Cole Turner

Cole Turner for Champions Play

Real name: Cole Turner
Other known aliases: Belthazor, The Source of All Evil II
Occupation: Demon on the run, former attorney and assassin.
Current group affiliation: Member of the Avatars at time of Death
Past group affiliations: Operative for the Triad, member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn, ally of the Charmed Ones.
Major enemies: Formerly the Source of All Evil, the Brotherhood of the Thorn and the Charmed Ones.
First appearance: The Honeymoon's Over 3.01
Description: Cole was a handsome looking tall man with dark hair who appeared to be in his mid 30's. In demon form he was muscular, hairless and had red and black skin. The demon form had pointed ears and many pointed teeth.


18/28    STR     8
   14    DEX    12
13/23    CON     6
   14    BODY    8
   18    INT     8
   20    EGO    20
   20    PRE    10
   16    COM     3
 6/ 8    PD      2
 6/ 8    ED      3
    4    SPD    16
 8/12    REC     2
26/46    END     0
30/40    STUN    0
Characteristics Cost: 98

Powers and Skills

13    +10 CON,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift."  
 3    3/3 Damage Resistance      
 5    9 Mental Defense    
52    MP (65),Concentrate(-1/4)    
 3u   13D6 EB (Electricity),beam attack,Gestures(-1/4)            6
 3u   X-D Move,"Shimmering",any dimension,x2 Increased Mass,    
       Concentrate(-1/4)                                          4
 1u   -0 Images (Magic),Sight,Hearing,Only to make himself appear    
       in a TV or projection.(-3/4)                               1
 1u   10 STR TK,fine manipulation,affects all parts,Gestures    
       (-1/2),applies to constant power                           2
 1u   6D6 Telepathy,Only to read if someone is a killer.(-1)      3
 5u   10" Teleport,x2 Increased Mass,x250 Increased Range         2
20    Shape Shift,"Demon form.",0 END Persistent(+1)              0
 7    +10 STR,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift."                      1
 3    Life Support,immune to aging    
 3    Acting 13-    
 4    Crush    
 4    KS: Demons & Warlocks 14-,(INT based)    
 3    KS: Witches 13-,(INT based)    
 3    KS: Magic and the supernatural. 13-,(INT based)    
 4    2 Levels: With his energy balls.    
 4    Martial Block    
 3    Martial Throw    
 3    Navigation 11-    
 3    PS: Attorney 13-,(INT based)    
 1    WF,Swords    
Powers Cost: 152


Base Points: 100
15    Accidental Chg,"If he takes BODY.",common,occur 11-
 5    Distinctive,"Adept",easily concealable,minor
10    Distinctive,"Demon form.",easily concealable,major
20    Hunted,"By the Source.",more powerful,non-combat influence,
       harsh,appear 8-
10    Psych Lim,"Trying to be good.",common,moderate
15    Psych Lim,"In love with Phoebe.",common,strong
15    Psych Lim,"Violent nature.",very common,moderate
15    Rep,"Bad-ass killer demon AND a lawyer!",occur 11-,extreme
20    Rivalry,"With Prue or Piper.",both,in superior position,PC
15    Secret ID,"Belthazor"
10    Watched,"By Leo.",as powerful,non-combat influence,mild,
       appear 14-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: It should be noted that although Cole seemed immune to Piper's time freezing power in The Honeymoon Is Over, Piper had specifically made her power freeze only the innocents in the room he was in, and therefore it didn't affect Cole. This write up is based on Cole's abilities as displayed from The Honeymoon Is Over until he lost his powers in Black as Cole.

History: Cole Turner was born in 1885 to California state assemblyman Benjamin Colerige Turner and a demon mother named Elizabeth. Benjamin died in 1888. After Cole's birth his mother took him from Earth and raised him in a demon dimension. He grew up despising his human side for it's weakness. He became a powerful demon with a reputation as a killer under the name Belthazor.

He became a member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn, who served the Source of All Evil. Cole made a reputation for himself as an assassin who could kill any witch, he preferred to kill his targets with an athame. He was hired by the Triad to get close to and kill the Charmed Ones. To do so he returned to Earth in his human guise and was set up as an assistant district attorney in San Francisco.

