's mother Sheila Rosenberg. Xander and Oz rushed to save the girls, while Rupert and Cordelia used a spell to uncover the demon and break it's hold on the parents, but not before Amy magically turned herself into a rat in an attempt to fight the parents. Buffy and Willow were unable to restore Amy, but Willow kept her as a pet while she researched a cure (Gingerbread 3.11).

    Cordelia then turned 18 (implied in Birthday 3.11).

    Cordelia set her sights set on the new watcher in town, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Bad Girls 3.14).

    When a spell gone wrong summoned a vampire doppleganger of Willow, Wesley was able to save Cordelia from becoming a snack for the vampire (Doppelgangland 3.16).

    Cordelia After much anticipation however Wesley and Cordelia just didn't spark romantically and decided to go their separate ways after Cordelia graduated from high school (Graduation Day Part 2 3.22).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Haunted #1 About two weeks after the destruction of Sunnydale High School Buffy and Xander wished Cordelia goodbye as she left to pursue her acting career in Los Angeles (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Haunted #1).

    Cordelia After graduating high school, Cordelia moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. She was unable to find work in that field, but came across Angel, and helped him start a detective agency, in which she manages the daily affairs. There she met Angel's friend Doyle (City Of 1.01).

    ''Doyle filled me in on your little mission. So I was just saying, if were going to help people, maybe a small charge. You know, something to help pay the rent, and my salary. You need somebody to organize things, and you're not exactly rolling in it Mr. I-was-alive-for-200-years-and-never-developed-an-investment-portfolio.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia Angel, Cordelia and Doyle teamed up to fight a burrower demon named Talamour who was jumping into bodies at a local night club (Lonely Hearts 1.02).

    ''Well, a couple of hundred years ago all you had to worry about was a hang over. Today, because of your curse thingy, you can't sleep with anyone or else you might feel a moment of true happiness, and lose your soul, become evil again, and kill everyone.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia When Buffy sent the Oz with the magical gem of Amarra to Angel, Spike kidnapped Angel and told Cordelia and Doyle to get him the gem if they wanted to get Angel back. Cordelia, Doyle and Oz rescued Angel, but then Angel decided to destroy the gem because it was too dangerous (In The Dark 1.03).

    Cordelia When Melissa Burns came to Angel Investigations because she was being stalked by the psychic surgeon Ronald Metzler, Angel, Cordelia and Doyle protected her. Ronald was cut into pieces and buried in cement to keep him from putting himself back together with his powers. (I Fall To Pieces 1.04).

    Cordelia Doyle got into financial trouble with some demons as Cordelia was shopping for a new apartment. Angel agreed to help Doyle if he found Cordelia a nice place to move into. The place they found ended up being haunted by the ghost of Maude Pearson, and as they were exercising the ghost some hit men came looking for Doyle. In the fight the ghost was destroyed, although Cordelia got a roommate, the ghost of Dennis Pearson, Maude's son who she murdered (Rm w/a Vu 1.05).

    ''You know what? I get it. You're a ghost. You're dead. Big accomplishment! Move on! You see a light anywhere? Go towards it, okay? Uh, cold wind, scary! What are you going to do? Chap me to death? What else have you got?'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia When mob big-wig Tony Papazian was captured with Angel's help, he hired a sensitivity trainer to throw the L.A.P.D. into chaos. Angel was also effected and Cordelia and Doyle had to help him stop Tony while Angel got in touch with his emotions (Sense and Sensitivity 1.06).

    Cordelia Cordelia was starting to date about this time, but despite being able to attract rich potential boyfriends, she learned to her display she wanted something more. She wanted a heroic man. When Doyle saved Cordelia from a vampire attack and she became attracted to him. This was blown to pieces when Doyle's estranged wife walked back into his life looking for a divorce so she could marry someone else. Doyle agreed, despite the fact that the other man was an Anomovic demon named Richard Straley. Doyle and Angel were invited to the bachelor party, but Doyle barely survived when Richard tried to eat Doyle's brain as part of a ceremony to insure a successful marriage (Bachelor Party 1.07).

    Cordelia Angel, Cordelia and Doyle helped a group of half demons escaping the country who were being hounded by the Scourge. Although she learned that Doyle himself was half demon she finally gave in to her attraction to him. Sadly their first kiss was also their last as Doyle sacrificed himself to save Cordelia, Angel and all those nearby when a bomb that killed anything with human blood was set by the Scourge. Doyle disarmed it but died in the process (Hero 1.09).

    ''While this may look like a popular brand of breath freshener it's really a cunningly disguised demon repellent!'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia Cordelia received the gift of visions that allow her to catch glimpses of future dangers, passed to her by Doyle before his death, but she didn't want the responsibility (Parting Gifts 1.10).

    ''That's one spooky talent you got there. You can just look at me grinding my teeth, sighing, grunting and sense that I'm frustrated? Amazing!'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia then turned 19 (implied in Birthday 3.11).

    Cordelia When the Faith attempted to ambush Cordelia in her apartment, Dennis did his best to warn Cordelia off, but failed (Five by Five 1.18).

    Cordelia After Cordelia, Wesley and Charles Gunn were fired from Angel Investigations, they each found their way to Caritas where they got drunk and sang We Are The Champions (82kb) very badly for the host. Although they wanted guidance on the direction on their lives, the host let Cordelia's vision of a demon do the guiding for them. After slaying the demon the crew decided to keep Angel Investigations running without Angel (Redefinition 2.11).

    ''Vampires, Sloth demons, you know what's really really evil? Tequila.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia then turned 20 (implied in Birthday 3.11).

