Buffy Anne Summers for Nightspawn.

A bit of explanation: Buffy is a character from the television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I decided to convert her to a character for the Nightspawn role playing game as a Slayer R.C.C. I used the Warlord Nightspawn skill package for her, because it seemed to best reflect her general knowledge and street smarts.

Buffy Anne Summers

Quotes From Buffy:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Buffy: ''I don't see you out there killing any vampires.''
Merrick: ''I play my part.''
Buffy: ''You can play with your part all you want, but it's my neck on the block. I'm out there risking my life. I'm risking my life and you're not doing anything!''
Some Assembly Required 2.02 - Buffy: ''Are you jealous?
Angel: ''Of Xander? Please. He's just a kid.''
Buffy: ''Is it 'cause I danced with him?''
Angel: ''Danced with is a pretty loose term. Mated with might be a little closer.''
Dead Man's Party 3.02 - Joyce: ''You going out?''
Buffy: ''Oh, um, well, if it's okay. I, um, I'd like to find Willow and Xander.''
Joyce: ''Will you be slaying?''
Buffy: ''Only if they give me lip.''
Gingerbread 3.11 - Willow: ''You've seen what we can do! Another step and you will all feel my power!''
Buffy: ''What are you gonna do, float a pencil at 'em?''
Known Aliases: See the list.
Alignment: Unprincipled
Insanity: Obsession - Destroying Supernatural Monsters
Attributes: I.Q.: 17, M.E.: 26, M.A.: 11, P.S.: 37, P.P.: 13, P.E.: 23, P.B.: 18, Spd: 25
Hit Points: P.E.+48 = 71
S.D.C.: 141
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: 21
O.C.C.: Slayer
Level Of Experience: 6
Natural Abilities: Fatigues at one tenth normal rate, can carry P.S.x200 lbs. and lift P.S.x300 lbs. Automatic dodge. Buffy has superhuman strength.
Magical Knowledge: Buffy cannot cast spells, but has witnessed spell casting and aided her friend Willow in her casting.
Combat Abilities: +22 to damage, +4 to initiative, +3 to disarm, +5 to pull punch, +7 to roll, +1 to parry, +1 to dodge.
Attacks Per Melee Round: 8
Damage: Punch=1D6+2, Power Punch=2D6+12, Kick=2D4, Karate Kick=2D6+2
Bonuses: +6 to save vs. mind altering drugs, +10 to save vs. horror factor, +8 to save vs. possession/mind control, +1 to save vs. magic illusions, +3% to all skills (already added in), +6 to save vs. psionics/insanity, +12% to save vs. coma/death, +3 to save vs. poison/magic.
Vulnerabilities/Penalties: None
R.C.C. Skills: (Buffy uses the Warlord Nightspawn skill package.)
  • Physical: Prowl +10% = 73%
  • Physical: Running
  • Rogue: Pick Locks +15% = 78%
  • Rogue: Streetwise +15% = 62%
  • Science: Mathematics: Basic +5% = 83%
  • Technical: Language: English +10% = 93%
  • Special: Charm/Impress 40%

  • R.C.C. Related Skills:
  • Domestic: Cook 68% (She cooked Thanksgiving dinner in Pangs 4.08.)
  • Espionage: Detect Ambush +5% = 68%
  • Espionage: Interrogation Techniques +5% = 78% (She pumped Willy for information in What's My Line Part 2 2.10.)
  • Physical: Athletics (She was a cheerleader and ice skater.)
  • Physical: Gymnastics (She said she did gymnastics in the movie.)
    Back Flip +5% = 98%
    Climb +5% = 33%
    Climb Rope +5% = 90%
    Prowl bonus of +5%
    Sense of Balance +5% = 88%
    Work Parallel Bars & Rings +5% = 86%
  • Pilot: Automobile +5% = 78% (She drove her mother's Jeep Charokee Sport in Band Candy 3.06. Gained at 2nd level.)
  • Science: Mathematics: Advanced 78%
  • ? (Gained at 2nd level.)
  • ? (Gained at 5th level.)
  • ? (Gained at 5th level.)

  • Secondary Skills:
  • Domestic: Dance 63% (She danced with Xander in When She Was Bad 2.01 and Angel in The Prom 3.20.)
  • Technical: Language: French 83% (She mentioned she took French class in Go Fish 2.20.)
  • Technical: Literacy: English 63%
  • Technical: Lore: Demons and Monsters 68%
  • Technical: Lore: Vampires 63% (Well duh.)
  • Technical: Lore: Research 83%

  • Allies of Note: She can count on help from her mother Joyce Summers and her friends Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris and Rupert Giles. She could also expect some help from Anya Jenkins, Tara Maclay and Angel.
    Minions: None
    Weapons & Equipment: Buffy has used a wide array of weapons over the years, from tree branches to anti-tank weapons. She commonly carries a simple wooden stake and wears a cross.
    Money: Buffy seems to be well off, with her mother owning an art gallery.

    Appearance: Buffy is an attractive woman who stands 5'3''. She has green eyes and brown hair, which she dies blonde.

    Personality: Buffy is a no nonsense girl with a quick wit. She used to wish she could be normal, but has come to accept her destiny as a Slayer. She cares deeply for her friends and will risk her life to protect them.

    Buffy History: Buffy Anne Summers was born in January 1981 in Los Angeles to the now divorced Joyce and Hank Summers.

    Buffy When she was eight Buffy would pretend to be Power Girl and play with her cousin Celia, which would turn out to be a prophetic choice of alter ego. Celia was killed by the invisible child killing demon known as the Kinderstod. Buffy witnessed the death at the hospital and developed a fear of hospitals (recounted in Killed By Death 2.18).

    She came to idolize the Olympic ice skater Dorothy Hammil, and learned to ice skate (mentioned in What's My Line Part 1 2.09).

    When Buffy was 12 years old she dressed up as Little Red Riding hood and father took her trick-or-treating (mentioned in Fear, Itself 4.05).

    In fifth grade Buffy had a crush on a sixth grader named William "Billy" Fordham, but he didn't notice her (recounted in Lie To Me 2.07).

    Buffy started attending Hemery High School, in Los Angeles, in the fall of 1995. She was elected both Prom Princess and Fiesta Queen and she joined the cheer leading squad.

    Buffy In the Spring of 1996 Buffy learned from a watcher named Merrick that she was the chosen one, the Slayer of vampires. Buffy was attacked by an ancient vampire named Lothos, who enjoyed hunting down Slayers. To avoid being turned by Lothos, Merrick had to kill himself. Buffy then teamed up with a rebellious youth named Pike in confronting Lothos and his minions. She was able to defeat them when they attacked her at a school dance, but she burned down the school gymnasium in the process. Buffy and Pike then took a trip to Las Vegas together (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Origin #1-3).

    After her first encounter with vampires Buffy told her parents about what happened. Thinking she was going crazy they sent her to an institution, where Buffy quickly learned not to mention what happened to her and she was released in a few weeks. Both Buffy and her parents never spoke of it again (mentioned in Normal Again 6.17).

    Her parents, who had been having marital difficulties for some time, finalized their divorce.

    Joyce gained custody of Buffy, and the pair moved to a house at 1630 Revello Drive in Sunnydale, California.

    Buffy Buffy enrolled as a sophomore at Sunnydale High School mid way through the school year. She met several students she became friends with, including Cordelia Chase, a popular and snobby socialite, Willow Rosenberg, a shy girl who Buffy asked to help her catch up with her studies, Alexander Lavelle Harris, Willow's friend who immediately fell for Buffy, and Jesse McNally, a friend of Willow's and Xander's. She was shocked to discover that the school librarian, Rupert Giles, was a watcher like Merrick, and he knew she was the Slayer. On her first day at school a body was discovered in a girls locker, when Buffy investigated it she discovered it was the work of a vampire. When she confronted Rupert about it, he told her that the city of Sunnydale seemed to be a mystical convergence, which attracted the supernatural. That night Buffy went to meet Willow at the Bronze, a club, to study together. On the way she ran into a mysterious man who warned her she was standing on the mouth of Hell, and gave her a necklace with a cross. She met Willow at the club and Willow confessed that she secretly had a crush on Xander. Buffy advised her to move on if he wasn't interested. Buffy then spotted Rupert in the crowd, and went to talk to him. He explained that the club was a perfect hunting ground for vampires, and that she should be able to tell one from the crowd focusing on them. She did spot one, and he was leaving the club with Willow! Buffy tried to follow but lost them. She did run into Xander, who asked if she was looking for a vampire. It seems he was in the library earlier and overheard Buffy and Rupert. She convinced him that Willow was in trouble and the two of them were able to track Willow to a cemetery where they found Willow and Jesse being attacked. Buffy was able to fight the vampires off and get out with Willow and Xander, but Jesse was taken by the vampires (Welcome To The Hellmouth 1.01).

    ''To make you a vampire they have to suck your blood, and then you have to suck their blood. It's like a whole big sucking thing. Mostly they're just gonna kill you.'' - Buffy

    Buffy The next day Buffy, Willow and Xander met with Rupert in the library and he let them know what was going on with vampires and the Slayer. Buffy then skipped out of school to try and find Jesse, who she realized must have been taken into a sewer entrance under the cemetery. When she arrived there she was met by the stranger again, who said his name was Angel. He warned her it was a trap, but she went in anyway, followed secretly by Xander. When they arrived they discovered Jesse was already a vampire and they barely escaped alive. Later that night Buffy, Willow, Xander and Rupert stopped a massacre at the Bronze that would have lead to the release of the Master, an ancient vampire living under the city (The Harvest 1.02).

    ''There's something you forgot about, too. Sunrise! It's in about nine hours, moron!'' - Buffy

    Buffy Buffy started to hang out with Willow and Xander, who showed up to support her for cheer leader tryouts. During tryouts one of the cheer leaders burst into flame. After several more odd occurrences involving cheer leaders, they came to the conclusion that a witch was cursing the cheer leading team. They had the theory that it was Willow's friend Amy was trying to eliminate the competition. In time they discovered that Amy's mother Catherine, a former cheer leader, was trying to relive her youth by living through daughter's body. Since Buffy was ahead of her on the list of alternates, and because Catherine suspected Buffy knew she was a witch, Catherine cast a bloodstone vengeance spell on Buffy and she nearly died. While Willow and Xander distracted Catherine, Rupert and Amy undid the spells Catherine had cast. Catherine was caught in a reflected spell meant for Buffy and was never seen again (The Witch 1.03).

    ''She switched! She switched your bodies, didn't she?'' - Buffy

    Buffy In 1997 Xander was then targeted by a She-Mantis demon pretending to be a hot substitute teacher for a romp in the sack and a snack afterward. Buffy, Willow and Rupert were able to track the demon down and kill her before Xander was hurt (Teacher's Pet 1.04).

    Buffy Rupert then learned of a prophecy of the coming of the Anointed One about the time Buffy came into the interest of hunky upperclassman Owen Thurman. She dated him, much to Xander's dismay, but when Owen tagged along when she was flighting the supposed Anointed One, Andrew Borba, Buffy decided to break up with Owen for his own safety. Although Buffy thought she killed the Anointed One, the vampire she slayed was not him, and the real Anointed One, Colin, joined the Master (Never Kill A Boy On The First Date 1.05).

