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''What are you trying to tell me? That I'm some kind of alien? Where's my spaceship? In the attic?'' - Clark, on learning his origin.

Real name: Clark Kent/Kal-El
Other known aliases: The Scarecrow, Numan, Kal, The Last Son of Krypton, Rocketman, Man of Tomorrow.
Occupation: Student, farmer and amateur journalist. Former professional thief.
Current group affiliation: Writer for the Smallville High School Torch, former employee for Morgan Edge.
Past group affiliations: Smallville High School football team.
Major enemies: Lex Luthor. Formerly Tina Greer and Morgan Edge.
First appearance: Pilot 1.01
Origin: Rosetta 2.17
Description: Clark is an attractive teen age boy standing 6'3'' tall with dark hair. For several months Clark has a large scar shaped like a Kryptonian symbol on his chest. When Clark is first exposed to red kryptonite his eyes glow red.


 8/43    STR    -2
10/20    DEX     0
11/21    CON     2
   10    BODY    0
   18    INT     8
   14    EGO     8
   13    PRE     3
   14    COM     2
 5/12    PD      3
 5/ 7    ED      3
 3/12    SPD     0
 4/13    REC     0
22/42    END     0
20/43    STUN    0
Characteristics Cost: 27

Powers and Skills

 8    EC (10),"Kryptonian powers.",Not when near kryptonite.(-1/4)    
14a)  9/9 Armor    
 6b)  N-Ray Vision,Substance: Lead,Concentrate(-1/2),constant    
 7c)  1D6+1 RKA (Fire),Concentrate(-1/4)                           2
 9d)  +7" Running,0 END(+1/2)                                      0
16    +10 CON,Not when near kryptonite.(-1/4)    
24    +10 DEX,Not when near kryptonite.(-1/4)    
10    Eidetic Memory    
 2    +1 Enhanced PER,with all senses,Not when near kryptonite.    
 5    Life Support,safe in heat/cold,immune to disease,Not when    
       near kryptonite.(-1/4)    
 3    7 Mental Defense,Not when near kryptonite.(-1/4)    
 3    4 Power Defense,Not when near kryptonite.(-1/4)    
 8    1 BODY Regen,Not when near kryptonite.(-1/4)    
72    +9.0 SPD,Not when near kryptonite.(-1/4)    
28    +35 STR,Not when near kryptonite.(-1/4)                      3
 3    Lightning Calculator    
 2    Lang: Kryptonian,literacy    
 2    PS: Farmer 11-    
 1    PS: Reporter 8-    
Powers Cost: 223


Base Points: 100
10     DNPC,"Chloe, Pete and Lana.",normal,useful skills,appear 11-
15     DNPC,"Parents.",normal,appear 11-
20     Hunted,"Weirdness magnet.",as powerful,harsh,appear 14-
10     Psych Lim,"Turns into a jerk when near red kryptonite ",
15     Psych Lim,"Has a crush on Lana Lang.",very common,moderate
15     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing.",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Believes in truth, justice, etc.",common,strong
10     Rivalry,"Whitney Fordman or anyone dating Lana or Chloe.",
        romantic,in superior position
15     Secret ID,"Alien"
10     Susc,"Green kryptonite.",uncommon,per turn,1D6
 5     Watched,"by parents.",as powerful,non-combat influence,mild,
        appear 8-
10     Watched,"by Lex Luthor",more powerful,non-combat influence,
        mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: I decided to give Clark two sets of Characteristics. The higher ones are his normally, and the lower ones are when he is near kryptonite (the green variety of course). I tried to write this page based solely on the events of the Smallville television show, and not assume anything about the character other then what we see in it. It should be noted that placing an Enhanced Sense within a Power Framework requires permission of the Game Master.

Smallville History: The boy known today as Clark Kent arrived as a young child in a space ship that crashed near the farm of Martha and Jonathan Kent years ago during a meteor shower in Smallville, Kansas. The Kents named him Clark after Martha's maiden name. Jonathan and Martha took the boy home, where he shocked them by crawling under a bed and lifting the 500 pound wood frame over his head. The Kents decided to take Clark to a doctor, but while waiting to see the doctor Martha warned Jonathan if they told anyone about his abilities they'd never see Clark again, so they went home. With the help of Lionel Luthor the Kents were able to fake an adoption of the boy. In return for helping the Kents, Lionel asked them to aid him in a business deal in Smallville, something they later regretted.

