Anya Jenkins for Nightspawn.

A bit of explanation: Anya is a character from the television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I decided to convert her to a character for the Nightspawn role playing game. The best class to represent Anya is the Sorcerer class.

Anya Jenkins

Quotes From Anya:
The Prom 3.20 - Anya: ''Look, I know you find me attractive. I've seen you looking at my breasts.'' Xander: ''Nothing personal, but when a guy does that, it just means his eyes are open.''
The Prom 3.20 - Anya: ''You're not quite as obnoxious as most of the alpha males around here.''
Pangs 4.09 - Anya: ''Well, I think that's a shame. I love a ritual sacrifice.''

Opinions of Anya:
Pangs 4.09 - Anya: ''We'll die together. It's romantic. Let me get your trousers off.'' Xander: ''You're a strange girlfriend.''
Known Aliases: See the list.
Alignment: Anarchist (selfish), as a demon she was Miscreant (evil).
Insanity: Phobia - Bunnies.
Attributes: I.Q.: 14, M.E.: 22, M.A.: 11, P.S.: 12, P.P.: 12, P.E.: 21, P.B.: 15, Spd: 28
Hit Points: P.E.+8 = 29
S.D.C.: 26
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: P.E.+80=101
O.C.C.: Sorcerer
Level Of Experience: 2
Natural Abilities:
1. Spells: Minor Curse, Summon D'Hoffryn and Temporal Summons.
2. Special Abilities: Sense Ley Lines and Nexus Points within line of sight.
Magical Knowledge:
Combat Abilities: +2 to roll, +4 to parry, +2 to dodge.
Attacks Per Melee Round: 2
Damage: 1D4 from punch.
Bonuses: +4 to save vs. horror factor, +4 to save vs. possession, +4 to save vs. magic, +2 to save vs. mind control.
Vulnerabilities/Penalties: None
O.C.C. Skills:
  • Physical: Hand to Hand: Basic
  • Science: Mathematics: Basic +25% = 80%
  • Technical: Computer Operation +15% = 65%
  • Technical: Language: English 98%
  • Technical: Language: Latin +15% = 75%
  • Technical: Language: French +15% = 75%
  • Technical: Literacy: English +15% = 55%
  • Technical: Lore: Demons and Monsters +20% = 65%
  • Technical: Lore: Vampires +20% = 60%
  • Technical: Research +25% = 85%
  • Special: Understand Principles Of Magic 74%

  • O.C.C. Related Skills:
  • Domestic: Cook +10% = 55% (She helped cook dinner in Pangs 4.09)
  • Domestic: Dance +10% =50% (She danced with Xander in The Prom 3.20.)
  • Pilot: Automobile +5% = 69% (She mentioned she had a car in Graduation Day Part 1 3.21.)
  • Science: Chemistry +10% = 50%
  • ?
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  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

  • Secondary Skills:
  • Physical: Prowl 35%
  • Physical: Running
  • W.P.: Blunt
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

  • Allies Of Note: She has been friends with Xander Harris, Cordelia Chase and Harmony Kendall. Although she was briefly friends with Willow Rosenberg, she tricked her into casting a spell that went bad and Willow doesn't want anything to do with her.
    Minions: None.
    Weapons & Equipment: Anya has a wardrobe of fine clothes and access to a car.

    Appearance: Anya is an attractive woman with brown hair and blue eyes.

    Personality: Anya is a bit confused by her current situation. She deeply hates what she has become, and wants to be a powerful demon again, but has feelings and needs she doesn't quite understand. She prefers to be bluntly honest about her opinions, and is extremely protective of her new found mortality. She doesn't like men in general but is extremely attached to Xander, who despite his uncertainty is also very fond of her. They would probably each risk their own lives for the other. She can be a little jealous of Xander's attention to his friends, especially women, but not overly so.

    D'Hoffryn and Aud History: Aud was a girl who lived in a villiage in Sjornjost, Norway with her boyfriend Olaf in 880. Olaf was a great warrior, who enjoyed hunting trolls and drinking at the bar. She was happy with him and raised rabbits, but an outsider in her community who thought she was odd. She suffered a bad break up with Olaf when he got drunk and had sex with a bar maid named Rannveig. Aud used magic to curse Olaf with boils on his penis and then turned him into a troll. This attracted the attention of a powerful demon named D'Hoffryn who offered to elevate her to the status of vengeance demon. She was transformed into Anyanka and given a necklace with the power to grant wishes with the understanding that she would provide entertainment for the pestilent gods. She served as a demon of vengeance for scorned women, bringing pain and suffering to the men of the world (Selfless 7.05).

    In 1199 Anya came to a small town in order curse a man who had been disloyal to a woman, and was caught in the middle of a sorcerer's attempt to ascend into true demonhood. The death and carnage was enough to shock even her (mentioned in Graduation Day Part 1 3.21).

    Around the year 1579, Anyanka was cursing a man when she met up with the famous vampire Dracula. The vampire left an impression on her (mentioned in Buffy vs. Dracula 4.01).

    For several decades Anyanka teamed up with the demon Veeya, who fed off human despair, but they eventually drifted apart (mentioned in Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Lost and Found).

    In 1692 witchcraft trials broke out in Salem, Anyanka was there (mentioned in Intervention 5.18).

    During the Crimean War Anyanka had a fierce competition with fellow vengeance demon Halfrek (mentioned in Lessons 7.01)

    Anyanka and Halfrek In 1905 Anyanka granted a wish in St. Petersburg Russia, sparking a revolution. Halfrek was impressed (Selfless 7.05).

    ''The workers will overthrow absolutism and lead the proletariat to a victorious communist revolution, resulting in socio-economic paradise on earth. It's common sense, really.'' - Anyanka

    In 1914 Chicago Anyanka exacted vengeance on Stewart Burns, turning him into a demon and sending him to a hell dimension to be tortured (mentioned in Hell's Bells 6.16).

    Anya Anyanka first came to Sunnydale in 1998, shortly after Alexander Lavelle Harris and Cordelia Chase broke up after Cordelia caught Xander kissing another girl, Willow Rosenberg. Anyanka set up a false identity as high school girl Anya to become friends with Cordelia, and tricked her into making a wish that changed history so that the Vampire Slayer Buffy Anne Summers had never come to Sunnydale. Unluckily for Anya, Rupert Giles, school librarian and Watcher, discovered what was going on and was able to smash her necklace. The world returned to normal and Anya was trapped in the body and life of a high school girl as punishment for her failure (The Wish 3.09).