    Cordelia Cordelia was the host for a young Skilosh demon, but Wesley saved her from it. The host kept trying and finally did manage to convince Angel to rejoin his crew after their breakup (Epiphany 2.16).

    ''Listen, I've been impregnated by demon spawn before. Let's just say, didn't really work out.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia Harmony then arrived in Los Angeles. There she caught up with her old schoolmate Cordelia. Cordelia was shocked to learn her old friend was now a vampire, but was determined to help her anyway. After Harmony betrayed Cordelia and her co-workers at Angel Investigations to a cult of vampires, Cordelia told her to leave Los Angeles and never return (Disharmony 2.17).

    ''Oh. Harmony is a vampire? That's why she, oh, my god, I'm so embarrassed! All this time I thought she was a great big lesbo!'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia While the host was entertaining his audience with a rendition of Superstition (511kb) he was interrupted by another visitor from Pylea, a Drokken beast who fell through the same portal and landed on stage at Caritas. The host went to Angel Investigations to help him stop the beast. They ended up learning of a girl named Winifred Burkle who disappeared years ago and accidentally opened up another portal to Pylea. This time the host's cousin Landokmar of the Deathwok clan came to earth. Landokmar was able to track the beast, but was bitten by it's poison. Angel slew the beast and they opened up another portal in Caritas to send Landokmar back for the cure to his poison. Sadly Cordelia was also sucked into Pylea, and ended up alone in a forest (Belonging 2.19).

    Cordelia Although the host was very reluctant to join them in rescuing Cordelia, a visit to his friend Aggie persuaded him to go on the mission to Pylea. Once there they were captured, but discovered that Cordelia had been made a princess when they discovered her visions (Over The Rainbow 2.20).

    ''I wanna go home. I wanna be in my bed. I wanna order some Thai food and read the latest issue of Marie Claire. I wanna be doing anything but shoveling demon horse poop!'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia Cordelia had a vision of vampires attacking some students. Angel and the crew went to save the students, but one of the vampires he had to slay ended up being Elisabeth. When James learned Angel had killed Elisabeth he went to a demon doctor who performed a ritual on him that would leave him invulnerable for a short time, then kill him, hoping to kill Angel before his time ran out. James attacked Angel and Cordelia, but they were able to hold him off until James turned to dust (Heartthrob 3.01).

    ''Did the Amarra people make cuff links or belt buckles?'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia Cordelia then started receiving visions that left her scared and burned. Angel learned that the missions he was being sent on were false visions sent to Cordelia by Wolfram & Hart. Lilah Morgan told Angel he had to free a man who was prisoner from a hell dimension to get them to leave Cordelia alone. Angel freed the man, but told them if they ever touched Cordelia again he would kill Lilah (That Vision Thing 3.02).

    ''Was it there? Because I'm gonna be really ticked off if I'm all Phantom of the Opera and there wasn't a key.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia When investigating a rash of odd deaths Angel's body was magically hijacked by an old man named Marcus Rosco, leaving Angel trapped in Marcus' body at a retirement home. Marcus used Angel's body to live up life, putting the moves on Fred and Lilah Morgan. When Marcus learned Angel was immortal, he decided to keep the body and kill Angel. Wesley, Gunn, Fred and Cordelia were about to figure out what happened and helped save Angel and get his body back (Carpe Noctem 3.04).

    ''If Julia Roberts ever makes a realistic movie about being an escort, I think it should be called pretty skanky woman.'' - Cordelia

    Cordelia After Cordelia was left in a coma by a violent vision she was approached by the demon Skip who informed she that she wasn't meant to receive them, and that the visions would kill any human who had them eventually. Although he offered her the chance to turn back history and become a television star with her own show and never have gained the visions, Cordelia couldn't turn her back on her friends. Cordelia had Skip make her part demon, so she could withstand the visions, but he warned her it could have wide ranging and unforeseen consequences (Birthday 3.11).

    Cordelia The Groosalugg then followed Cordelia to earth and was reunited with his princess (Waiting In The Wings 3.13).

    ''Well, I've got my little cross if things get out of hand. Hey, it's awkward, but it's not us. So long as nothing is removed or, inserted it's all forgotten.'' - Cordelia

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #47 Angel and Cordelia then went to work under cover as drug dealers to uncover a supplier of the drug called soul drops in Los Angeles. They traced the drugs back to a demon named Steglar, and learned he got his supplies from Sunnydale. Cordelia then had a vision of Buffy in trouble. Angel decided he needed help rescuing Buffy, so he got Judge Marget Brown, who owed him a favor, to release Faith into his custody for 24 hours. The two then drove to Sunnydale (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #47).

    The Groosalugg decided Cordelia's heart belonged to Angel and he left her. Cordelia eventually ascended into becoming a higher being (Tomorrow 3.22).

    Cordelia When Angel, Fred and Gunn took a vacation to Las Vegas to see the host, they uncovered a plot by his manager to steal people's destinies. Although Angel lost his destiny and all motivation to help others, Cordelia helped get him to save his friends. When the group returned to Los Angeles they discovered Cordelia waiting for them in the Hyperion lobby, but with no memory of her life (The House Always Wins 4.03).

    The host acquired a magic spell which was supposed to restore Cordelia's memory. Angel, Fred, Gunn and Wesley helped him cast it. The spell went wrong and left Angel, Fred, Gunn and Wesley with the minds they had as teenagers. After some misadventures in the hotel the host was able to talk Fred into helping him fix the spell, and everyone's memories were restored fully (Spin The Bottle 4.06).

    Trivia: On Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel the part of Cordelia is played by actress Charisma Carpenter.

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