When Clark first started school he met young Pete Ross. When Clark and Pete were attacked by a school bully, Clark impressed everyone by throwing the boy through a door, but after that he learned to better hide his abilities.

Clark and Pete used to hang out with another boy named Greg Arkin, but then later they grew apart as Greg became obsessed with insects (mentioned in Metamorphosis 1.02).

Clark set up the loft in the Kent barn as his own, his father referring to it as his Fortress of Solitude.

In 8th grade a girl named Chloe Sullivan joined school with Clark. She had moved to Smallville from Metropolis and Clark was assigned to show her around school. When Clark invited her back to his barn she kissed him, his first kiss.

Clark later attended Smallville High, where he worked in the school paper and made good friends with Chloe Sullivan. Clark developed a crush on schoolmate Lana Lang, but she dated school jock Whitney Fordman.

Clark saved the wealthy Alexander "Lex" Luthor from a car crash, and since then Lex has tried to help Clark, while being suspicious of Clark's abilities. Clark's parents told him of his unworldly origin, this lead to guilt over the all the bad things that have happened in Smallville because of the meteors. Clark did his best to make things better for others and together with Pete and Chloe started to investigate strange happenings in Smallville linked to the meteor shower.

Clark came into conflict with Greg when he was transformed into an insect-boy thanks to the meteor rocks. Greg was killed in the fight with Clark (Metamorphosis 1.02).

Clark developed the ability to see through solid matter about the same time he first came into conflict with Tina Greer. Tina had gained the ability to change shape and had increased strength because of exposure to meteor rocks, but Clark uncovered a plot by her to take over Lana's life (X-Ray 1.04).

The Kents took in a young runaway boy named Ryan who could read minds. Ryan learned Clark's secret, but because he saw Clark as a hero and older brother, he kept the secret (Stray 1.16)

When Pete discovered the space ship Clark came to Earth in, Clark revealed his secret. Although Pete was shocked at first, he kept Clark's secret and their friendship became closer (Vortex 2.01).

Clark learned he could shoot beams of heat from his eyes (Heat 2.02).

Clark was exposed to a red meteor fragment, which altered his personality to be more amoral for a short time, but he was cured (Red 2.04).

After being exposed to a piece of alien technology Clark learned to read the language on artifacts on his space ship. Clark eventually learned from a scientist that his ship came from a planet called Krypton, and named the meteor fragments that fell with his ship kryptonite.

Trivia: On the Smallville television show, the part of Clark Kent is played by actor Tom Welling. In flashbacks the part is also played by child actor Malkolm Alburquenque.

Lana: ''What do you think you'll be doing for a living?''
Clark: ''I don't know. As long as it doesn't involve wearing a suit and doing a lot of flying.''

Powers: Clark is a human looking alien. He has powers beyond those of mortal men. He has great strength, enabling him to lift cars with ease. He can move so quickly he is a blur to others and can resist most conventional physical damage. He has displayed the ability to see through objects and has at least a small level of telescopic vision. He can shoot heat beams from his eyes. Clark is also capable of making lightning fast calculations rivaling that of a computer and has a photographic memory. Clark has proven immune to telepathic mind reading. Clark has recently displayed enhanced hearing.

His powers seem to be increasing with age, and it is possible he will discover other abilities as he grows up. Clark once dreamed he was flying and woke up floating over his bed, but he cannot control that ability.

Clark is diminished by the presence of green meteorite fragments, which he has dubbed kryptonite, which sadly litter the ground in Smallville. Although he can be hurt when under it's influence, he will heal from any damage quickly when away from the fragments. The rarer red kryptonite do not effect him physically, but seem to cloud his judgement, making him wilder and less inhibited.

Clark's powers were once transferred to someone else when they were struck by lightning while near green kryptonite, but another electrical jolt transferred them back to Clark.

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