    Anya After D'Hoffryn refused to help Anya get her powers back by folding time and letting her correct her mistake Anya become aware of Willow's reputation as a powerful witch and tried to fool her into helping her regain her powers. She approached Willow and they successfully created a temporal fold to pull an object from the past to them, but instead of pulling the necklace Anya wanted, they pulled the Willow of the alternate reality Anya once created. The Willow of that world was a powerful vampire, who proceeded to cause mayhem in Sunnydale. Anya discovered her mistake and allied herself with the vampire Willow. Eventually the vampire Willow and Anya were captured by Buffy and her friends and they forced Anya to help send the vampire Willow back to her own reality (Doppelgangland 3.16).

    ''I'm eleven hundred and twenty years old! Just gimme a frickin' beer!'' - Anya

    Anya & Xander Anya continued to live her life out as a student at Sunnydale high without major incident until her senior prom dance. Even though she despised all men she yearned to have a date to the dance. Ironically her only hope for a date was Xander, the man she was sent to Sunnydale to punish. She asked him to the dance because she knew he had no date, like her, and he reluctantly accepted for the same reason. Although the prom dance was almost interrupted by a pack of rampaging hell hounds sent by dateless student Tucker Wells, Xander and Anya enjoyed themselves (The Prom 3.20).

    ''Look, I know you find me attractive. I've seen you looking at my breasts.'' - Anya

    Anya & Xander Anya found herself fascinated with Xander and just before graduation got up the courage to ask him out again, but those plans were put on hold when she discovered that the mayor of Sunnydale was planning to ascend into true demonhood during the graduation ceremony and eat all the students. Although Xander and his friends were planning to fight the mayor, Anya had seen this type of ceremony before and became frightened. After giving them some information on the ascension, she left town to be as far away as possible from the mayor and invited Xander to go with her. He refused, saying he had to help his friends despite the likelihood that he would die. Anya was hurt and left without him (Graduation Day Part 1 3.21).

    Anya & Xander Eventually she returned to Sunnydale, and approached Xander with the fact that she constantly thought of him. She didn't want to and asked if they could have sex so she could get him out of her system. They did, but she became even more attached to him. The fact that Xander was busy trying save his friends from the vampire Spike instead of paying attention to her broke her heart. (Harsh Light of Day 4.03).

    ''I like you. You're funny, and you're nicely shaped, and frankly, it's ludicrous to have these interlocking bodies and not... interlock. Please remove your clothing now.'' - Anya

    Anya Anya returned a week later for another try at Xander. Xander was happy to see her and invited her to a Halloween party given at a college he was invited too. Anya rented a bunny costume, which she found scary, and tried to meet him at the party, only to discover the party was the site of a botched accidental attempt to raise the demon Gachnar. She went to Rupert for help saving Xander from the demon, and with him was able to get into the house it inhabited and helped Xander and his friends defeat the demon (Fear, Itself 4.04).

    ''Bunnies frighten me.'' - Anya

    Anya Anya was then invited with Xander to have Thanksgiving dinner at Rupert's home. Xander became strangely ill and she had to care for him. They learned Xander had been cursed by a vengeance spirit named Hus who Xander had accidentally released while working at a construction site, and was now suffering from a whole host of magically induced diseases. Anya aided Xander and his friends in defeating Hus and Xander returned to health (Pangs 4.08).

    ''Look at him... Soon he'll be sweating. I'm imagining having sex with him again.'' - Anya

    Anya Buffy had a dream about a group of demons called the Gentlemen coming to Sunnydale. Willow attended her wiccan group, but was upset she didn't find any spell casters in it, although a shy girl named noticed her. Anya started to wonder if there was more to her relationship with Xander then just sex. The following night, when Spike stayed over at Xander's place, the Gentlemen did come, using a magic box to steal every ones voice. When Sunnydale awoke the next morning everyone had lost their voice, and the Gentlemen started to collect hearts of their silenced victims. Riley Finn and the Initiative soldiers were sent out on patrol to keep the peace in Sunnydale and hunt down the cause. Rupert did research and discovered that only a human voice could stop the Gentlemen. Tara tried to team up with Willow to find a magical cure for the loss of their voices, but ended up nearly being taken by the Gentlemen. When Xander mistakenly believed Spike had attacked Anya, Xander beat the crap out of Spike, winning Anya's heart. Buffy went hunting for the Gentlemen, where she ended up accidentally meeting and teaming up with Riley against them. Riley destroyed the magic box that held their voices and a single scream from Buffy killed the Gentlemen. The next morning Buffy and Riley decided they needed to talk about their secret lives (Hush 4.10).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Jonathan #1 After Buffy's old school mate Jonathan Levinson cast a spell to make himself cool he ended up becoming a super star. Jonathan rescued a European princess who was attending U.C. Sunnydale from being abducted by Russian vampires, and Buffy helped him out by handing him a hot towel afterwards. After more Russian vampires attacked Buffy in Sunnydale. Jonathan recruited Buffy, Riley, Xander, Anya, Rupert and Willow on to his team investigating them. Spike refused to join at first. Jonathan told them about the Zadamiye, which was the inspiration for the Initiative, where they experimented on and enhanced vampires. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Zadamiye was abandoned and the vampires left to die in the cells, but they escaped and came to Sunnydale. Jonathan lead his group to the hellmouth under the ruins of Sunnydale High School to find the vampires. Jonathan had Willow cast a spell that, for a short while, made them invisible to non-human eyes. They attacked the vampires, but Rupert was shot by a the vampire. The vampires were loosing and opened a water main as a last resort, hoping it would drown the gang. Jonathan lead them out of the tunnel where Spike picked them up, deciding to help out Jonathan, and took the group to the hospital as Jonathan looked after Rupert's wounds. Jonathan then returned home to his twin super model girlfriends for a good night's sleep (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Jonathan #1).

    Anya Xander and Anya had a argument over where their relationship was going. Buffy, Riley, Xander, Anya, Spike, Willow and Tara attended a party at Lowell house. Buffy and Riley ended up sneaking off to have sex together. Tara invited Willow to go horse back riding with her. The party was interrupted by a series of poltergeist attacks. Willow, Tara and Rupert did a magic spell together to try to put the spirits to rest, but only when Xander and Anya were able to stop Buffy and Riley did the spirits stop, as they were drawing power from Buffy and Riley's sexual energy (Where The Wild Things Are 4.18).