    ''Well, in that case I won't wear my button that says, 'I'm the Slayer, ask me how!''' - Buffy

    Buffy Buffy, Willow and Xander took a trip to the Sunnydale zoo with their class. While there Xander noticed that four school bullies, Kyle DuFours, Tor Hauer, Heidi Barrie and Rhonda Kelley, were picking on another student, Lance Lincoln. Xander followed them into a restricted hyena exhibit, where he confronted them. The students unknowingly interrupted a magic ritual by the zoo keeper, Doctor Weirick, who was attempting to gain the strength and spirit of the hyenas for himself. This resulted in Xander and the four bullies being possessed by the hyena spirit. The pack of students became very animalistic, eating the school mascot, Herbert the pig. After insulting Willow and attacking Buffy, Rupert confirmed they were possessed. Buffy captured Xander, but the other four then attacked and ate Principal Bob Flutie. Buffy and Rupert got a hold of Weirick, who tricked them into returning the pack to him, supposedly to free the students of the possession, but he wanted the powers for himself. Weirick knocked out Rupert and was able to get the spirits from the students through a ritual which threatened Willow, but once freed Xander saved Willow from Weirick. Buffy fought Weirick, who fell in the hyena pen and was eaten. Afterwards Xander feigned not remembering what he did while possessed, even though Rupert knew he should have a full memory of what happened (The Pack 1.06).

    ''I cannot believe that you, of all people, are trying to Scully me. There is something supernatural at work here. Get your books! Look stuff up!'' - Buffy

    Buffy & Angel In an attempt to kill Buffy, the Master sent vampire warriors, called The Three, but Angel was able to help Buffy escape them. Angel was wounded and spent the day at Buffy's house hiding. Buffy started training with the quarter staff and bow. The Master had The Three killed for failing him. Buffy went to Angel the next night, where they admitted they had feelings for each other and kissed, but then in the excitement he vamped out. Frightened, he ran away. The next day Rupert researched Angel and discovered a vampire named Angelus who fit his description. Rupert's diaries said Angelus was a vicious animal, but they also said he came to North America a hundred years ago and there was no record of him feeding here. Xander and Willow tried to console her, as she knew what she had to do. Darla then came to Angel in his lair telling him he was welcome to come back to them, but he refused. Darla decided the only way to deal with the Slayer and Angel was to get them to fight. She arranged to attack Buffy's mother Joyce and make it look like Angel attacked her. Buffy believed it and went hunting for Angel. Buffy then learned the truth and learned that Angel was cursed by gypsies with the guilt of a human soul. Darla then attempted to shoot the Slayer, but Angel staked Darla to protect Buffy. The next night Angel and Buffy agreed they couldn't be together despite their feelings for each other and kissed good bye (Angel 1.07).

    Buffy Buffy, Willow and Xander decided to help Rupert in his indexing books on the recently installed computer system in the library, with the aid of computer teacher Jenny Calender and ace computer students Dave Kirby and Fritz Siegel. One of those books ended up being an ancient volume which contained the essence of the demon Moloch the Corrupter, which Willow scanned. Moloch was absorbed into the computer network. For the next week Willow developed an online romance with Malcolm Black, a supposed student of a nearby school, but he was really Moloch. Moloch contacted several computer and robotics specialists at the same time, including Fritz and Dave, who aided him in creating a new robotic body he could inhabit in return for promises of power and love. When Buffy started investigating Malcolm, Moloch sent Dave to kill Buffy, but Dave couldn't bring himself to kill Buffy. Moloch had Fritz kill Dave for failing him. Moloch had Fritz kidnap Willow to reveal himself to her. When Fritz arrived Moloch killed him, Moloch revealed himself to Willow and professed his love for her, but she rejected him. Buffy and Xander tracked Willow down as Rupert and Jenny were able to cast a binding spell which removed Moloch from the internet, trapping it inside the robotic body. Buffy fought Moloch and although he was stronger then her, she tricked him into electrocuting himself. Afterwards Willow became depressed about her affair with Malcolm, but Xander and Willow cheered her up with their own stories of romance gone wrong (I Robot, You Jane 1.08).

    Scoobies After B. Snyder was appointed the new Principal of Sunnydale High he assigned Rupert to run the annual Talent Show. Cordelia entered right away, where she demonstrated her singing ability. When Snyder caught Buffy, Willow and Xander mocking Rupert and skipping class he decided to punish them by forcing them to participate in the Talent Show. Tragedy struck when dancer Emily Djiemanowicz was found a few days before the show killed, her heart cut out. Buffy and her friends started a private investigation into the death, suspecting a possible demon involvement, and falsely came to suspect ventriloquist Morgan Shay. They eventually discovered that Morgan's dummy was actually a cursed demon hunter named Sid, who was tracking the demon who cursed him, who he suspected was one of the members of the talent show. The demon killed Morgan and targeted Rupert for the healthy brain he needed next on his organ list, but Buffy, Xander, Willow and Sid were able to defeat him. Since Sid's human body had long since died, this released Sid's soul to peaceful death, which he welcomed. Buffy, Willow and Xander then performed a dramatic scene for the Talent Show (Puppet Show 1.09).

    Buffy Strange things then started to happen at Sunnydale High, stranger then usual. A fellow student was suddenly attacked by a large numbers of spiders and another was attacked by a deformed man in the basement. Xander had his clothes suddenly disappear in class and Rupert lost the ability to read. Buffy, Xander, Willow and Rupert figured out that nightmares were coming true. They also learned a young boy named Billy at the local hospital was in a coma after being beaten. Buffy was visited by the dream self of the boy and they tried to help him to wake up. Buffy then suffered from the nightmare that she was defeated by the Master, buried alive and turned into a vampire herself. Despite this she was able to defeat the deformed man, who was the manifestation of the boy's fears and helped Billy to wake up. Sunnydale returned to what passes for normal (Nightmares 1.10).

    ''Scary! I'll tell you something, though. There are a lot scarier things than you, and I'm one of them.'' - Buffy

    Buffy As the school year was ending Cordelia ran for May Queen while she was dating school jock Mitch Fargo. Mitch was attacked in the locker room by a floating baseball bat. Buffy, Xander, Willow and Rupert investigated the attack. Thinking it might have been a ghost Willow investigated all the dead and missing Sunnydale students. Cordelia's friend Harmony was pushed down the stairs by an unseen assailant, who Buffy felt brush against her as it escaped and heard a giggle. Buffy guessed the attacker was an invisible girl. Seeing Cordelia as a common thread in the attacks, Buffy started watching Cordelia as she was preparing her May Queen dress. Angel then visited Rupert in the library, where they talked about Buffy. Rupert was investigating the prophecies of the Master and Buffy, but was having no luck. Angel said he could get Rupert a copy of the Pergamum Codex, a book of Slayer prophecies. Buffy heard a flute playing in the school at night. Cordelia was elected May Queen. From Willow's list of missing kids she found that missing student Marcie Ross played the flute in band. Checking out the band room Buffy discovered a hidden nest in the ceiling tiles where Marcie was living. Looking through Marcie's yearbook Buffy found she had no friends. Cordelia discovered her favorite teacher, Miss Miller, nearly suffocated by an invisible assailant. Buffy met with Xander, Willow and Rupert in the library. Rupert realized Marcie had become invisible because everyone ignored her. Cordelia then joined them in the library realizing someone was hurting her friends, hoping Buffy could help her. Buffy decided to go with Cordelia to prepare for her coronation as May Queen, hoping it would lure out Marcie. Xander, Rupert and Willow heard a flute playing in the school and went after Marcie, but it ended up being a trap. Marcie locked them in a room with a gas leak. Marcie then knocked out Buffy and Cordelia and took them to the Bronze to put them on display. Angel arrived with the Codex in time to save Xander, Willow and Rupert. Marcie attempted to cut up Cordelia's face, but Buffy escaped and was able to knock Marcie out. Marcie was then taken away by the F.B.I. Although Cordelia was thankful for Buffy and friends saving her, she soon reverted to form and treated them as losers. The F.B.I. put Marcie into training as an assassin (Out of Mind, Out of Sight 1.11).

    Buffy Rupert learned from the Pergamum Codex that Buffy was destined to face the Master in combat and die. Although she tried to quit being the Slayer, Buffy realized she had to fight him after Willow discovered a number of students in the school were slaughtered by the Master's minions. The Anointed One lead Buffy to the Master, leading to Buffy being overpowered and drained by him, then thrown into a pool of water. This freed the Master and opened the hellmouth. Xander and Angel showed up after the Master left and Xander gave Buffy C.P.R. He was able to revive her. Buffy returned to life more powerful then before. As Rupert, Xander, Willow, Cordelia and Jenny fought the minions of the Master Buffy fought the Master himself. She was able to defeat him and as he died the hellmouth closed (Prophecy Girl 1.12).

    ''Giles I'm sixteen years old I don't want to die.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Buffy spent the summer with her father in Los Angeles, then returned to Sunnydale just in time to save Willow and Xander from a vampire attack. Willow, Xander and even Cordelia noticed a change in Buffy's attitude, she had become cold and harsh. Angel welcomed her back and she was hurtful with him too. She even teased Xander sexually at the Bronze, then left him cold. Although Xander thought Buffy might be possessed, Rupert believed she had issues to deal with after her death experience fighting the Master. The remaining followers of the Master then recovered his bones and attempted to resurrect him using a spell which required the sacrifice of those who were near him when he died. They kidnapped Rupert, Willow, Jenny and Cordelia. Buffy, Angel and Xander were able were able to beat the location of the ceremony out of a vampire and save them, killing most of the Master's remaining followers except the Anointed One. Buffy then dealt with her issues by smashing the bones of the Master with a sledge hammer. The next day at school she made up with Willow and Xander (When She Was Bad 2.01).

    ''You're a vampire. Or is that an offensive term? Should I say undead American?'' - Buffy

    Buffy When out patrolling Buffy and Angel came across the dug up and empty grave of a recently killed high school cheer leader. She eventually discovered that high school students Chris Epps and Eric were trying to build a zombie mate for Chris's zombie brother Daryl. When Chris and Eric targeted Cordelia to provide the head for their creation Buffy was able to save her and confronted the boys. She learned Chris had reanimated Daryl. During a fight in the school science building a fire broke out and Daryl and the unfinished body or his mate burned up (Some Assembly Required 2.02).

    Buffy After the fall of the Master, a pair of vampires named Spike and Drusilla came to Sunnydale. Spike lead a cadre of vampires to attack Sunnydale High School, but was defeated thanks to the efforts of Buffy and Joyce (School Hard 2.03).

    Buffy, Willow and Xander attended a class trip the Sunnydale museum, where fellow student Rodney Munsen broke the seal protecting the mummy of an Inca princess. The princess reanimated after hours and sucked the life out of Rodney. Having overheard Buffy's plans to pick up a foreign exchange student, the mummy got to him first and then took his place in the foreign exchange, staying at Buffy's house. The princess and Xander hit it off, but she was hunted by a guardian who knew to stay alive she would have to continue to feed on human life forces. The princess killed the guardian and then accepted an offer of a date with Xander a dance at the Bronze. When the princess needed to feed again she left Xander and nearly drained another student named Jonathan Levinson, but Xander interrupted them. Sensing that Rupert was attempting to fix the seal that imprisoned her, the princess returned to the museum and attacked Rupert. Buffy, Willow and Xander followed and saved Rupert. When the princess tried to drain Willow, Xander insisted the princess take him instead. Her indecision over taking Xander's life delayed her long enough to finally turn into a dried out corpse again and fall apart (Inca Mummy Girl 2.04).