While trying to get close to the Charmed Ones he became attracted to Phoebe Halliwell, youngest of the Charmed Ones. After his first few attempts to set up Phoebe and her sisters Prudence Halliwell and Piper Halliwell, Cole started protecting them because he didn't want his assignment to end. Eventually he stood up for the sisters and protected them, even though they didn't know Cole and the demon Belthazor were the same person. He went so far as to kill the Triad itself, and then went on the run (power Outage 3.07).

While injured and on the run from a demon hunter, Cole sought out Phoebe for help. She was able to get her whitelighter Leo Wyatt to heal him. Cole revealed himself as a half-demon to her, but also told her he loved her. Phoebe was able to fake Cole's death and told him to go into hiding (Sluthing The Enemy 3.08).

Cole was gone for many weeks, but then returned to Phoebe renouncing his formerly evil ways. He helped protect the Charmed Ones from a warlock and dark priestess who planned to wed the warlock to Prue and turn the sisters evil (Bride and Gloom 3.13).

He then helped save Phoebe from a connection to a lost city stuck in a time loop by working with Prue, despite the fact that she couldn't stand him (The Good, The Bad and The Cursed 3.14).

Cole Turner While preparing for the wedding of Leo and Piper, Prue started having reoccurring dreams of a dangerous man in a bar named T.J. she was visiting. Without knowing it her astral form was being used by her repressed emotions to get away from her responsibilities. After a murder outside the bar was blamed on Prue the police started to look for her. The sisters father Victor Bennett, Cole and Detective Daryl Morris attended the wedding, and the whitelighter elders sent the sister's dead mother Patty Halliwell back to Earth for the day to attend the wedding as a gift. Before the police came after Prue T.J. crashed the wedding on a motorcycle, Piper almost called it off. Phoebe talked Prue into getting herself together and Daryl, Leo and Cole found the real killer. Leo and Piper were married by the ghost of her dead grandmother Penny Halliwell in a special ceremony (Just Harried 3.15).

Cole Prue was killed by the demon Shax, an assassin of the Source of All Evil (All Hell Breaks Loose 3.22).

Cole While at the funeral of Prue Halliwell, Cole was attacked by two demon bounty hunters, which he quickly killed (Charmed Again Part 1 4.01).

Cole Cole then discovered that the Source of all Evil had sent a Chameleon demon named Alaster to spy on the Charmed Ones. Once uncovered Alaster was attacked by the sisters and fled. The Source killed Alaster and took his place as the sisters hunted him down. The Source then kidnapped Piper and took her to the underworld, where he used his mental powers to create a fantasy world where Piper was a mental patient, hoping to trick her into giving up her powers to him. Cole and Leo traveled to the underworld to track down Piper while Phoebe and Paige Matthews used a spell to project into Piper's mind. As Piper was about ready to relinquish her powers Cole and Leo attacked the Source repeatedly as he stood immobile controlling Piper's mind. Cole eventually was able to wound the Source, but as he attempted to kill the Source his attack was blocked by the Source's Oracle, who died so the Source could escape. The sisters, Leo and Cole then returned home (Brain Drain 4.07).

Cole As Piper was considering having a child with Leo the sisters then became aware of a demon who was killing witches. After Piper scried for the demon from slime they found Phoebe and Cole attempted to track the demon down. They were attacked by a Scavenger demon, who it ends up was feeding on the remains left by the killer. It was at this time that Cole asked Phoebe to marry him. When Cole had to embrace his demon side in order to defeat another demon, a potion was used on him to strip him of his demon side, leaving him merely human (Black As Cole 4.08).

Cole Phoebe authored a Source vanquishing spell that used the power of the Halliwell's witch ancestors. When the Seer informed the Source of his coming demise by the Charmed Ones the Source unleashed the Hollow, an ancient entity which could steal magical powers. The Source used the Hollow and it's dark guardian to steal Piper's powers and in the process nearly killed Phoebe, but Leo healed her. The Source then sent a darklighter with the Hollow to kill Leo and steal Paige's powers. The darklighter stole Paige's power for the Source and wounded Leo. The Seer then foresaw that the Hollow would consume everything if the Source kept using it. Thinking they might not survive Cole gave Phoebe a new engagement ring. At this time Paige was helping a woman named Carolyn regain custody of her child after getting out of an abusive relationship. Paige used magic to help Carolyn. The Seer betrayed the Source by contacting Cole and giving him the Hollow to help defeat the Source. The Seer and Phoebe then used their combined abilities to put the Hollow back in it's crypt. They returned the powers stolen from Piper and Paige, but this secretly left Cole with the Source's powers. Paige then healed Leo (Charmed and Dangerous 4.13).