    ''I'm just trying to tell you that we have nothing in common besides both of us liking your penis, and now I don't even have that!'' - Anya

    After Spike was able to trick Willow, Buffy, Xander and Rupert into fighting each other, Tara and Anya hid together until things calmed down (The Yoko Factor 4.20).

    Anya Willow, Xander and Rupert spent the night over at Buffy's house with her watching videos. They all fell asleep where they had nightmares of the first Slayer trying to kill them, who had been offended by being called on by them to defeat Adam. Anya appeared in Willow, Xander, Rupert and Buffy's dreams. Buffy was able to defeat the first Slayer and they woke up unharmed (Restless 4.22).

    Dawn & Anya As tension mounted between Buffy and her little sister Dawn, Harmony returned to Sunnydale as head of her own vampire gang with plans to kill the Slayer. Buffy, Rupert, Dawn, Willow and Tara discovered the owner of the local magic shop dead from what seemed to be a vampire attack, Harmony's gang. Going over the scene of the crime Rupert realized how much money was to be made in a magic shop. Harmony's plans fell through when she went to Buffy's house only to learn Buffy was out, and Dawn was being watched by Anya and a Xander. Dawn accidentally invited Harmony inside, but Xander fought her off. When Buffy learned what Dawn had done she scolded Dawn. Spike crossed paths with Harmony in the graveyard where he made fun of her attempts to be a leader, but he also gave Harmony the idea to kidnap Dawn. Harmony's men grabbed Dawn. Buffy beat the location of Harmony's lair out of him, slew the gang and saved Dawn, although Harmony escaped. Rupert bought the magic shop, despite Buffy's warnings that the shop owners have a short life expectancies in Sunnydale (Real Me 5.02).

    Anya The demon Toth decided to try to kill Buffy by using the Ferula-gemina in an attempt to divide her into two beings, one strong and one weak, but accidentally got Xander instead. Weak Xander thought strong Xander was a demon who had stolen his face, and was hurt when he saw that the supposed demon lived his life better than he did. The weak Xander went to Willow for help. Strong Xander got a new apartment and consoled Anya over her new perceived mortality. When Toth attacked again Buffy was able to slay him. Riley confided to Xander that he didn't think that Buffy return the love he had for her (The Replacement 5.03).

    ''Well, maybe we shouldn't do this reintegration thing right away. See, I can take the boys home and we can all have sex together, and, you know, just slap 'em back together in the morning.'' - Anya

    Anya When Rupert became owner of a magic shop, Xander and Anya showed up for his first day of business. He ended up so swamped with customers, and Anya was so helpful in getting work done, that he offered her a job, which she accepted (No Place Like Home 5.05)

    Anya When Spike learned that Riley was visiting a vampire whore house for suck jobs he informed Buffy, who was shocked. Riley said he wasn't feeling that Buffy needed him any more and told her the military had offered him a job, which he would take if she didn't want him to stay in Sunnydale. After Xander talked some sense into her Buffy decided to ask him to stay, but it was too late and Riley had left already. Xander then went home and told Anya how much he loved her (Into The Woods 5.10).

    ''A little after-hours hanky-panky in the training room, huh? Boy, Xander and I could tell you some stories... There's a funny thing with the vaulting horse that you can try...'' - Anya

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #36 As Buffy struggled to sort out her true and false memories of life with Dawn the former Slayer turned vampire, Yuki Makimura, came to Sunnydale with the intention of resurrecting her sire, the Master. Dawn ran away from home because no one would listen to her, but ended up staying at Spike's place as Harmony made a rather lame attempt on Buffy's life. When Buffy learned from Harmony that Dawn was with Spike Buffy made Dawn return home. Dawn had uncovered a gap in the Slayer history where the books seemed to indicate there was no Slayer. Spike confirmed there was a Slayer then, but she was deleted from the history books by the Council of Watchers. Rupert eventually broke down and admitted that Yuki was the missing Slayer. Yuki kidnapped Xander and took him to the remains of the old Sunnydale High School to use him as a vessel for the Master's spirit. Willow and Tara were able to find a spell that could delay the Master taking over Xander and Anya supplied a vapour blade that could be used to slay the Master's astral form. Yuki was able to capture Spike and wanted to offer him to the Master, as the one who killed the Anointed One. Buffy and her friends arrived and discovered Xander. During the fight with Yuki and her vampire monks Rupert dropped the blade, but Dawn was able to retrieve it and slay the Master's astral form. Buffy then staked Yuki (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #35-#38).

    Anya When Rupert left the U.S. briefly to consult with the Council of Watchers, he left Anya in charge of his magic shop. Willow decided to use the shop to experiment on a spell to create sunlight, which would be useful against vampires. What she did do was accidentally released the troll Olaf, who had unknowingly been trapped in a crystal by witches long ago. Olaf set off on a rampage in the city and although he fought Buffy and Spike in the Bronze, they were unable to contain him. Eventually Olaf returned to the magic shop to kill Anya and Willow. Xander showed up and tried to save them, but Olaf was much too strong for him. Olaf was impressed with Xander's determination and told him he would only kill one of the girls, Xander's choice. Xander refused to choose one life over another, even after Olaf broke his hand. Anya pleaded with Olaf to take her if he left Xander alone, but then Buffy showed up and was able to defeat Olaf (Triangle 5.11).

    ''Humans make the same mistakes over and over. I saw it when I was a vengeance demon. Some guy dumps a girl, she calls me, I exact vengeance, blah blah blah, the next year, same girl, different guy. I mean, after you smite a few of 'em you start going, "My goodness, young lady... maybe you're doing something wrong here too."'' - Anya

    Tara & Anya Anya took the money she earned working for Rupert and invested it online tripling it. She told Tara about this but going online depressed her (I Was Made To Love You 5.15).

    ''Well, at first it was confusing. Just the idea of computers was like, whoa, I'm eleven hundred years old. I had trouble adjusting to the idea of Lutherans.'' - Anya

    Anya Buffy called the paramedics, but it was no use for her mother who died of an aneurysm. Rupert came and took care of arrangements as Buffy informed Dawn in school. Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya came to the hospital to support Buffy. At the hospital Dawn snuck in the morgue to see her mother and was attacked by a vampire, but Buffy saved her (The Body 5.16).