    Buffy & Xander When Rupert's old mate Ethan Rayne arrived in Sunnydale, he set up a costume shop just before Halloween, where he sold cursed costumes which turned their wearers into what they were dressed as on Halloween night. Buffy was turned into a shy princess with no powers or memories of her life, Willow was turned into a ghost and Xander became a soldier. Angel and Cordelia helped them survive as Spike went hunting for the now helpless Slayer. Rupert was able to break the curse, but Ethan escaped (Halloween 2.06).

    ''Musta been wonderful. Put on some fantabulous gown and go to a ball like a princess, and have horses and servants, and yet more gowns.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Ethan returned to Sunnydale when the demon Eygon was out to kill him and Rupert. Eygon, possessing the body of a dead friend of Rupert's attacked them all. It was captured, but then it possessed Jenny. Wanting to throw Eygon off his tracks Ethan captured Buffy and tattooed the mark of Eygon on her shoulder. Willow devised a plan to force Eygon to transfer itself to Angel's body and Angel was able to destroy the demon. Ethan escaped again. Although Jenny recovered, the experience put a damper on her interest in Rupert (The Dark Age 2.08).

    Buffy & Angel In 1998 hormones eventually won out over reason in Buffy and Angel's relationship. Buffy made a tragic mistake in sleeping with him on her 17th birthday (Surprise 2.13).

    Buffy Angel's curse was set to return to him to his evil soulless self if he ever experienced a moment of true happiness. Buffy gave him a whole night of it and the next morning their was a new soulless bloodsucker with a talent for destruction in town (Innocence 2.14).

    Buffy Unable to put up with the harassment from her piers about dating Xander any more, Cordelia broke up with him on Valentines day. Xander was so upset by her treatment of him he blackmailed Amy, who he knew was learning witchcraft, into helping him cast a love spell on Cordelia. Xander planned to make Cordelia love him again so he could break up with her, but the spell backfired and all women who saw Xander except Cordelia fell in love with him. Willow even offered herself to Xander in bed, which he refused. Buffy and Amy fought for Xander's affections, which resulted in Amy getting a bloody nose and Buffy magically transmuted into a rat. Eventually even Jenny, Buffy's mother Joyce, Drusilla and most of the women at Sunnydale High School were hunting for Xander to express their love as well as hunting Cordelia for hurting him the way she did. Xander and Cordelia hid together, narrowly escaping Angel, who was looking to kill Xander as a gift to Buffy. Rupert and Amy were able to remove the spells turning Buffy back to a human being and lift the love spell from Xander. Luckily most of the women forgot what happened afterwards. Cordelia was so impressed that Xander had turned to magic to win her heart and that he protected her when she was threatened by the other women that she got back together with him, even though it made her an outcast among her old friends (Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered 2.16).

    ''I don't know, I just... heard that you and Cordy broke up, and I guess I was just surprised how glad I was. It's funny... how you can see someone every day but not really see them. You know?'' - Buffy

    Buffy Just before the Sadie Hawkins dance the school started to be haunted by poltergeist activity. Rupert mistakenly believed that Jenny's ghost was responsible. Buffy learned that the spirit of a boy named James Stanley was trapped in the high school and was forcing people to relive the horror of the night he accidentally shot his lover and teacher Grace Newman then killed himself. Although Buffy, Willow, Cordelia and Xander tried to bind the spirit with a spell, they failed. Eventually James was able to possess Buffy and Grace was able to possess Angel as they relived the night of their deaths together. Because Angel was not killed by the bullet Grace was able to forgive James and the cycle of reliving the night was broken (I Only Have Eyes For You 2.19).

    Buffy Kendra returned to Sunnydale when signs pointed to the rise of the demon Acathla. She brought a sword that could be used to slay the demon and warned Kendra, but Kendra was killed by Drusilla in an attack on the library which left Willow in the hospital, Xander with a broken arm, and Rupert the captive of Angel (Becoming Part 1 2.21).

    Buffy By making an alliance with Spike, who didn't want to see Angel destroy the world, Buffy was able to settle her differences with Angel by sending him to hell, but she did it right as Willow was successful in duplicating the curse that gave Angel his human soul. Spike and Drusilla left Sunnydale, supposedly never to return. After having to kill Angel and having a falling out with her mother Buffy left Sunnydale (Becoming Part 2 2.22).

    Buffy After a summer in Los Angeles under the alias Anne, Buffy helped defeat the demon Ken and helped a girl named Lily and some other young people. Buffy then returned to Sunnydale (Anne 3.01).

    ''I don't want any trouble. I just want to be alone and quiet in a room with a chair and a fireplace and a tea cozy. I don't even know what a tea cozy is, but I want one. Instead, I keep getting trouble, which I am more than willing to share. What are you doing with these kids?'' - Buffy

    Buffy Buffy met Kendra's replacement, a Slayer named Faith and started to date Scott Hope. It was at this time that Angel returned from hell. Rupert contacted the Council of Watchers and it was decided that Faith would remain with him in Sunnydale until a new watcher could be found for her (Faith, Hope and Trick 3.03).

    Rupert & Buffy Willow was abducted by a group of vampires the night before Halloween to be kept as a snack for Halloween night. Buffy dressed as Jason Vorhees, Xander dressed as Dracula and Willow's boyfriend Daniel "Oz" Osborne dressed as a shark. They combined taking kids trick or treating with looking for Willow. Buffy found Willow's shirt in the back of a truck at an deserted house, sent her kids home and went in where she fought the vampires and saved Willow (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #2).

    Buffy After a few weeks Scott dumped Buffy because she seemed to distant and distracted, she never told him of her duties as the Slayer. Learning Cordelia was running for prom queen Buffy decided to try for it as well. Buffy decided to attend with Faith. Faith took great pleasure in ruining Scott's evening when she saw him there with another woman. The vampire Mister Trick planned Slayerfest '98, where a number of teams would compete in taking out Buffy and Faith, but they ended up mistaking Cordelia for Faith. Kidnapped and forced to fight, Buffy and Cordelia were able to defeat the various teams and made it to the prom just in time for both of them to lose as prom queen (Homecoming 3.05).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #3 When Buffy threw out her blood soaked Halloween costume a vampire who survived from the ones she fought at Halloween took it from the garbage and attacked her on the way home from shopping for Thanksgiving. Although it tried to take her home and serve her for Thanksgiving dinner, Buffy broke free and slew the vampire (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #3).

    Buffy Faith's supposed new watcher, Gwendolyn Post, arrived in Sunnydale, and sent Faith on a mission to stop the demon Lagos from obtaining the glove of Myhnegon. Gwendolyn ended up betraying Faith and her friends, setting them against each other In an attempt to gain the power of the glove for herself. Buffy and Faith were able to defeat her (Revelations 3.07).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #4 Needing a source of money for her 1998 Christmas shopping and to pay for damages to a car she destroyed while fighting a vampire, Buffy got a job at the Popsicle Parlor. Angel visited her after hours and they went ice skating together until they were attacked by a minor ice demon. After telling Rupert, Xander, Cordelia and Willow about it Buffy went to work the next day where she discovered the manager summoning another ice demon in the freezer. This one was much more powerful, but Buffy and her friends were able to fight it with fire and by reading from the spell book the manager used. They then played in the snow left from the demon exploding (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #4).

    Buffy Having no place to go for Christmas, Faith accepted an invitation to stay with Buffy and Joyce for the holidays (Amends 3.10).

    Buffy & Willow After Christmas Buffy had to watch werewolf Oz for a night of the full moon, and Oz nearly escaped if not for Buffy beating him into submission and fracturing his arm. Although Oz understood her actions, Willow held beating Oz against Buffy. Buffy, Willow, Xander and Cordelia went to the Bronze to hear Oz's band, Dingoes Ate My Baby, play. Buffy got beeped by Rupert and they went to the school library where they discovered someone had ransacked Rupert's occult books and left them in a mess. While cleaning up they were attacked by a large black dog, which Cordelia shot with a crossbow and it ran off. The gang left a trap and they discovered that a man who was cursed to be hunted by the black dog was looking for a cure. The black dog showed up and chased him. Despite their best efforts to stop the dog it got the man and nearly caused the death of Willow, if Buffy hadn't saved her. Willow then forgave Buffy for hurting Oz and the gang celebrated New Years together (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #5).

    Buffy When two dead children were discovered in a park in Sunnydale, concerned parents started a witch hunt for people involved in the occult, spurred on secretly by a demon who fed on the strike it caused. Buffy, Willow and Amy were targeted by the entranced parents, lead by Joyce and Willow's mother Sheila Rosenberg. Xander and Oz rushed to save the girls, while Rupert and Cordelia used a spell to uncover the demon and break it's hold on the parents, but not before Amy magically turned herself into a rat in an attempt to fight the parents. Buffy and Willow were unable to restore Amy, but Willow kept her as a pet while she researched a cure (Gingerbread 3.11).

    ''Mom, dead people are talking to you. Do the math!'' - Buffy

    Buffy As part of a secret Watcher ritual when Buffy turned 18 years old the Council had Rupert strip her of her powers using drugs. They arranged to place her in a locked house with a vampire to prove her worth as a Slayer. The vampire escaped and kidnapped Joyce. Even at her reduced strength, Buffy was able to slay the vampire and save her mother. Although the Council was proud of Buffy, they decided to discharge Rupert for warning Buffy of the tests (Helpless 3.12).

    Buffy & Rupert A new watcher named Wesley Wyndam-Pryce arrived in Sunnydale to take over for Rupert in watching Faith and Buffy. Wesley had the Slayers try to retrieve an amulet of the demon Balthazar, the supposedly dead founder of a vampire swordsman cult, the Eliminati. Buffy and Faith recovered the amulet from a crypt and Buffy gave it to Angel for safe keeping. The real trouble for Faith started when she and Buffy were planning an assault on the lair of the demon. While fighting his vampire guardians, Faith accidentally killed the Deputy mayor of Sunnydale, who happened to be walking by during the fight. She tried to hide the death, and got Buffy to help her. Balthazar captured Wesley and Rupert to try to get the amulet back, but Buffy, Faith and Angel rescued them and slayed the demon and his minions (Bad Girls 3.14).

    After the powerful demon D'Hoffryn refused to help former vengeance demon Anya Jenkins get her powers back by folding time and letting her correct her mistake Anya become aware of Willow's reputation as a powerful witch and tried to fool her into helping her regain her powers. She approached Willow and they successfully created a temporal fold to pull an object from the past to them, but instead of pulling the necklace Anya wanted, they pulled the Willow of the alternate reality Anya once created. The Willow of that world was a powerful vampire, who proceeded to cause mayhem in Sunnydale. Anya discovered her mistake and allied herself with the vampire Willow. Eventually the vampire Willow and Anya were captured by Buffy and her friends and they forced Anya to help send the vampire Willow back to her own reality (Doppelgangland 3.16).

    Angel & Buffy In 1999 Buffy and Angel tried to make it work as a couple again, the fact that they could not make love, combined with the fact that he had killed and terrorized her friends while evil began to take their toll on their ability to stay together. Angel finally broke it off between them right before Buffy's senior Prom. Buffy slew a pack of Hellhounds sent by a student named Tucker Wells to stop the Prom, then attended the dance where she had her last dance with Angel (The Prom 3.20).