Cole then started getting nightmares of becoming the new Source. Paige started practicing orbing herself over distances. Cole tried to fight becoming the Source, but it kept him from revealing what happened to the sisters, as the Seer attempted to guide him on his new dark path. A demon named Kurzon planned on taking over the underworld, so the Seer fooled him into thinking the Charmed Ones were planning on attacking him. She got him to attack the Charmed Once first. Paige got promoted for her work with Carolyn, but had to turn it down for fear of using her magic for personal gain. Phoebe started to get a bad feeling about her coming marriage, so Piper suggested she use magic to find out what her heart felt. Kurzon attacked Paige, was attacked by Piper and retreated. Phoebe cast the spell to hear her hearts desire, which ended up summoning her future and past selves. Older Phoebe refused to tell Phoebe about the events of the future for fear of changing things for the worse. Learning a young and vulnerable Phoebe was in the present, Kurzon attacked young Phoebe, but Cole protected her. Leo then took little Phoebe to the realm of whitelighters for protection. Kurzon attacked again, wounding older Phoebe. He was vanquished by the Charmed Ones, but not before older Phoebe told Phoebe to marry Cole. This returned the older and younger Phoebes to their own time. Paige decided to turn down the promotion to avoid personal gain from magic (The Three Faces of Phoebe 4.14).

When a struggle for power broke out between the Cole and the queen of the vampires she sent a group of vampires to bite Paige and make her a vampire under her thrall. Although they were successful, Cole was able to kill the vampire queen before Paige was fully converted into a vampire, saving Paige (Bite Me 4.18).

Cole Cole attempted to give up his position of Source of All Evil to an evil wizard, but failed when Phoebe used her babies powers to kill the Wizard. She then joined Cole as his queen (We're Off To See The Wizard 4.19).

Phoebe tried to live the life of evil, as a combination of hormones and demonic potions made her so cranky she ended up vanquishing a good number of Cole's demons. She tried to play both side of good and evil, but realizing she couldn't Phoebe rejoined her sisters in opposing Cole. Together they cast a spell which used the power of their ancestors to vanquish Cole (Long Live The Queen 4.20).

After Cole died he ended up in the demonic wasteland where all demons go after being vanquished. His powers as the source were absorbed by the creature there, but he survived by clinging to his love for Phoebe. Although he tried to get Phoebe to help bring him back to life, she refused and asked him to move on. When Cole learned he could absorb the powers of other demons when they were killed in the wasteland, he collected an impressive array of abilities and escaped, just in time to save Phoebe's life (Witch Way Now 4.22).

Trivia: On the Charmed television show, the part of Cole Turner is played by actor Julian McMahon. The part of Belthazor is played by actor Michael Bailey Smith.

Belthazor Powers: Initially Cole was a half demon with a number of demonic abilities. He could teleport or ''shimmer'' between dimensions and over vast distances, launch balls of energy from his hands, displayed low level telekinesis and could cast illusions to make himself appear on television. He also could sense if someone near him has killed another person recently. He had two different forms, one human and the other demonic. The demonic form was muscular, hairless, had pointed ears and red and black skin. When he changed form his clothes often changed as well.

As the Source of All Evil, Cole was also very hard to kill, could project balls of flame, teleport great distances, and teleport objects to and from him with ease. He could change his shape to appear to be anyone he wished. He also commanded a great deal of power over other demons, who mostly recognized him as the Source of all Evil, their superior.

In his last incarnation Cole had a vast array of demonic powers, which he collected in the demon wasteland during his near-death. These powers include being very difficult to harm, and he regenerating almost instantly. He could also heal others with a touch. He could influence the minds of others, cause people to transform into inanimate objects or burst into flames. He can teleport great distances or into other dimensions. He can also seemingly stop or slow people and objects by slowing time around them.

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