    ''I don't understand! I don't understand how this all happens. How we go through this. I mean, I knew her, and then she's... there's just a body, and I don't understand why she just can't get back in it and not be dead anymore. It's stupid. It's mortal and stupid, and Xander's crying and not talking, and I was having fruit punch, and I thought, well, Joyce will never have any more fruit punch, ever, and she'll never have eggs or yawn or brush her hair. Not ever, and no one will explain to me why.'' - Anya

    Dead While planning to confront the banished hell god Glorificus, Anya suggested they use the Dagon Sphere and the troll-hammer of Olaf in the fight, which ended up being very useful suggestions. Before the battle Xander asked Anya to marry him, and they became engaged. During the battle with Glory, Buffy was killed saving the world from a dimensional rift (The Gift 5.22).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Lost and Found #1 Several weeks later a work crew under Xander unearthed a safe containing the demon Veeya, who had been trapped and buried in Sunnydale long ago. Veeya fed off the gangs despair over Buffy's death until Buffy's sister Dawn Summers was able to get the gang to remember all the goodness they felt for Buffy and fed it to the demon, killing it (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Lost and Found).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #45 Buffy The Vampire Slayer #44 During an argument over how to carry on Buffy's patrolling without her Anya then suggested they replace her with Buffybot. Willow agreed it was a good idea and took the parts from Spike. She had Xander do the mechanical repairs and she did the electronics and programming. It took three weeks before their first successful field test slaying a vampire. They had to increase Buffybot's resistance to harm, as it usually ended battles near breakdown. Spike got Willow to try to remove most of Buffybot's romantic programming towards him as it annoyed him (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #44).

    Willow contacted Doc's three brothers about getting a reliable resurrection spell, which they gave to her in trade for her destroying a scroll they wanted to get rid of. Destroying the scroll caused the release of the Luper, a giant demon bird, which killed Doc's brothers and then went on the rampage in Sunnydale. Willow was able to defeat the Luper. She then approached Tara, Xander and Anya with her plan to bring back Buffy, fearing that Buffy was trapped in a hell dimension. They agreed to try the spell and not tell Rupert (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #45).

    Anya & Xander Several months later Anya aided Willow in casting a spell to bring back Buffy from the dead. This spell was interrupted by a band of demon bikers looking to set up shop in Sunnydale. Although they didn't think the spell worked, Buffy did return from the dead (Bargaining Part 1 6.01 & Bargaining Part 2 6.02).

    As Buffy adjusted to her return to the land of the living, odd occurrences started to happen. Images of the dead and short possessions by an angry spirit plagued the people who raised Buffy. Willow learned that as a side effect of her magic a demon spirit had been created which was stuck between realities. When it was discovered that the spirit would dissipate unless it killed Buffy, the spirit attacked Buffy, but Willow and Tara were able to make the spirit solid enough for Buffy to slay it. Buffy confessed to Spike that she hadn't been in hell at all during her death, but was in heaven, and the forced return to the hard cold reality of Earth after such an experience was almost too much for her, but she made him promise not to tell the others (Afterlife 6.03).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Reunion Buffy started her Slayer training under Rupert again in the Magic Box as Anya, Xander and Dawn speculated as to what happened when Buffy had her reunion with Angel. Willow thought Buffy was holding something back about her encounter with Angel, so she secretly cast a spell to force Buffy to open her heart to her. The spell backfired and summoned a flaming demon who went on a rampage to tear out Buffy's heart. Willow tried to send a telepathic warning to Anya, Dawn and Xander, but they didn't understand it. When the demon appeared at the Magic Box, Buffy was able to defeat it by hitting it with a fire extinguisher and then chopping it's head off. Willow never admitted to summoning the demon by mistake (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Reunion).

    Anya For Halloween Anya dressed as one of Charlie's Angels. Xander finally announced their engagement to their friends on Halloween of 2001 (All The Way 6.06).

    ''Oh no, this is a special kind of angel called a Charlie. We don't have wings, we just skate around with perfect hair fighting crime.'' - Anya

    Scoobies After Tara learned that Willow had used magic to make Tara forget a fight they had Tara warned Willow she was using too much magic. Although Willow agreed to go for one week without magic, Willow didn't keep her word and attempted to make everyone forget the whole event happened. The spell backfired causing Willow, Tara, Rupert, Buffy, Xander, Dawn and Spike to all lose their memories for an evening. To make things worse was that fact that a demonic loan shark was hunting for Spike and attacked them all at the Magic Box, but even without memories they were able to fight off the vampires. While the spell was in effect Rupert and Anya mistakenly believed they were engaged, and they kissed (Tabula Rasa 6.08).

    ''I'm Anya! Um, this key fits this lock, and, uh, the forms... next to the cash register say that, uh, Rupert and, and Anya own the shop together.'' - Anya

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #46 Buffy continued to have long nights of sex with Spike, putting stress on her relationship with Dawn because of her long absences. The vampire Velatti escaped from a pile of rubble and decided she could use Dawn to get to Buffy. Velatti and her demon bear companion kidnapped Dawn. Velatti attacked Spike and then Buffy, but when Buffy was winning Velatti mentioned Dawn and Buffy ran off to find Dawn. Buffy discovered the broken window at her house and found Tara, who helped her try to find Dawn. As Xander, Anya and Willow were getting food at the Doublemeat Palace the demon bear arrived with Dawn and Velatti. Xander tried to take them down, but was overpowered. Willow almost used magic to stop them, but couldn't bring herself to cast a spell. Anya was able to distract Velatti with magical bubbleflies Anya intended to use at her wedding while Xander took on the demon bear, leaping on it's back and choking it with a mop handle. Buffy arrived and took on Velatti, but she got the best of Buffy. As Velatti was gloating Spike snuck up behind her and staked her (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #46).

    ''Funny you mention that. We were all thinking that maybe you had a secret boyfriend stashed somewhere, and you were spending all this time having great sex.'' - Anya

    Anya When Xander and Anya were getting married Tara was invited to be a bridesmaid, along side Buffy, Dawn and the demon Halfrek. Willow was Xander's best man. Spike, attempting to make Buffy jealous, brought a date to the wedding. Through all the troubles that plagued the wedding, including Xander's drunk family, Anya's demon co-workers, and an attack by a demonic former victim on Anya's, Xander decided to call off the wedding, leaving Anya at the alter and heartbroken (Hell's Bells 6.16).