    Buffy While the students of Sunnydale High were preparing for their class of 1999 graduation, mayor Wilkins sent Faith on a mission to murder Professor Lester Worth because of his discoveries of a giant dead demon. Buffy and her friends learned the mayor's ascension was taking place during the graduation ceremony and started to prepare for it. Xander learned Anya had witnessed an ascension in the past and had her give all the information she knew to the gang. Buffy sent her mother out of town to avoid her being at the ceremony. When investigating the murder Faith shot Angel with a poison arrow that would kill him slowly. The only cure for the poison was to drain the blood of a Vampire Slayer. Although Buffy attempted to capture and feed Faith to Angel to cure him, Faith got away (Graduation Day Part 1 3.21).

    The bite. Buffy forced Angel to drink her own blood to save his life. Angel stopped himself from draining her completely and took her to the hospital. In the hospital the mayor discovered Buffy was unconscious and Faith ina coma. He attempted to kill Buffy, but Angel stopped him. Buffy had a dream where Faith told Buffy to use human weakness against the mayor. After Buffy recovered she formulated a plan to enlist the entire high school in defeating the mayor. With the help of Xander, Willow, Cordelia, Angel, Wesley, Jonathan, Harmony and Larry they organized the graduating student body into a small army which survived the mayor's vampire minions. Buffy goaded the demonized mayor into following her into the abandoned school library where Rupert set off a large bomb destroying the school and the mayor. After the fight Angel left for Los Angeles (Graduation Day Part 2 3.22).

    ''Hey! You remember this? I took it from Faith. Stuck it in her gut. Just slid in her like she was butter. You want to get it back from me Dick?'' - Buffy

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #20 As Angel was driving out of town he and Buffy came to the attention of a flying supernatural soul collector who wanted both their souls. The creature split in two and attacked Buffy and Angel at the same time, hoping their despair over loosing each other would get them to yield their souls to him. It got the upper hand on both of them and they both nearly died, but in dying their spirits met. They realized they had to learn to survive apart and they fought back, overcoming the soul collectors (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #20).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Haunted #2 Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Haunted #1 About two weeks after the destruction of Sunnydale High School Buffy and Xander wished Cordelia good bye as she left to pursue her acting career in Los Angeles. Willow patrolled with Buffy for a while, then she arranged to have high school basketball star Hogan Martin show up and talk to her about the things that happened at the Graduation. A spirit possessed newborn vampire and attacked her (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Haunted #1).

    Rupert and Xander were nearby and helped Buffy stake the possessed vampire, but Rupert was injured in the fight and was taken to Sunnydale General Hospital. The mayor then possessed a dead bird and followed Buffy. As Buffy slept the next night she had another nightmare of Faith attacking her (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Haunted #2).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Haunted #4 Willow then realized that something was possessing vampires, but didn't know what. Buffy had another nightmare of Faith. Buffy went to Faith's apartment to confront her nightmares only to find a giant possessed demon waiting for her. Willow and Xander arrived and Willow cast a spell casting out the spirit, but they never learned what it was (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Haunted #4).

    Buffy After Buffy graduated high school, she started to attend U.C. Sunnydale. She moved into a campus dorm with a new roommate, Kathy Newman and met several nice men including a fellow freshman named Eddie and a teacher's assistant named Riley Finn. She started taking psychology classes under Professor Maggie Walsh. Buffy rid the campus of a band of vampires who were preying on the students, but Eddie was sired by them and she had to slay him (The Freshman 4.01).

    Buffy Buffy had a hard time getting along with her roommate, Kathy and met a seemingly nice college student named Parker Abrhams. Kathy ended up being a demon on the run from her family in another dimension, who planned on stealing Buffy's soul to complete her disguise as a human while having the demons sent to bring her back think Buffy was her. Buffy defeated Kathy and she was returned to her dimension (Living Conditions 4.02).

    Buffy & Parker Spike then returned to Sunnydale with his new vampire girlfriend Harmony Kendall, a former classmate of Buffy's. The pair tried to dig up the gem of Amarra, a magic artifact that made any vampire who wore it unkillable. Buffy and Parker slept together, but afterward, he blew her off. Buffy defeated Spike and took the gem. She sent Oz with the gem to give it to Angel in Los Angeles (Harsh Light of Day 4.03).

    Buffy Buffy was then in a bit of a slump. Willow, Oz and Xander went with her to a Halloween party on campus. Buffy went as Little Red Riding Hood, Willow was Joan of Arc, Oz was god and Xander was James Bond. Xander invited Anya as his companion, which seemed to disappoint Buffy. Anya came to the party dressed as a bunny. The party was interrupted when a pint sized fear demon named Gachnar was accidentally summoned and possessed the house. Anya went to get Rupert for help and together they were able to defeat the demon (Fear, Itself 4.04).

    Buffy After Harmony dumped him and unable to feed, Spike made an offer to his worst enemy, Buffy. He teamed up with the Slayer in trying to learn more about the Initiative, who they were keenly interested in knowing about (Pangs 4.08).

    Buffy & Spike After getting over Parker, Buffy started to attract the attention of Riley. Things started to develop slowly with him until an accident with a spell cast by Willow caused Buffy and Spike to fall madly in love with each other, something they both found disgusting after the spell was lifted (Something Blue 4.09).

    Buffy & Riley Buffy had a dream about a group of demons called the Gentlemen coming to Sunnydale. Willow attended her wiccan group, but was upset she didn't find any spell casters in it, although a shy girl named Tara Maclay noticed her. Anya started to wonder if there was more to her relationship with Xander then just sex. The following night, when Spike stayed over at Xander's place, the Gentlemen did come, using a magic box to steal every ones voice. When Sunnydale awoke the next morning everyone had lost their voice, and the Gentlemen started to collect hearts of their silenced victims. Riley and the Initiative soldiers were sent out on patrol to keep the peace in Sunnydale and hunt down the cause. Rupert did research and discovered that only a human voice could stop the Gentlemen. Tara tried to team up with Willow to find a magical cure for the loss of their voices, but ended up nearly being taken by the Gentlemen. When Xander mistakenly believed Spike had attacked Anya, Xander beat the crap out of Spike, winning Anya's heart. Buffy went hunting for the Gentlemen, where she ended up accidentally meeting and teaming up with Riley against them. Riley destroyed the magic box that held their voices and a single scream from Buffy killed the Gentlemen. The next morning Buffy and Riley decided they needed to talk about their secret lives (Hush 4.10).

    Buffy Eventually Buffy and Riley made it work together, although they almost broke up when Buffy learned Riley was secretly a government demon hunter working for an operation called the Initiative (Doomed 4.11).

    Buffy Feeling like he wasn't needed any more by Buffy, Rupert spent the night out drinking with his old chaos sorcerer pal Ethan, which ended with Rupert waking up transformed into a Fyral demon. Unable to speak english in Fyral form, Rupert paid Spike to help him track down Ethan. Buffy and Riley mistakenly thought the Fyral demon attacked Rupert and tracked it, but eventually discovered the Fyral was Rupert. They forced Ethan to turn Rupert back and then Riley had the Initiative take Ethan into custody (A New Man 4.12).

    Buffy Faith eventually woke up from her coma, and proceeded to cause havoc in Sunnydale. She learned the mayor had been killed and their plans stopped by Buffy. A demon delivered a package to her containing a magical device the mayor wanted her to have and a message. The message said that if he died there would be no place in the world for Faith any more, but this device would take care of that. Faith took Joyce hostage and when Buffy came to rescue her Faith used the device to switch bodies with Buffy. Faith then knocked out Buffy, inside Faith's body, and turned her in to the police (This Year's Girl 4.15).

    Buffy In Faith Although Buffy, trapped in Faith's body, was captured by police and later by the Council of Watchers, she managed to escape and regain her own body, but not before Faith had started to take over Buffy's life. Faith had even had sex with Riley. Faith left Sunnydale (Who Are You 4.16).

    ''...and you have a girlfriend named Olivia, and you haven't had a job since we blew up the school, which is valid lifestyle wise. I mean, it's not like you're a slacker type, but... Oh, oh! when I had psychic power, I heard my mom think that you were like a stevedore during sex. What? Do you want me to continue?.. What's a stevedore?'' - Buffy

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Jonathan #1 In 2000, after Buffy's old school mate Jonathan cast a spell to make himself cool he ended up becoming a super star. Jonathan rescued a European princess who was attending U.C. Sunnydale from being abducted by Russian vampires, and Buffy helped him out by handing him a hot towel afterwards. After more Russian vampires attacked Buffy in Sunnydale Jonathan recruited Buffy, Riley, Xander, Anya, Rupert and Willow on to his team investigating them. Spike refused to join. Jonathan told them about the Zadamiye, which was the inspiration for the Initiative, where they experimented on and enhanced vampires. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Zadamiye was abandoned and the vampires left to die in the cells, but they escaped and came to Sunnydale. Jonathan lead his group to the hellmouth under the ruins of Sunnydale High School to find the vampires. Jonathan had Willow cast a spell that, for a short while, made them invisible to non-human eyes. They attacked the vampires, but Rupert was shot by a the vampire. The vampires were loosing and opened a water main as a last resort, hoping it would drown the gang. Jonathan lead them out of the tunnel where Spike picked them up, deciding to help out Jonathan, and took the group to the hospital as Jonathan looked after Rupert's wounds. Jonathan then returned home to his twin super model girlfriends for a good night's sleep (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Jonathan #1).

    Buffy The which made Jonathan super cool spell also called forth a demon which attacked Tara on the U.C. Sunnydale campus. Tara used magic to confuse the demon with a could of smoke and hid from it until Willow found her. Buffy defeated the demon which returned things to normal (Superstar 4.17).

    Riley & Buffy Xander and Anya had a argument over where their relationship was going. Buffy, Riley, Xander, Anya, Spike, Willow and Tara attended a party at Lowell house. Buffy and Riley ended up sneaking off to have sex together. Tara invited Willow to go horse back riding with her. The party was interrupted by a series of poltergeist attacks. Willow, Tara and Rupert did a magic spell together to try to put the spirits to rest, but only when Xander and Anya were able to stop Buffy and Riley did the spirits stop, as they were drawing power from Buffy and Riley's sexual energy (Where The Wild Things Are 4.18).

    Buffy After Spike was able to trick Willow, Buffy, Xander and Rupert into fighting each other, Tara and Anya hid together until things calmed down (The Yoko Factor 4.20).

    Buffy When preparing for her final confrontation with the rogue cyber-demonoid soldier Adam, Buffy lost Riley when Adam activated a control chip that had been implanted in him by Professor Walsh. Spike realized that disks he gave Willow wouldn't get to Buffy unless he got them together again after breaking them apart. Adam planned to get the demons, soldiers and Buffy to all fight each other, allowing him to pick from the pieces to build his demonoid army. Anya tried to help Xander get over the fight. Adam reanimated Riley's friend Forrest Gates into a cyber-demonoid soldier. Buffy came across Spike while exploring the caves Adam had once used and realized something was up when he knew they had a fight. Willow decrypted the disks and found out Adam's plans. Buffy got Willow, Xander and Rupert together and explained how Spike made them fight then figured out Adam's plan to get the demon and soldiers fight inside the Initiative. Rupert suggested a paralyzing spell he knew, but he wasn't powerful enough to cast the spell, Willow didn't speak the language needed, and they needed to get close to Adam to cast it. Xander jokingly suggested they needed to combine strengths and Rupert suggested an enjoining spell that would allow them to combine abilities. They broke into the Initiative, only to be captured by the soldiers there. Adam then released the demons. Riley escaped Adam's control and defeated Forrest. Xander, Willow and Rupert cast the enjoining spell, called on the power of the Slayers and gave their combined power to Buffy. Buffy was able to negate Adam's powers with the paralyzing spell and then ripped Adam's power supply out. Spike then helped Buffy lead the surviving soldiers out of the Initiative in hopes of them not staking him. The government then destroyed the Initiative (Primeval 4.21).

