Constrictor for Champions

Real name: Frank Schlichting
Other known aliases: None
Occupation: Professional criminal and assassin.
Current group affiliation: None
Past group affiliations: Masters of Evil VI, worked for Justin Hammer, partner to Sabretooth and employee of the Corporation.
Major enemies: Hulk, Thunderbolts.
First appearance: Incredible Hulk #212
Description: Frank weighs 190 lbs. and is 5'11'' tall. He has black hair.


15/35     STR      5
   18     DEX     24
   18     CON     16
   13     BODY     6
   10     INT      0
   13     EGO      6
   18     PRE      8
   12     COM      1
    7     PD       4
    7     ED       3
    4     SPD     12
    8     REC      2
   36     END      0
   30     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 87

Powers, Skills and Equipment

 4     8" Running                                                   2
 3     Breakfall 13-     
 3     Grappling Throw     
 3     Interrogation 13-     
16     2 Levels,all combat     
 4     Martial Escape     
 3     Martial Grab     
 3     Security Systems 11-     
 3     Streetwise 13-     
 3     Tracking 11-     
 2     WF,Small Arms     
 8     4/4 Armor,OIF(-1/2)     
 5     0/8 Armor,Only vs. electricity.(-3/4),OIF(-1/2)     
51     9D6 EB (Electricity),OIF(-1/2),Only with coils.(-1/4),Damage     
        Shield(+1/2),17-32 Charges(+1/2),continuing,duration: extra     
        phase                                                       0
30     2D6 HKA,vs physical defense,OIF(-1/2),0 END(+1/2)            0
12     +20 STR,doesn't add to figured,Not for lifting.(-1/2),OIF     
        (-1/2),0 END(+1/2)                                          0
10     2" Stretching,OIF(-1/2),0 END(+1/2)                          0
Powers Cost: 163


Base Points: 100
 5     Distinctive,"Guy in silly costume.",easily concealable,minor
20     Hunted,"by heroes and authorities.",more powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 8-
20     Normal Stats
10     Psych Lim,"Wants to build a reputation.",common,moderate
15     Psych Lim,"Vengeful",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Overconfident",common,strong
10     Public ID,"Frank Schlichting"
 5     Rep,"Minor league super criminal.",occur 8-
 5     Rivalry,"with other mercs.",professional
15     Unluck,3D6
10     Watched,"by employer.",more powerful,non-combat influence,
        mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 130

Experience Spent: 20
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion :

History: Frank Schlichting was a small-time hoodlum and enforcer for the Chicago-area mobs who went to the west coast to make a bigger name for himself. Applying to Eugene Kligger of the now-defunct criminal organization known as the Corporation, Schlichting was outfitted with the armor, equipment, and identity of the Constrictor. As the Constrictior, Schlichting became a special operative and hit man.

His first public mission was to kill Jim Wilson, which brought him into conflict with the Hulk (Incredible Hulk #212).

He was then hired by he Corporation to assassinate Captain America. He was trapped in a cave-in of S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, but was freed by Captain America (Captain America #228).

Schlichting became a freelance criminal as the Corporation soon dissolved. His career has led him to battle several heroes over the years. He battled Iron Man as a member of Justin Hammer's criminal army (Iron Man #127).

He briefly teamed up with the villain Sabretooth in a partnership to guard the stolen jade tiger statuette. They fought Power Man II and the Daughters of the Dragon (Power Man and Iron Fist #66).

He teamed up with Sabretooth again to get revenge on Misty Knight. The fought Iron Fist, Power Man II, El Aguila and Misty Knight (Power Man and Iron Fist #84).

Constrictor took a job working for Viper II. He battled Captain America and Nomad III, and turned against Viper II (Captain America #281-283).

Schlicting was invited to join the criminal organization, the Serpent Society, but he walked out after attending one meeting. He betrayed the Society to the Avengers. He was brutally beaten by Society member Anaconda. While in the hospital he was nearly killed by Scourge but saved by Captain America (Captain America #310-311).

Constrictor had a showdown with McAvery, the murderer of his mother (Marvel Comics Presents #74).

The villain known as Cyber, who possessed an adamantium-laced skeleton, was dying. Schlichting was forced to give up his coils to save Cyber's life, although he soon obtained his current vibranium models.

He later joined the Masters of Evil VI under the Crimson Cowl III. He was defeated by the Thunderbolts and sent to prison.

After getting out of prison through unknown means he briefly shared an apartment with Titania II and Deadpool.

Powers: Schlichting has no superhuman powers, but relies on his hi-tech equipment, including his electrically-insulated and partially bullet-proof battle suit.

His main weapons are twin lengths of cybernetically-controlled, electrically powered cables which eject and retract from special appliances running from shoulder to wrist. The cables were previously made of adamantium, the strongest metal forged by man, but have been replaced by two constructed of vibranium, a virtually identical substance. When extended, Schlichting uses the cables to constrict his victims and/or deliver a powerful electrical charge through them.

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