    ''I, Anya, want to marry you, Xander, because... I love you and I'll always love you, and... before I knew you, I was like a completely different person. Not even a person, really... and I had seen what love could do to people, and it was... hurt and sadness. Alone was better, and then, suddenly there was you, and... you knew me. You saw me, and it was this... thing. You make me feel safe and warm. So, I get it now. I finally get love, Xander. I really do.'' - Anya

    Anya Anya then accepted D'Hoffryn's offer to become a vengeance demon again. She returned to Sunnydale and when Xander didn't want to marry her, just continue dating, she attempted to wish him out of existence, but was frustrated because she couldn't grant her own wishes. She attempted to get Willow, Tara, Dawn and Buffy to wish something bad on Xander, but they were not any help. She then planned on getting Spike drunk and getting him to make a wish, but they ended up having sex together in the Magic Box. Through a secret camera planted by the Trio that the scoobies had uncovered Xander discovered Anya and Spike having sex and nearly killed Spike for it. During the fight it was revealed that Spike and Buffy had been having sex, and Xander walked away disgusted in both Anya and Buffy's choice in lovers. Tara approached Willow about making up (Entropy 6.18).

    Anya Buffy spent the night looking for the Trio's base as Tara and Willow spent the night together making up, something that pleased Dawn to no end. Buffy found their base abandoned, and got out with some of their documents as she was attacked by giant buzz saws. Buffy returned home where Dawn, Tara and Willow aided her in going through the documents. Anya attempted to go back to avenging wronged women, but found she only was concerned with her own troubles and not those of others. The Trio acquired the skin of a Nezzla demon. Dawn visited Spike in his crypt, wanting to know if sleeping with Anya was worth it and if he really loved Buffy. Jonathan wore the skin of the demon to sneak into their lair and steal the orbs of Nezzla'Khan, which Warren used to become super strong and invulnerable. Buffy visited Xander and tried to make up with him, but he was too hurt over finding out Buffy was sleeping with Spike. Buffy went out patrolling and a vampire hurt her back. When she got home Spike followed her in and talked to her in the bathroom. He apologized for having sex with Anya. Buffy admitted she had feelings for him, but it wasn't love, because she could never trust him. Angry, Spike started for force himself on her, but she resisted him and kicked him across the room, shocking him into realizing what he was doing. Ashamed, Spike left her. At the Bronze Warren tested out the orbs by picking up women, beating on their boyfriends and robbing the place. Xander walked in and tried to fight Warren, but Warren was too powerful for him. Jonathan convinced Warren to leave so they could do a robbery they had planned. Xander returned to Buffy's place where he found her still lying on the flood in the bathroom. Willow arrived informed Buffy of a robbery in the plans that had to be done tonight. Spike returned to his crypt where Clem visited to share hot wings and watch Knight Rider. Spike told Clem he blamed the chip for everything and how he needed to change things. Warren then attempted an armored truck theft, but Buffy arrived and they fought. Warren was winning the fight, but Jonathan snuck Buffy a hint about destroying the orbs. Once they were gone Warren didn't stand a chance, so he used a jet pack to escape. Andrew and Jonathan were captured by the police. Spike rode out of town vowing things would change when he returned. The next morning Xander visited Buffy in her yard and they made up for their differences. Warren arrived wanting vengeance on Buffy and shot her, with a stray bullet hitting Tara, who was standing with Willow in the upstairs bedroom (Seeing Red 6.19).

    ''Oh, gee, then he must have meant it, 'cause hey, guys never say anything they don't really mean, do they?.. They say, "I love you," and, and you think it's true. They say, "Oh, Anya, I want to be with you for the rest of my life," and, and you believe them, you believe they feel the same way about you, because that's the way love's supposed to be, right?.. and then you get all excited with the tingly anticipation, but wait! Not so fast! There's the apocalypse, and the back from the grave, and the blah blah blah blah blah, and by the time you're finally standing there in that beautiful expensive white dress you've dreamed about ever since you became human, he's gets all heebie-jeebie and decides, "you know, I'd rather just go steady... and you know, he said it isn't me, but how can I believe him? I mean ... he knew he didn't want to get married! Deep down he knew, but he lied to me every day for months!... He lied and lied and then lied some more, 'cause hey , who's gonna notice with all the other lies flying around like little monkeys? and then he thinks he can just sweep the carnage underneath the rug by saying...'' - Anya

    Anya Tara died in Willow's arms as the paramedics took Buffy to the hospital. Willow tried to call on Osiris to bring back Tara, but she was told she couldn't reverse a natural passing with magic. Grief stricken Willow asked what happened, Xander said Warren shot at Buffy and Willow went out to get the magic she needed. Xander went with Buffy to Sunnydale Memorial. Andrew and Jonathan sat in jail waiting to be charged. Warren went to a demon bar to celebrate killing Buffy, were he learned that of a report of a girl was shot in her yard, but she survived and was in the hospital. Willow arrived at the Magic Box where she paralyzed Anya and drained all the magic from the black arts books. Dawn arrived home and discovered Tara's body. Warren decided to go to the warlock Rack for the power he needed to escape the Slayer. Rack informed him that Willow was out for blood because of Tara's death. Rack paid him for the things he needed to hide from and fight Willow. Buffy was faltering on the surgery table at the hospital when Willow arrived and healed her with magic. Willow then lead Xander and Buffy on a hunt for Warren. Warren sent a robot of himself on a bus to Mexico, tricking Willow into thinking it was him. Willow confronted the robot and destroyed it. When Xander and Buffy wondered why she was acting like she was Willow explained that Tara was dead. When Xander and Buffy wouldn't help her kill Warren Willow left on her own to do the job. Buffy and Xander returned to her home where they found Dawn weeping near Tara's body. Xander called the police and they took the body away. Xander decided to look for Willow at the Magic Box. Dawn wanted to help find Willow, but Buffy insisted she stay safe at Spike's crypt. Willow used Tara's blood to lead her to Warren. When Buffy and Dawn arrived at the crypt they discovered Clem house sitting for Spike, who left town. At the Magic Box Anya told Xander and Buffy she was a vengeance demon again and she could sense Willow. Willow was able to track Warren down in the woods. He used every trick he had on her, but he was out matched by her magic fury. Willow captured, tortured and then skinned Warren alive right as Buffy, Xander and Anya arrived. After killing Warren Willow went off to kill Andrew and Jonathan (Villains 6.20).