    ''You could never hope to grasp the source of our power, but yours is right here.'' - Buffy

    Buffy The next night Riley went to the government for debriefing as Willow, Xander and Rupert spent the night over at Buffy's house with her watching videos. They all fell asleep where they had nightmares of the first Slayer trying to kill them, who had been offended by being called on by them to defeat Adam. Buffy was able to defeat her and they woke up unharmed (Restless 4.22).

    ''I walk. I talk. I shop, I sneeze. I'm gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back. There's trees in the desert since you moved out, and I don't sleep on a bed of bones. Now give me back my friends.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Buffy was surprised to discover that the world famous vampire Dracula came to town and attempted to seduce her. Dracula put Xander under his control. Riley and Rupert discovered the castle he was hold out in and fought the three vampire sisters who worked for Dracula. Dracula attempted to take Buffy, but she fought off his attacks and defeated him. When Buffy returned home she found she had a 14 year old little sister named Dawn waiting (Buffy vs. Dracula 5.01).

    ''...and you're sure this isn't just some fanboy thing? 'Cause I've fought more than a couple pimply, overweight vamps that called themselves Lestat.'' - Buffy

    Buffy As tension mounted between Buffy and her little sister Dawn, Harmony returned to Sunnydale as head of her own vampire gang with plans to kill the Slayer. Buffy, Rupert, Dawn, Willow and Tara discovered the owner of the local magic shop dead from what seemed to be a vampire attack, Harmony's gang. Going over the scene of the crime Rupert realized how much money was to be made in a magic shop. Harmony's plans fell through when she went to Buffy's house only to learn Buffy was out, and Dawn was being watched by Anya and a Xander. Dawn accidentally invited Harmony inside, but Xander fought her off. When Buffy learned what Dawn had done she scolded Dawn. Spike crossed paths with Harmony in the graveyard where he made fun of her attempts to be a leader, but he also gave Harmony the idea to kidnap Dawn. Harmony's men grabbed Dawn. Buffy beat the location of Harmony's lair out of him, slew the gang and saved Dawn, although Harmony escaped. Rupert bought the magic shop, despite Buffy's warnings that the shop owners have a short life expectancies in Sunnydale (Real Me 5.02).

    Buffy The demon Toth decided to try to kill Buffy by using the Ferula-gemina in an attempt to divide her into two beings, one strong and one weak, but accidentally got Xander instead. Weak Xander thought strong Xander was a demon who had stolen his face, and was hurt when he saw that the supposed demon lived his life better than he did. The weak Xander went to Willow for help. Strong Xander got a new apartment and consoled Anya over her new perceived mortality. When Toth attacked again Buffy was able to slay him. Riley confided to Xander that he didn't think that Buffy return the love he had for her (The Replacement 5.03).

    Buffy It was eventually discovered that Dawn was the creation of a band of monks who were trying to hide the Key of Glorificus from that same banished hell god. They shaped the key into a human girl and placed her in Buffy's home for safe keeping, altering history so that Dawn was always a part of the Summers' family (No Place Like Home 5.05).

    Buffy When Buffy was nearly killed by a lone vampire in a routine night of patrolling, she became obsessed with how other Slayers were killed. She decided to talk with the one witness she knew of to other Slayer deaths, Spike. They went to the Bronze where he recounted his life story, and how he killed two Slayers in the past. He insisted there was no secret to killing a Slayer, that all Slayers have a death wish and one day Buffy would give in to hers. Buffy insisted he would never be the one to kill her because he was beneath her, which hurt Spike. He went back to his crypt, where Harmony tried to talk him into leaving Buffy alone, but Spike took a shotgun and planned on killing Buffy once and for all. When Spike arrived at Buffy's home Buffy was crying over her mother's medical condition and Spike found himself comforting her (Fool For Love 5.07).

    ''It wouldn't be you, Spike. It would never be you. You're beneath me.'' - Buffy

    Buffy When Spike learned that Riley was visiting a vampire whore house for suck jobs he informed Buffy, who was shocked. Riley said he wasn't feeling that Buffy needed him any more and told her the military had offered him a job, which he would take if she didn't want him to stay in Sunnydale. After Xander talked some sense into her Buffy decided to ask him to stay, but it was too late and Riley had left already. Xander then went home and told Anya how much he loved her (Into The Woods 5.10).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #36 As Buffy struggled to sort out her true and false memories of life with Dawn the former Slayer turned vampire, Yuki Makimura, came to Sunnydale with the intention of resurrecting her sire, the Master. Dawn ran away from home because no one would listen to her, but ended up staying at Spike's place as Harmony made a rather lame attempt on Buffy's life. When Buffy learned from Harmony that Dawn was with Spike Buffy made Dawn return home. Dawn had uncovered a gap in the Slayer history where the books seemed to indicate there was no Slayer. Spike confirmed there was a Slayer then, but she was deleted from the history books by the Council of Watchers. Rupert eventually broke down and admitted that Yuki was the missing Slayer. Yuki kidnapped Xander and took him to the remains of the old Sunnydale High School to use him as a vessel for the Master's spirit. Willow and Tara were able to find a spell that could delay the Master taking over Xander and Anya supplied a vapour blade that could be used to slay the Master's astral form. Yuki was able to capture Spike and wanted to offer him to the Master, as the one who killed the Anointed One. Buffy and her friends arrived and discovered Xander. During the fight with Yuki and her vampire monks Rupert dropped the blade, but Dawn was able to retrieve it and slay the Master's astral form. Buffy then staked Yuki (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #35-#38).

    Buffy When Rupert left the U.S. briefly to consult with the Council of Watchers, he left Anya in charge of his magic shop. Willow decided to use the shop to experiment on a spell to create sunlight, which would be useful against vampires. What she did do was accidentally released the troll Olaf, who had unknowingly been trapped in a crystal by witches long ago. Olaf set off on a rampage in the city and although he fought Buffy and Spike in the Bronze, they were unable to contain him. Eventually Olaf returned to the magic shop to kill Anya and Willow. Xander showed up and tried to save them, but Olaf was much too strong for him. Olaf was impressed with Xander's determination and told him he would only kill one of the girls, Xander's choice. Xander refused to choose one life over another, even after Olaf broke his hand. Anya pleaded with Olaf to take her if he left Xander alone, but then Buffy showed up and was able to defeat Olaf (Triangle 5.11).

    Buffy In 2001, Buffy learned that a robotic girl named April had come to Sunnydale looking for her boyfriend Warren Meers. Buffy was able to find Warren and warn him that his creation was running amok. Warren had abandoned April when he started dating a real woman, and didn't have the heart to turn her off. April attacked Warren's new girlfriend, but Buffy was able to fight her off until April's power ran low. Buffy spurned the romantic advances of Spike, who had learned that Warren had built a robot lover. So Spike got Warren to build him Buffybot. When Buffy returned home she discovered her mother dead on the couch (I Was Made To Love You 5.15).

    Buffy Buffy called the paramedics, but it was no use for her mother who died of an aneurysm. Rupert came and took care of arrangements as Buffy informed Dawn in school. Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya came to the hospital to support Buffy. At the hospital Dawn snuck in the morgue to see her mother and was attacked by a vampire, but Buffy saved her (The Body 5.16).

    Buffy After the funeral for Joyce, Buffy was visited by Angel. When she returned home she discovered Dawn was attempting a spell to bring her mother back from the dead, but then changed her mind (Forever 5.17).

    Buffy Warren was able to build Buffybot, and gave her to Spike about the time the real Buffy left Sunnydale to undertake a quest to learn her place in life. Although initially Spike and Buffybot spent time in their crypt enjoying each other's company, that night Buffybot snuck out to patrol for vampires, which was in her programming. She came across Xander and Anya , who thought she was the real Buffy. Spike then joined them trying to cover for Buffybot's strange actions, but they were interrupted by a small group of vampires. Buffybot and the others were able to slay the vampires, and Xander and Anya left. When Xander realized Buffy hadn't asked how her sister Dawn was (who was staying with others while Buffy was on her quest) Xander went back to find Buffy, only to discover Buffy and Spike on the ground of the graveyard... enjoying each other's company again. Xander rushed back to talk to his friends Willow and Tara. They all agreed that Buffy was obviously delusional and they had to help her. Xander then confronted Spike at his crypt, but they were interrupted by the minions of Glory. The minions thought Spike might be the key because of the way Buffy had protected him. They knocked out Xander and took Spike. Buffybot was then alone and decided to find her programmed best friend Willow for help. Willow and the others teamed up with Buffybot, thinking she was Buffy, in planning an attack on Glory. When collecting weapons at Buffy's house they ran into the real Buffy who had just returned and realized the Buffy they had been with was a robot. The group, together with Rupert, then tracked down Glory's lair and was able to free Spike, who they let live so they could learn what he had told Glory. Buffybot was knocked out of commission by a minion of Glory. The body was taken by Willow and examined. Buffy then went to Spike pretending to be Buffybot to learn what he had said, but when she learned he had protected Buffy and Dawn she kissed him and left instead of staking him. Spike wouldn't get Buffybot back (Intervention 5.18).

    ''Death is my gift.'' - Buffy

    Buffy After Glory captured Dawn, Buffy fell into a state of catatonia, blaming herself. Willow entered her mind magically and talked her back to reality (Weight of the World 5.21).

    Dead Although Glory was defeated, Buffy died saving the world from a dimensional rift (The Gift 5.22).

    ''You have to be strong. Dawn, the hardest thing in this world... is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Several months later Willow, Anya, Xander and Tara cast a spell to bring back Buffy from the dead. This spell was interrupted by a band of demon bikers looking to set up shop in Sunnydale. Although they didn't think the spell worked, Buffy did return from the dead (Bargaining Part 1 6.01 & Bargaining Part 2 6.02).

    Buffy As Buffy adjusted to her return to the land of the living, odd occurrences started to happen. Images of the dead and short possessions by an angry spirit plagued the people who raised Buffy. Willow learned that as a side effect of her magic a demon spirit had been created which was stuck between realities. When it was discovered that the spirit would dissipate unless it killed Buffy, the spirit attacked Buffy, but Willow and Tara were able to make the spirit solid enough for Buffy to slay it. Buffy confessed to Spike that she hadn't been in hell at all during her death, but was in heaven, and the forced return to the hard cold reality of Earth after such an experience was almost too much for her, but she made him promise not to tell the others (Afterlife 6.03).