    Anya As Willow flew off to kill Jonathan and Andrew, Buffy and Xander raced to stop her and Anya teleported ahead. Xander discovered Willow had wrecked his car, so Buffy took off on foot. In the jail Anya arrived and tried to convince the police to let Andrew and Warren go. Willow arrived and started to tear open the jail walls, but Buffy got them out before Willow finished. Xander arrived in a stolen police car and they took off until they could figure out what to do with Willow. Willow then attacked the car with a semi-truck, but she ran low on magic power. Dawn talked Clem into helping her get to Willow. Dawn got Clem to help her track down Rack. Buffy, Xander, Anya, Jonathan and Andrew made their way to the Magic Box hoping to find something that could stop Willow. Anya had a book of anti-magic, but she wasn't sure she could translate it. Willow went to Rack's place to recharge with magic energy, where she found Rack and drained him to death. Dawn and Clem found Rack's place. As Clem waited in the lobby Dawn discovered Rack's dead body and Willow. Willow started to threaten Dawn, but then Buffy arrived. Buffy tried to talk Willow down but she wouldn't listen, and teleported them all back to the Magic Box. Willow tried to fry Andrew and Jonathan with magic, but Anya got the anti-magic spell working and blocked it. Spike defeated the first trial. Willow kept trying magic spells to no avail until she tried one making herself super-strong, and she started fighting Buffy. Xander and Dawn ran away with Andrew and Jonathan as Buffy and Willow fought and Anya hid, keeping up the anti-magic spell. Willow discovered Anya and knocked her out, then with her magic unhindered knocked out Buffy. As Willow was gloating Rupert arrived and knocked Willow for a loop (Two To Go 6.21).

    ''I care if you live or die, Xander. I'm just not sure which one I want.'' - Anya

    Anya Rupert quickly bound Willow and explained that a coven in England had seen the rise of a dark power fueled by grief in Sunnydale and a seer had seen the death of Tara. So the coven imbued him with their powers and teleported him to Sunnydale to stop it. Buffy caught Rupert up on events in Sunnydale as he planned to have the coven strip Willow of her powers, but Willow escaped the binding by tricking Anya. Rupert was unable to bind Willow again. Willow and Rupert fought until Willow knocked Rupert down and she sent a fireball to kill Andrew and Jonathan. Buffy had to run to save them before the fireball arrived, leaving Rupert and Willow alone. Willow then beat and drained Rupert of his powers. On a new power rush Willow suddenly found herself connected to every thing around her and unable to take the pain of it all decided it had to end. In a cemetery, Xander, Dawn, Andrew and Jonathan narrowly escaped the fireball as Buffy arrived to save them. Buffy and Dawn fell into a fissure in the ground and Xander was knocked unconscious. Andrew and Jonathan decided to high-tail it to Mexico. Anya awoke and found Rupert, dying from Willow's magic. Rupert was able to sense Willow through their magical connection. He said Willow planned on ending the world to stop her pain. In the cemetery Buffy and Dawn were trapped underground. Xander tried to help them but then Anya teleported in and told them how Willow planned to use a buried satanic temple to end the world. Rupert had told her no magic or supernatural force could stop Willow. Xander heard this and rushed to stop her. Anya returned to Rupert to comfort him as he died. Willow decided Buffy should go down fighting so Willow summoned earth elementals to take kill Buffy and Dawn. Dawn and Buffy were able to fight the elementals together. Xander arrived at the temple and blocked Willow's spells with his body, professing that no matter what, he loved her and wanted to be with her as the world ended. Willow couldn't bring herself to kill him and she broke down in his arms, the elementals disappearing. With Willow's stolen powers relinquished, Rupert recovered, saying he had hoped the true magic she took from him would spark her humanity, allowing Xander to reach her. Buffy was so impressed with the way Dawn handled herself she decided she wanted to show Dawn the world, not protect her from it (Grave 6.22).

    ''...and things just got a whole lot worse... End of the world worse. Willow's going to destroy it.'' - Anya

    Anya When Sunnydale was invaded by the Scourge Xander and Dawn were taken captive along with many other residents of the town in the old Initiative caves. Anya attempted to aid them as Buffy was forced by the demons to fight manifestations of her old foes, both living and dead. Buffy was aided in escaping the caves by her old friend Pike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #48).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #49 When Faith and Angel arrived in Sunnydale they were able to track the demonic invasion in the town to the old Initiative caves beneath Lowell House. There they were confronted by the Scourge. The two managed to save Xander, Dawn and Anya from being sacrificed to make soul drops, but then the whole group was captured (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #49).

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #50 Angel, Faith, Xander, Dawn and Anya found themselves confronting the Scourge's new leader, Adam, who had become a living holographic computer program. Buffy and Pike were able to break into Adam's headquarters. Buffy shut down the vat making the soul drops and then the others were able to defeat the Scourge. Once Buffy learned Adam was using the gladiatorial fights to power the Initiative and his computers she was able to talk the demons in the ring in into not fighting each other and Adam lost power. Buffy and her friends then returned to Buffy's house where Xander took care filling in the Initiative caves. Angel told Buffy and Dawn he had a teenage son now. After Angel and Faith left Pike told the others the story of when he and Buffy went to Las Vegas (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #50).

    Anya Although Anya tried to get back into the swing of being a vengeance demon, her heart wasn't in her work. She spent the whole summer granting half hearted wishes and started to get a reputation as being soft among her fellow demons. Eventually her friend Halfrek told her she had to do something about it (Lessons 7.01).

    ''It was a glitch. A summer thing. I am so back in the vengeance fold.'' - Anya

    Anya Anya tried to get respect from her demon piers by granting a wish for a girl named Nancy. Nancy wished her boyfriend Ronnie was a worm. Anya turned him into a giant worm demon who then started stalking Nancy. When Nancy was attacked by the demon worm she ran into Xander, who took Nancy to Buffy and Dawn. They all investigated the worm attack with the help of Spike, who insisted they needed him. Xander figured out that Anya was responsible and they confronted her at the Bronze. While Spike was threatening Anya she noticed he had a human soul, and Spike turned violent. Nancy ran off and the demon attacked her again. Spike and Buffy tried to stop the demon, but Spike struck it just Xander was able to talk Anya into reversing her wish, rendering the Ronnie human again. Spike seemed to snap when he learned he hurt a human and ran off to a church. Buffy followed and learned that he had gotten a human soul and it was driving him insane (Beneath You 7.02).

    Anya Willow returned to Sunnydale only to find that Buffy, Xander and Dawn were no where to be found. Meanwhile the three friends were perplexed as they waited for Willow to return. They all discovered a dead student at a construction site in the new high school, who had been skinned alive. Buffy worried that it might be Willow's work if she went evil again, but Dawn discovered references to a skin eating demon called Gnarl. Willow went to Spike and Anya for help finding her friends and the demon who killed the boy. Eventually they all found their way to the cave Gnarl lived in, but Dawn was injured and Willow was trapped in the cave. Buffy and Xander got Dawn to safety, then returned when Anya told them Willow was at the cave. After Buffy defeated Gnarl and Anya explained that they friends somehow couldn't see each other, the spell was broken and they were able to see each other. They took Willow home, where she recovered from the injuries she received from Gnarl. Willow explained that her lack of control of her magic and fear of seeing her friend again had somehow cast a spell that made them not be able to see each other. Buffy then aided her in meditation (Same Time, Same Place 7.03).

    ''Here's something you should know about vengeance demons. We don't groove with the sorry. We prefer, 'Oh god! Please stop hitting me with my own rib bones!''' - Anya

    Anya Anya then attempted to get back into the vengeance gig by granting the wish of a girl who was humiliated by several college fraternity boys. She wished that they knew what it was like to get their hearts ripped out, so Anya summoned a spider-demon who ate hearts and killed all the fraternity boys. Anya was shocked and horrified at what she had done and tried to leave, but Willow, who re-applying to U.C. Sunnydale, saw her and discovered the bodies and the demon. Willow told Buffy and Xander about the spider-demon, and they hunted it down and killed it. Willow confronted Anya about the deaths. Unable to get Anya to do anything Willow told Buffy and Xander about Anya's involvement in the deaths, and Buffy came to the conclusion she had to kill Anya. Xander was shocked at this and attempted to stop her, still being in love with Anya. As Anya and Buffy came to blows Willow summoned Anya's boss D'Hoffryn and had a talk with him. D'Hoffryn interrupted the fight between Buffy and Anya, wanting to know what Anya wanted. She wished she could return the boys to life. D'Hoffryn offered to bring them back, but said it would cost the life of a vengeance demon to do so. Anya agreed, thinking she was sacrificing herself to save the boys, but then D'Hoffryn killed Anya's demon friend Halfrek to return the boys, then made Anya human, so she could live in pain over what she had done. Anya then decided she needed to be alone to figure out who she really was (Selfless 7.05).

    Anya A demon attempted to kill Anya for D'Hoffryn, but Buffy slew the demon. Buffy then decided she had to get Spike out of the basement of Sunnydale High School, so she got him to move in with Xander, despite his protests. Dawn then came to notice a high school football star named R.J. Brooks and became obsessed with him, going so far as to try out for the Sunnydale High School Cheerleaders and sabotage a rival football player's career. Eventually she even dressed like a slut and got him to notice her. Buffy wasn't happy at this development. When Buffy tried to have a talk with R.J. she ended up falling madly for him too. Xander determined it must be a love spell working on the sisters. While Xander and Spike were able to discover that R.J.'s family had a history of being good with women because of an enchanted letterman's jacket, Willow and Anya also fell under the spell. The girls then started to compete for R.J.'s heart. Willow attempted to turn him into a woman with magic, to eliminate the competition for him from other women. Buffy tried to kill the principal who had been tough with R.J. at school. Anya went on a thieving spree to try to win his heart, and Dawn tried to kill herself to prove her eternal love. Spike and Xander were able to interrupt Willow's spell, stop Buffy from killing the principal and together they saved Dawn. They then were able to steal the jacket from R.J. and burn it, freeing the girls from the spell (Him 7.06).

    ''It was a spell. We were helpless! We aren't responsible for anything we did, morally, or, you know... legally.'' - Anya

    Anya Buffy went to Xander's house to check up on Spike after learning he might be killing again. She discovered Spike was out for the night and told Xander what she had learned. He agreed to have Spike watched to learn if he was killing again. Buffy then went home to and discovered the house torn up with Willow and Dawn up stairs. Willow told Buffy that they were both visited by evil spirits in the night pretending to be people they knew. Buffy told them about her knowledge of Spike, but they were worried it might also be a false lead. Xander got Anya to watch over Spike until he left for the evening. Buffy tracked Spike, and discovered he was meeting women, but wasn't able to follow. Spike was killing again, but under the hypnotic control of a mysterious spirit manifestation only he could see. Buffy confronted Spike about his meetings with girls, but he claimed he couldn't hurt anyone and wouldn't want to anyway. He merely spent time with girls because he missed Buffy. Willow researched on the computer and discovered a rash of missing persons in the last few days. Spike started to remember bits and pieces of the killings, and started to investigate, even going so far as escaping from Xander's watch of him. Spike went to the Bronze where he was met by a female vampire who claimed he had recently sired her. Spike and the vampire fought and he staked her. Spike then remembered more and called Buffy, telling her to meet him at a house. Spike told her he remembered killing people and burying them in the basement. The spirit then activated Spike's hypnotic trigger again and he attacked Buffy, being joined by the vampires rising from the basement floor. Spike couldn't bring himself to hurt Buffy and broke out of the spirit's control, while Buffy staked the other vampires. Spike tried to get Buffy to stake him for what he had done, but she refused to play along, guessing there was an invisible force playing them all. Buffy then took Spike home to try to learn what he knew of the evil spirit which was haunting them all (Sleeper 7.08).