    ''I knew that everyone I cared about was all right. I knew it. Time... didn't mean anything... nothing had form... but I was still me, you know? and I was warm... and I was loved... and I was finished. Complete. I don't understand about theology or dimensions, or... any of it, really... but I think I was in heaven, and now I'm not. I was torn out of there. Pulled out... by my friends. Everything here is... hard, and bright, and violent. Everything I feel, everything I touch... this is Hell. Just getting through the next moment, and the one after that... knowing what I've lost...'' - Buffy

    Buffy Rupert returned to Sunnydale as Buffy started to deal with the realities of numerous bills and a lack of income. He privately told Willow she was a fool for attempting to raise Buffy, despite it's apparent success she risked horrible consequences. While Buffy was attempting to obtain a loan she stumbled across an M'Fashnik demon robbing a bank for his secret bosses, the new crime lords of Sunnydale, the Trio of Jonathan, Warren and their friend Andrew Wells. The M'Fashnik was enraged by her interference and attacked Buffy at her home, but she slew him. Rupert offered to loan Buffy some money to help her in her time of need. Buffy then was contacted by Angel and they decided to meet (Flooded 6.04).

    Buffy After returning home from her visit with Angel, Buffy decided to attend classes at U.C. Sunnydale along side Willow and Tara in an attempt to ease back into them for next semester. The Trio decided they had to deal with the Slayer before they could take over Sunnydale, so they put her through a series of tests, costing her her new jobs as a construction worker working with Xander and as a saleswoman at the Magic Box. Becoming depressed about her situation and inability to hold a job, Buffy spent the night getting drunk with Spike (Life Serial 6.05).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Reunion Buffy started her Slayer training under Rupert again in the Magic Box as Anya, Xander and Dawn speculated as to what happened when Buffy had her reunion with Angel. Willow thought Buffy was holding something back about her encounter with Angel, so she secretly cast a spell to force Buffy to open her heart to her. The spell backfired and summoned a flaming demon who went on a rampage to tear out Buffy's heart. Willow tried to send a telepathic warning to Anya, Dawn and Xander, but they didn't understand it. When the demon appeared at the Magic Box, Buffy was able to defeat it by hitting it with a fire extinguisher and then chopping it's head off. Willow never admitted to summoning the demon by mistake (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Reunion).

    Buffy & Spike After Tara learned that Willow had used magic to make Tara forget a fight they had Tara warned Willow she was using too much magic. Although Willow agreed to go for one week without magic, Willow didn't keep her word and attempted to make everyone forget the whole event happened. The spell backfired causing Willow, Tara, Rupert, Buffy, Xander, Anya, Dawn and Spike to all lose their memories for an evening. To make things worse was that fact that a demonic loan shark was hunting for Spike and attacked them all at the Magic Box, but even without memories they were able to fight off the vampires. Buffy found herself becoming attracted to Spike, and the relationship between them took a physical turn (Tabula Rasa 6.08).

    ''I feel like a Joan.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Spike learned that his chip no longer stopped him from hurting Buffy. He had Warren check out the chip and discovered it was working perfectly, so he decided that Buffy must have come back from the grave different. Spike confronted her with this and the fought, which eventually turned into sex (Smashed 6.09).

    Buffy & Spike The morning after having sex with Spike, Buffy was ashamed of herself and vowed not to let it happen again. Amy took Willow to see the warlock Rack, who showed her dangerous and addictive magics. After getting high on the magic while out with Dawn, Willow accidentally summoned a demon which attacked them. Dawn was injured before Buffy and Spike arrived and took Dawn to the hospital. Because of the way she risked Dawn, Willow swore to give up magic (Wrecked 6.10).

    Buffy Buffy tried to keep herself away from Spike as she supported Willow staying away from magic. Buffy even went to far as to cut her hair when Spike commented he liked it long. In a devious plot by the Trio to sneak into the women's locker room unseen, they invented a working invisibility ray, with which they accidentally shot Buffy. Although Buffy at first reveled in escaping her life and enjoyed a day of pranks and sex with Spike, she was shocked when she learned the ray would eventually kill her. Willow was able to track down the Trio, but they captured her. Buffy rescued Willow, was cured and learned of the Trio's existence, just before they escaped (Gone 6.11).

    Buffy In order to help make ends meet Buffy got a job working for the Doublemeat Palace. At first she had trouble adjusting to her job, although Spike tried to help by providing recreation in the alley behind the Palace during her breaks. It wasn't helpful she found one of the regular customers at the Palace was a demon who liked to feed on the employees. Although Buffy was paralyzed by the demon, Willow was able to save Buffy and slay it (Doublemeat Palace 6.12).

    Spike & Buffy Buffy continued to have long nights of sex with Spike, putting stress on her relationship with Dawn because of her long absences. The vampire Velatti escaped from a pile of rubble and decided she could use Dawn to get to Buffy. Velatti and her demon bear companion kidnapped Dawn. Velatti attacked Spike and then Buffy, but when Buffy was winning Velatti mentioned Dawn and Buffy ran off to find Dawn. Buffy discovered the broken window at her house and found Tara, who helped her try to find Dawn. As Xander, Anya and Willow were getting food at the Doublemeat Palace the demon bear arrived with Dawn and Velatti. Xander tried to take them down, but was overpowered. Willow almost used magic to stop them, but couldn't bring herself to cast a spell. Anya was able to distract Velatti with magical bubbleflies Anya intended to use at her wedding while Xander took on the demon bear, leaping on it's back and choking it with a mop handle. Buffy arrived and took on Velatti, but she got the best of Buffy. As Velatti was gloating Spike snuck up behind her and staked her (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #46).

    ''I'd kick you, but all the strength has gone out of my legs.'' - Buffy

    Spike & Buffy After Warren attempted to frame up Buffy and make her thing she killed Warren's old girlfriend Katrina Silber, Spike attempted to cover up the death to save Buffy. Buffy wouldn't accept his help and took out her frustrations on him, beating him severely (Dead Things 6.13).

    Buffy Buffy was shocked when Riley returned to Sunnydale, hot on the tail of a demon threat he was ordered to take out by the military. Riley asked for Buffy's help in tracking it, but she soon discovered her ex-boyfriend was happily married and that Spike was dealing with the demon Riley was hunting. When Riley found Buffy and Spike in bed together it shocked Buffy into breaking up with Spike for good (As You Were 6.15).

    Buffy In 2002, when Xander and Anya were getting married Tara was invited to be a bridesmaid, along side Buffy, Dawn and the demon Halfrek. Willow was Xander's best man. Spike, attempting to make Buffy jealous, brought a date to the wedding. Through all the troubles that plagued the wedding, including Xander's drunk family, Anya's demon co-workers, and an attack by a demonic former victim on Anya's, Xander decided to call off the wedding, leaving Anya at the alter and heartbroken (Hell's Bells 6.16).

    ''I just can't believe everyone bought that story about Anya's people being circus folk. Did you see the guy with the tentacles? What's he supposed to be? Inky the Squid Boy?'' - Buffy

    Buffy Anya then accepted D'Hoffryn's offer to become a vengeance demon again. She returned to Sunnydale and when Xander didn't want to marry her, just continue dating, she attempted to wish him out of existence, but was frustrated because she couldn't grant her own wishes. She attempted to get Willow, Tara, Dawn and Buffy to wish something bad on Xander, but they were not any help. She then planned on getting Spike drunk and getting him to make a wish, but they ended up having sex together in the Magic Box. Through a secret camera planted by the Trio that the scoobies had uncovered Xander discovered Anya and Spike having sex and nearly killed Spike for it. During the fight it was revealed that Spike and Buffy had been having sex, and Xander walked away disgusted in both Anya and Buffy's choice in lovers. Tara approached Willow about making up (Entropy 6.18).

    Buffy Buffy spent the night looking for the Trio's base as Tara and Willow spent the night together making up, something that pleased Dawn to no end. Buffy found their base abandoned, and got out with some of their documents as she was attacked by giant buzz saws. Buffy returned home where Dawn, Tara and Willow aided her in going through the documents. Anya attempted to go back to avenging wronged women, but found she only was concerned with her own troubles and not those of others. The Trio acquired the skin of a Nezzla demon. Dawn visited Spike in his crypt, wanting to know if sleeping with Anya was worth it and if he really loved Buffy. Jonathan wore the skin of the demon to sneak into their lair and steal the orbs of Nezzla'Khan, which Warren used to become super strong and invulnerable. Buffy visited Xander and tried to make up with him, but he was too hurt over finding out Buffy was sleeping with Spike. Buffy went out patrolling and a vampire hurt her back. When she got home Spike followed her in and talked to her in the bathroom. He apologized for having sex with Anya. Buffy admitted she had feelings for him, but it wasn't love, because she could never trust him. Angry, Spike started for force himself on her, but she resisted him and kicked him across the room, shocking him into realizing what he was doing. Ashamed, Spike left her. At the Bronze Warren tested out the orbs by picking up women, beating on their boyfriends and robbing the place. Xander walked in and tried to fight Warren, but Warren was too powerful for him. Jonathan convinced Warren to leave so they could do a robbery they had planned. Xander returned to Buffy's place where he found her still lying on the flood in the bathroom. Willow arrived informed Buffy of a robbery in the plans that had to be done tonight. Spike returned to his crypt where Clem visited to share hot wings and watch Knight Rider. Spike told Clem he blamed the chip for everything and how he needed to change things. Warren then attempted an armored truck theft, but Buffy arrived and they fought. Warren was winning the fight, but Jonathan snuck Buffy a hint about destroying the orbs. Once they were gone Warren didn't stand a chance, so he used a jet pack to escape. Andrew and Jonathan were captured by the police. Spike rode out of town vowing things would change when he returned. The next morning Xander visited Buffy in her yard and they made up for their differences. Warren arrived wanting vengeance on Buffy and shot her, with a stray bullet hitting Tara, who was standing with Willow in the upstairs bedroom (Seeing Red 6.19).

    Buffy Tara died in Willow's arms as the paramedics took Buffy to the hospital. Willow tried to call on Osiris to bring back Tara, but she was told she couldn't reverse a natural passing with magic. Grief stricken Willow asked what happened, Xander said Warren shot at Buffy and Willow went out to get the magic she needed. Xander went with Buffy to Sunnydale Memorial. Andrew and Jonathan sat in jail waiting to be charged. Warren went to a demon bar to celebrate killing Buffy, were he learned that of a report of a girl was shot in her yard, but she survived and was in the hospital. Willow arrived at the Magic Box where she paralyzed Anya and drained all the magic from the black arts books. Dawn arrived home and discovered Tara's body. Warren decided to go to the warlock Rack for the power he needed to escape the Slayer. Rack informed him that Willow was out for blood because of Tara's death. Rack paid him for the things he needed to hide from and fight Willow. Buffy was faltering on the surgery table at the hospital when Willow arrived and healed her with magic. Willow then lead Xander and Buffy on a hunt for Warren. Warren sent a robot of himself on a bus to Mexico, tricking Willow into thinking it was him. Willow confronted the robot and destroyed it. When Xander and Buffy wondered why she was acting like she was Willow explained that Tara was dead. When Xander and Buffy wouldn't help her kill Warren Willow left on her own to do the job. Buffy and Xander returned to her home where they found Dawn weeping near Tara's body. Xander called the police and they took the body away. Xander decided to look for Willow at the Magic Box. Dawn wanted to help find Willow, but Buffy insisted she stay safe at Spike's crypt. Willow used Tara's blood to lead her to Warren. When Buffy and Dawn arrived at the crypt they discovered Clem house sitting for Spike, who left town. At the Magic Box Anya told Xander and Buffy she was a vengeance demon again and she could sense Willow. Willow was able to track Warren down in the woods. He used every trick he had on her, but he was out matched by her magic fury. Willow captured, tortured and then skinned Warren alive right as Buffy, Xander and Anya arrived. After killing Warren Willow went off to kill Andrew and Jonathan (Villains 6.20).

    Buffy As Willow flew off to kill Jonathan and Andrew, Buffy and Xander raced to stop her and Anya teleported ahead. Xander discovered Willow had wrecked his car, so Buffy took off on foot. In the jail Anya arrived and tried to convince the police to let Andrew and Warren go. Willow arrived and started to tear open the jail walls, but Buffy got them out before Willow finished. Xander arrived in a stolen police car and they took off until they could figure out what to do with Willow. Willow then attacked the car with a semi-truck, but she ran low on magic power. Dawn talked Clem into helping her get to Willow. Dawn got Clem to help her track down Rack. Buffy, Xander, Anya, Jonathan and Andrew made their way to the Magic Box hoping to find something that could stop Willow. Anya had a book of anti-magic, but she wasn't sure she could translate it. Willow went to Rack's place to recharge with magic energy, where she found Rack and drained him to death. Dawn and Clem found Rack's place. As Clem waited in the lobby Dawn discovered Rack's dead body and Willow. Willow started to threaten Dawn, but then Buffy arrived. Buffy tried to talk Willow down but she wouldn't listen, and teleported them all back to the Magic Box. Willow tried to fry Andrew and Jonathan with magic, but Anya got the anti-magic spell working and blocked it. Spike defeated the first trial. Willow kept trying magic spells to no avail until she tried one making herself super-strong, and she started fighting Buffy. Xander and Dawn ran away with Andrew and Jonathan as Buffy and Willow fought and Anya hid, keeping up the anti-magic spell. Willow discovered Anya and knocked her out, then with her magic unhindered knocked out Buffy. As Willow was gloating Rupert arrived and knocked Willow for a loop (Two To Go 6.21).

    Buffy Rupert quickly bound Willow and explained that a coven in England had seen the rise of a dark power fueled by grief in Sunnydale and a seer had seen the death of Tara. So the coven imbued him with their powers and teleported him to Sunnydale to stop it. Buffy caught Rupert up on events in Sunnydale as he planned to have the coven strip Willow of her powers, but Willow escaped the binding by tricking Anya. Rupert was unable to bind Willow again. Willow and Rupert fought until Willow knocked Rupert down and she sent a fireball to kill Andrew and Jonathan. Buffy had to run to save them before the fireball arrived, leaving Rupert and Willow alone. Willow then beat and drained Rupert of his powers. On a new power rush Willow suddenly found herself connected to every thing around her and unable to take the pain of it all decided it had to end. In a cemetery, Xander, Dawn, Andrew and Jonathan narrowly escaped the fireball as Buffy arrived to save them. Buffy and Dawn fell into a fissure in the ground and Xander was knocked unconscious. Andrew and Jonathan decided to high-tail it to Mexico. Anya awoke and found Rupert, dying from Willow's magic. Rupert was able to sense Willow through their magical connection. He said Willow planned on ending the world to stop her pain. In the cemetery Buffy and Dawn were trapped underground. Xander tried to help them but then Anya teleported in and told them how Willow planned to use a buried satanic temple to end the world. Rupert had told her no magic or supernatural force could stop Willow. Xander heard this and rushed to stop her. Anya returned to Rupert to comfort him as he died. Willow decided Buffy should go down fighting so Willow summoned earth elementals to take kill Buffy and Dawn. Dawn and Willow were able to fight the elementals together. Xander arrived at the temple and blocked Willow's spells with his body, professing that no matter what, he loved her and wanted to be with her as the world ended. Willow couldn't bring herself to kill him and she broke down in his arms, the elementals disappearing. With Willow's stolen powers relinquished, Rupert recovered, saying he had hoped the true magic she took from him would spark her humanity, allowing Xander to reach her. Buffy was so impressed with the way Dawn handled herself she decided she wanted to show Dawn the world, not protect her from it (Grave 6.22).

    Buffy When Sunnydale was invaded by the Scourge Xander and Dawn were taken captive along with many other residents of the town in the old Initiative caves. Anya attempted to aid them as Buffy was forced by the demons to fight manifestations of her old foes in a combat ring, both living and dead. Buffy was aided in escaping the caves by her old friend Pike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #48).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #49 After Buffy escaped from captivity by the Scourge, she entered into deep meditation and was met by the spirits of a great number of Slayers from the past, including Kendra and the first Slayer (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #49).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #50 Angel, Faith, Xander, Dawn and Anya found themselves confronting the Scourge's new leader, Adam, who had become a living holographic computer program. Buffy and Pike were able to break into Adam's headquarters. Buffy shut down the vat making the soul drops and then the others were able to defeat the Scourge. Once Buffy learned Adam was using the gladiatorial fights to power the Initiative and his computers she was able to talk the demons in the ring in into not fighting each other and Adam lost power. Buffy and her friends then returned to Buffy's house where Xander took care filling in the Initiative caves. Angel told Buffy and Dawn he had a teenage son now. After Angel and Faith left Pike told the others the story of when he and Buffy went to Las Vegas (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #50).

    Buffy Buffy then started training Dawn in combating vampires, taking her out on patrols until school started. Xander and his construction crew were involved in rebuilding Sunnydale High. Buffy and Xander took Dawn to school her first day, but Buffy was wary that the rebuilt school might hold some unseen evil and stayed on campus. Buffy met the new principal, Robin Wood, who said he knew her reputation. Dawn and two other students ended up being attacked by spirit manifestations. Dawn called Buffy for help and Buffy joined her. Buffy found Spike living in the basement of the school, and he let her know the spirits were called forth with a talisman. Buffy called Xander and he found the talisman and destroyed it. When the principal discovered Buffy getting along with Dawn and her classmates, he offered her a position as a councilor at the school, which she accepted (Lessons 7.01).

    ''My sister's about to go to the same high school that tried to kill me for 3 years, I can't change districts, I can't afford private school, and I can't begin to prepare for what could possibly come out of there. So, peachy with a side of keen, that would be me.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Anya tried to get respect from her demon piers by granting a wish for a girl named Nancy. Nancy wished her boyfriend Ronnie was a worm. Anya turned him into a giant worm demon who then started stalking Nancy. When Nancy was attacked by the demon worm she ran into Xander, who took Nancy to Buffy and Dawn. They all investigated the worm attack with the help of Spike, who insisted they needed him. Xander figured out that Anya was responsible and they confronted her at the Bronze. While Spike was threatening Anya she noticed he had a human soul, and Spike turned violent. Nancy ran off and the demon attacked her again. Spike and Buffy tried to stop the demon, but Spike struck it just Xander was able to talk Anya into reversing her wish, rendering the Ronnie human again. Spike seemed to snap when he learned he hurt a human and ran off to a church. Buffy followed and learned that he had gotten a human soul and it was driving him insane (Beneath You 7.02).

    ''Look, I doubt we'll be seeing each other, assuming I even half-understand my fuzzy job description.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Willow returned to Sunnydale only to find that Buffy, Xander and Dawn were no where to be found. Meanwhile the three friends were perplexed as they waited for Willow to return. They all discovered a dead student at a construction site in the new high school, who had been skinned alive. Buffy worried that it might be Willow's work if she went evil again, but Dawn discovered references to a skin eating demon called Gnarl. Willow went to Spike and Anya for help finding her friends and the demon who killed the boy. Eventually they all found their way to the cave Gnarl lived in, but Dawn was injured and Willow was trapped in the cave. Buffy and Xander got Dawn to safety, then returned when Anya told them Willow was at the cave. After Buffy defeated Gnarl and Anya explained that they friends somehow couldn't see each other, the spell was broken and they were able to see each other. They took Willow home, where she recovered from the injuries she received from Gnarl. Willow explained that her lack of control of her magic and fear of seeing her friend again had somehow cast a spell that made them not be able to see each other. Buffy then aided her in meditation (Same Time, Same Place 7.03).

    ''It's pretty easy. Spike follows the exciting smell of blood, and we follow the fairly ripe smell of Spike.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Buffy began actual work at Sunnydale High as Willow visited Tara's grave. At school, Buffy met Cassie Newton, who let it slip during counseling that she knew she would die on Friday. Buffy tried to stop fate, having Dawn befriend Cassie as the Willow and Xander research her. When Friday came a group of school boys kidnapped Cassie and tried to sacrifice her to the demon Avilas, but Buffy and Spike were able to save her and slay the demon. After being saved Cassie fell over and died of a natural heart condition. Buffy, Willow, Dawn and Xander had to accept that fact that they couldn't save everyone, but they did do some good (Help 7.04).

    ''I know high school can seem kind of frustrating, but if you just get through it, then you can go to college, you know, or you can join the French Foreign Legion, or anything you want... Okay, no Foreign Legion. I get that. I mean all the changing your name, and being indentured for all those years, and occupying Algeria...'' - Buffy

    Buffy Anya then attempted to get back into the vengeance gig by granting the wish of a girl who was humiliated by several college fraternity boys. She wished that they knew what it was like to get their hearts ripped out, so Anya summoned a spider-demon who ate hearts and killed all the fraternity boys. Anya was shocked and horrified at what she had done and tried to leave, but Willow, who re-applying to U.C. Sunnydale, saw her and discovered the bodies and the demon. Buffy told Spike he should get out of the basement of Sunnydale High School, because it was making him crazy, but he said he had no place to go. Willow told Buffy and Xander about the spider-demon, and they hunted it down and killed it. Willow confronted Anya about the deaths. Unable to get Anya to do anything Willow told Buffy and Xander about Anya's involvement in the deaths, and Buffy came to the conclusion she had to kill Anya. Xander was shocked at this and attempted to stop her, still being in love with Anya. As Anya and Buffy came to blows Willow summoned Anya's boss D'Hoffryn and had a talk with him. D'Hoffryn interrupted the fight between Buffy and Anya, wanting to know what Anya wanted. She wished she could return the boys to life. D'Hoffryn offered to bring them back, but said it would cost the life of a vengeance demon to do so. Anya agreed, thinking she was sacrificing herself to save the boys, but then D'Hoffryn killed Anya's demon friend Halfrek to return the boys, then made Anya human, so she could live in pain over what she had done. Anya then decided she needed to be alone to figure out who she really was (Selfless 7.05).

    ''Spike. This basement is killing you. This is the Hellmouth. There is something bad down here. Possibly everything bad.'' - Buffy

    R.J. and Buffy A demon attempted to kill Anya for D'Hoffryn, but Buffy slew the demon. Buffy then decided she had to get Spike out of the basement of Sunnydale High School, so she got him to move in with Xander, despite his protests. Dawn then came to notice a high school football star named R.J. Brooks and became obsessed with him, going so far as to try out for the Sunnydale High School Cheerleaders and sabotage a rival football player's career. Eventually she even dressed like a slut and got him to notice her. Buffy wasn't happy at this development. When Buffy tried to have a talk with R.J. she ended up falling madly for him too. Xander determined it must be a love spell working on the sisters. While Xander and Spike were able to discover that R.J.'s family had a history of being good with women because of an enchanted letterman's jacket, Willow and Anya also fell under the spell. The girls then started to compete for R.J.'s heart. Willow attempted to turn him into a woman with magic, to eliminate the competition for him from other women. Buffy tried to kill the principal who had been tough with R.J. at school. Anya went on a thieving spree to try to win his heart, and Dawn tried to kill herself to prove her eternal love. Spike and Xander were able to interrupt Willow's spell, stop Buffy from killing the principal and together they saved Dawn. They then were able to steal the jacket from R.J. and burn it, freeing the girls from the spell (Him 7.06).