    Anya Buffy tied Spike up in her bedroom to see to his recovery and try to find out what he knew about what was haunting them all. Buffy tried calling the Council of Watchers in an attempt to locate Rupert, but they were no help. Willow went to the butcher shop to pick up some pig's blood to feed Spike, only to come across her old enemy Andrew, who was also buying large amounts of pig's blood. Suspicious of Andrew's motivations Willow forced him to return with her to Buffy's house, where Anya and Xander interrogated him. Fearing Andrew would talk the spirit haunting Spike triggered his killer personality and sent him after Andrew. Spike escaped and bit Andrew right as he was telling everything he knew about the Seal of Danzalthar he was trying to activate with the blood. Buffy saved Andrew and chained Spike up in the basement. The house was then attacked by men in robes who abducted Spike. After they made their escape Buffy recognized one of them as the Harbingers of the First Evil, and realized it was the First Evil who was haunting them all this time. The Harbingers then took Spike to the seal and used his blood to release a powerful Turok-Han vampire trapped under it (Never Leave Me 7.09).

    Anya Buffy, Anya, Willow and Dawn tried to research the First Evil as Xander repaired the home from the attack by the Harbingers. They did not find much useful information. Buffy was visited by the image of her mother in a dream, but she thought it might be the First Evil. When Andrew recovered Buffy had him take the gang to the Seal of Danzalthar. The seal was abandoned and with all the blood around them they figured it had been activated. Willow attempted to use a locating spell to find the First, but this caused the First to manifest, briefly possessing Willow. Xander saved her by breaking an urn used in the spell. Rupert unexpectedly arrived with three Slayers in training, Annabelle, Kennedy and Molly. He explained that the First Evil had declared war on the Council of Watchers and the Slayers. He stole what he could from the Council headquarters before it was destroyed and brought that information and the Slayers in training to Sunnydale. Kennedy seemed to make a pass at Willow, who was shocked. Buffy went out on patrol with Rupert and found the place where the Harbingers were last time she fought them. She was attacked by the Turok-Han, who was beating her until he had to retreat because of the rising sun. Buffy went to work that day and unsuccessfully tried to research the First Evil online. That night Annabelle got frightened and ran away, only to be killed by the Turok-Han. Buffy fought him and was severely beaten again and left for dead under a pile of rubble. Xander found Buffy and brought her back home. After recovering from her wounds Buffy awoke and told the others they were going to war against the First Evil (Bring On The Night 7.10).

    ''Please. How many times did I hear that line in my demon days. ''I'm so rotten they don't even have a name for it... I'm baddy bad bad bad. Does it make you horny?'' or terrified. Whatever.'' - Anya

    Anya Unable to find any useful information on how they could fight the First Evil, Rupert suggested they consult an oracle known as Beljoxa's Eye. Anya was against the idea of consulting the eye, but Buffy insisted they needed to try. Since only a demon could open the portal to the eye's realm Rupert got Anya to ask the demon Torg to open one. Torg was still upset that Anya once broke his heart and refused to help Anya. Rupert threatened to send the Slayer after Torg's clients and Torg opened the portal for them. The eye told Rupert and Anya the First Evil could not be killed, and they learned that the First's attacks on the Slayer were because something the Slayer had done had made the Slayer line vulnerable to being extinguished forever (Showtime 7.11).

    ''You're rejecting my offer of sexual bribery?! Not that I wanted to sleep with you, but what am I, a leper in this town?! I can't even give it away!'' - Anya

    Anya Buffy and Spike took to training the potential Slayers for action in their war with the First Evil, as she continued her work as a councilor at Sunnydale High School. Willow received a phone call from her coven that they had located another potential Slayer who was already living in Sunnydale. Willow, Xander, Dawn and Anya performed a spell to locate the new Slayer and were shocked when the spell seemed to indicate that the person they were looking for was Dawn. Dawn asked the others not to tell Buffy right away, then sneaked out to clear her head about the idea of what she was. Buffy and Spike took the potential Slayers to the graveyard, where Buffy and Spike locked the girls in with a crypt with a newborn vampire, which they defeated. While walking Dawn ran into schoolmate Amanda, who was having a bad night. Amanda had been attacked by a vampire at the school, which she was able to get away from. Dawn decided to try herself as a potential Slayer and face the vampire with Amanda. When Willow, Xander and Anya discovered Dawn was missing they went to get Buffy to help find her. Dawn and Amanda tried to face the vampire, but seemed out matched. During the fight Dawn realized that Amanda was actually the one the spell indicated was the potential Slayer, as Amanda was outside the house when the spell was cast, right behind Dawn. Dawn talked Amanda into facing the vampire and Amanda was able to slay it right as Buffy arrived. Afterwards Amanda joined the ranks of the potential Slayers. Xander had a talk to Dawn about the difficulties of not being chosen or having powers, yet fighting evil, which made her feel better (Potential 7.12).

    Anya To help the potential Slayers learn more about what they were Rupert took them out to the desert to commune with the spirit of the first Slayer. Xander, Anya, Dawn and Andrew received a phone call from a watcher, who told them he thought that the Harbingers had killed Rupert in England. Unable to recall if they saw Rupert touch anything since returning to Sunnydale, they worried he might be the First Evil in disguise and drove out to the desert to find him. They found Rupert and grabbing him learned he was solid, and they were embarrassed (The Killer In Me 7.13).

    Anya Rupert was very upset to learn that Buffy had Spike's chip removed, but she insisted it would be okay. Buffy decided to investigate Principal Robin Wood, only to end up being asked out on a date with him, which she accepted. Xander also asked a woman named Lissa out at the hardware store and got a date, which made Anya very jealous. As Buffy and Xander were out on their dates Andrew was contacted by the First Evil, in the form of Jonathan. The First Evil wanted Andrew to get the gun Willow bought and use it to kill the potential Slayers. Buffy and Robin were jumped by a pack of vampires on their date, but they both quickly dispatched the demons. Andrew pretended to go along with the First, but secretly set up an operation with Willow, Dawn, Kennedy and Amanda to try to learn about the First's motives and weaknesses. The First discovered it was being duped and became very angry. Willow got a distress text message on her cell phone from Xander, sending Spike to track down Buffy on her date. On their date Robin admitted he was the son of a former Slayer, and that he hunted vampires on the side. He also admitted he knew who Buffy really was and that's why he hired her at the school. Spike interrupted them at a restaurant, telling them Xander was in danger and the three were able to save Xander from Lissa, who was about to sacrifice him in an attempt to raise another Turok-Han vampire. Robin discovered Spike was a vampire and became suspicious. Later at home the First Evil appeared to Robin in the form of his mother and told him that Spike was the vampire who killed her (First Date 7.14).

    Trivia: On Buffy The Vampire Slayer the part of Anya is played by actress Emma Caulfield.

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