    ''I betrayed you? You're the one that constructed this elaborate fantasy about you and my lover.'' - Buffy

    Buffy On the night of November 12th, Buffy was patrolling a graveyard when she spotted a new vampire crawling out of it's fresh grave. Buffy fought this vampire until the vampire recognized her. It turned out to be an old classmate of Buffy's named Holden Webster. The two talked to each other, caught up on old times. Holden was a psychology student and ended up discussing Buffy's romantic and life issues over with her before they finished fighting. Buffy mentioned her last boyfriend was a vampire named Spike, who Holden then revealed was the vampire who sired him. Shocked from this information, Buffy staked Holden (Conversations With Dead People 7.07).

    ''Yeah, what I really need is emotional therapy from the evil dead.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Buffy went to Xander's house to check up on Spike after learning he might be killing again. She discovered Spike was out for the night and told Xander what she had learned. He agreed to have Spike watched to learn if he was killing again. Buffy then went home to and discovered the house torn up with Willow and Dawn up stairs. Willow told Buffy that they were both visited by evil spirits in the night pretending to be people they knew. Buffy told them about her knowledge of Spike, but they were worried it might also be a false lead. Xander got Anya to watch over Spike until he left for the evening. Buffy tracked Spike, and discovered he was meeting women, but wasn't able to follow. Spike was killing again, but under the hypnotic control of a mysterious spirit manifestation only he could see. Buffy confronted Spike about his meetings with girls, but he claimed he couldn't hurt anyone and wouldn't want to anyway. He merely spent time with girls because he missed Buffy. Willow researched on the computer and discovered a rash of missing persons in the last few days. Spike started to remember bits and pieces of the killings, and started to investigate, even going so far as escaping from Xander's watch of him. Spike went to the Bronze where he was met by a female vampire who claimed he had recently sired her. Spike and the vampire fought and he staked her. Spike then remembered more and called Buffy, telling her to meet him at a house. Spike told her he remembered killing people and burying them in the basement. The spirit then activated Spike's hypnotic trigger again and he attacked Buffy, being joined by the vampires rising from the basement floor. Spike couldn't bring himself to hurt Buffy and broke out of the spirit's control, while Buffy staked the other vampires. Spike tried to get Buffy to stake him for what he had done, but she refused to play along, guessing there was an invisible force playing them all. Buffy then took Spike home to try to learn what he knew of the evil spirit which was haunting them all (Sleeper 7.08).

    ''So, what, you just troll the Promenade looking for drunk co-eds cause you're hungry for conversation?'' - Buffy

    Buffy Buffy tied Spike up in her bedroom to see to his recovery and try to find out what he knew about what was haunting them all. Buffy tried calling the Council of Watchers in an attempt to locate Rupert, but they were no help. Willow went to the butcher shop to pick up some pig's blood to feed Spike, only to come across her old enemy Andrew, who was also buying large amounts of pig's blood. Suspicious of Andrew's motivations Willow forced him to return with her to Buffy's house, where Anya and Xander interrogated him. Fearing Andrew would talk the spirit haunting Spike triggered his killer personality and sent him after Andrew. Spike escaped and bit Andrew right as he was telling everything he knew about the Seal of Danzalthar he was trying to activate with the blood. Buffy saved Andrew and chained Spike up in the basement. The house was then attacked by men in robes who abducted Spike. After they made their escape Buffy recognized one of them as the Harbingers of the First Evil, and realized it was the First Evil who was haunting them all this time. The Harbingers then took Spike to the seal and used his blood to release a powerful Turok-Han vampire trapped under it (Never Leave Me 7.09).

    ''Listen to me. You're not alive because of hate or pain. You're alive because I saw you change. Because I saw your penance... Be easier, wouldn't it, it if were an act, but it's not. You faced the monster inside of you and you fought back. You risked everything to be a better man... and you can be. You are. You may not see it, but I do. I do. I believe in you, Spike.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Buffy, Anya, Willow and Dawn tried to research the First Evil as Xander repaired the home from the attack by the Harbingers. They did not find much useful information. Buffy was visited by the image of her mother in a dream, but she thought it might be the First Evil. When Andrew recovered Buffy had him take the gang to the Seal of Danzalthar. The seal was abandoned and with all the blood around them they figured it had been activated. Willow attempted to use a locating spell to find the First, but this caused the First to manifest, briefly possessing Willow. Xander saved her by breaking an urn used in the spell. Rupert unexpectedly arrived with three Slayers in training, Annabelle, Kennedy and Molly. He explained that the First Evil had declared war on the Council of Watchers and the Slayers. He stole what he could from the Council headquarters before it was destroyed and brought that information and the Slayers in training to Sunnydale. Kennedy seemed to make a pass at Willow, who was shocked. Buffy went out on patrol with Rupert and found the place where the Harbingers were last time she fought them. She was attacked by the Turok-Han, who was beating her until he had to retreat because of the rising sun. Buffy went to work that day and unsuccessfully tried to research the First Evil online. That night Annabelle got frightened and ran away, only to be killed by the Turok-Han. Buffy fought him and was severely beaten again and left for dead under a pile of rubble. Xander found Buffy and brought her back home. After recovering from her wounds Buffy awoke and told the others they were going to war against the First Evil (Bring On The Night 7.10).

    ''I'm beyond tired. I'm beyond scared. I'm standing on the mouth of hell, and it is gonna swallow me whole, and it'll choke on me. We're not ready? They're not ready. They think we're gonna wait for the end to come, like we always do. I'm done waiting. They want an apocalypse? Oh, we'll give 'em one. Anyone else who wants to run, do it now. 'Cause we just became an army. We just declared war. From now on, we won't just face our worst fears, we will seek them out. We will find them, and cut out their hearts one by one, until The First shows itself for what it really is, and I'll kill it myself. There is only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil, and that's us. Any questions?'' - Buffy

    Buffy Young potential Slayers Chloe, Eve and Vi came to live with Buffy in her home over the next week. Buffy went to pick up another potential Slayer named Rona at the bus stop and had to fight off several Harbingers. Unable to find any useful information on how they could fight the First Evil, Rupert suggested they consult an oracle known as Beljoxa's Eye. Anya was against the idea of consulting the eye, but Buffy insisted they needed to try. Willow was contacted by a friend in her coven who learned another potential Slayer had come to Sunnydale and was staying at a motel. Buffy and Xander went to find the girl but were shocked to find the long dead body of Eve. Buffy raced home to confront what was actually the First Evil pretending to be Eve. The First told them to prepare for a visitor after the sun went down, then vanished. Buffy, Xander and Willow covertly formulated a plan to kill the Turok-Han and boost the moral of the potential Slayers by having them witness Buffy slaying it. That night they lead the Turok-Han to a construction site and Buffy was able to behead it. Buffy then went to the First's caves and rescued Spike (Showtime 7.11).

    ''Looks good, doesn't it? They're trapped in here. Terrified. Meat for the beast, and there's nothing they can do but wait. That's all they've been doing for days. Waiting to be picked off. Having nightmares about monsters that can't be killed, but I don't believe in that. I always find a way. I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about, and right now, you and me are gonna show 'em why. It's time. Welcome to Thunderdome.'' - Buffy

    Buffy & Spike Buffy and Spike took to training the potential Slayers for action in their war with the First Evil, as she continued her work as a councilor at Sunnydale High School. Willow received a phone call from her coven that they had located another potential Slayer who was already living in Sunnydale. Willow, Xander, Dawn and Anya performed a spell to locate the new Slayer and were shocked when the spell seemed to indicate that the person they were looking for was Dawn. Dawn asked the others not to tell Buffy right away, then sneaked out to clear her head about the idea of what she was. Buffy and Spike took the potential Slayers to the graveyard, where Buffy and Spike locked the girls in with a crypt with a newborn vampire, which they defeated. While walking Dawn ran into schoolmate Amanda, who was having a bad night. Amanda had been attacked by a vampire at the school, which she was able to get away from. Dawn decided to try herself as a potential Slayer and face the vampire with Amanda. When Willow, Xander and Anya discovered Dawn was missing they went to get Buffy to help find her. Dawn and Amanda tried to face the vampire, but seemed out matched. During the fight Dawn realized that Amanda was actually the one the spell indicated was the potential Slayer, as Amanda was outside the house when the spell was cast, right behind Dawn. Dawn talked Amanda into facing the vampire and Amanda was able to slay it right as Buffy arrived. Afterwards Amanda joined the ranks of the potential Slayers. Xander had a talk to Dawn about the difficulties of not being chosen or having powers, yet fighting evil, which made her feel better (Potential 7.12).

    ''You're all gonna die. But you knew that already. 'Cause that's the cool reward for being human. Big dessert at the end of the meal. Don't kid yourselves, you guys. This whole thing is all about death. You think you're different 'cause you might be the next slayer? Death is what a slayer breathes, what a slayer dreams about when she sleeps. Death is what a slayer lives.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Spike started to experience a breakdown of his implant which was going off at random. Buffy attempted to call Riley to get help for Spike. Unable to locate Riley Buffy and Spike decided to break into the Initiative to get the drug they used to keep him sedated. In the remains of the Initiative headquarters Buffy and Spike were attacked by a demon, which Buffy slew, then discovered by a military team who said Riley sent them to help. The military were under orders to help Buffy in any way she needed, and offered to repair or remove Spike's implant (The Killer In Me 7.13).

    ''No, I enjoy my responsibility as mentor, role model, life guide, oh, my God, I cannot believe I have my bathroom all to myself for two whole days.'' - Buffy

    Buffy Rupert was very upset to learn that Buffy had Spike's chip removed, but she insisted it would be okay. Buffy decided to investigate Principal Robin Wood, only to end up being asked out on a date with him, which she accepted. Xander also asked a woman named Lissa out at the hardware store and got a date, which made Anya very jealous. As Buffy and Xander were out on their dates Andrew was contacted by the First Evil, in the form of Jonathan. The First Evil wanted Andrew to get the gun Willow bought and use it to kill the potential Slayers. Buffy and Robin were jumped by a pack of vampires on their date, but they both quickly dispatched the demons. Andrew pretended to go along with the First, but secretly set up an operation with Willow, Dawn, Kennedy and Amanda to try to learn about the First's motives and weaknesses. The First discovered it was being duped and became very angry. Willow got a distress text message on her cell phone from Xander, sending Spike to track down Buffy on her date. On their date Robin admitted he was the son of a former Slayer, and that he hunted vampires on the side. He also admitted he knew who Buffy really was and that's why he hired her at the school. Spike interrupted them at a restaurant, telling them Xander was in danger and the three were able to save Xander from Lissa, who was about to sacrifice him in an attempt to raise another Turok-Han vampire. Robin discovered Spike was a vampire and became suspicious. Later at home the First Evil appeared to Robin in the form of his mother and told him that Spike was the vampire who killed her (First Date 7.14).

    Trivia: On Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel the part of Buffy is played by actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. In flashbacks to her youth Buffy has been played by actresses Mimi Paley, Alexandra Lee and Candice Nicole. In episodes where Buffy swapped minds with Faith, Buffy was played by actress Eliza Dushku.

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