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Amiga Port Authority

By Mathew R. Ignash (mathewignash@comcast.net) - Last updated on September 13, 2002.

Amiga Port Authority is a web site dedicated to presentating Amiga users with infomation on games that have been ported that to their systems from other platforms, game consoles, and arcade machines. It provides a description of the game, details on what kind of system is needed to run it, what other people have said about the game, frequently asked questions, and links to support files. We also have links to various off-site game reviews.
My Amiga game reviews:

  1. Abuse by Crack Dot Com
  2. Aftershock by Head Games
  3. Army Moves by Imagine/Dinamic
  4. Battle Chess by Interplay
  5. Blasteroids by Atari
  6. Bubble Bobble
  7. Descent by Parallax
  8. Donkey Kong by Nintendo
  9. Doom by id Software
  10. Doom II by id Software
  11. Galaxian by Namco
  12. Heretic by Raven Software
  13. Heretic II by Raven Software
  14. Hexen by Raven Software
  15. Highnoon by Ocean
  16. Katakis by Rainbow Arts
  17. Killing Game Show by Psygnosis
  18. Malice by Quantum Axcess
  19. Marble Madness by Atari
  20. Mortal Kombat by Acclaim
  21. Mortal Kombat II by Acclaim
  22. Myst by Cyan
  23. Primal Rage by Atari
  24. Quake by id Software
  25. Rampage by Bally Midway
  26. Rise of the Robots by Mirage
  27. Shrak by Quantum Axcess
  28. Sim City 2000 by Maxis
  29. Space Invaders by Midway
  30. Street Fighter II by Capcom
  31. Street Racer by Ubisoft
  32. Super Street Fighter II by Capcom
  33. Super Street Fighter II Turbo by Capcom
  34. Thexder by Sierra On-Line
  35. Turrican by Rainbow Arts
  36. Ultra Violent Worlds by Vorlon Software
  37. Wipeout 2097 by Psygnosis
  38. Wolfenstein 3D by id Software
  39. X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse by Wizard Works
  40. Zaxxon by Sega
  41. Zool by Gremlin

My Amiga game previews:

  1. Alien Nations
  2. Freespace: The Great War
  3. Quake II by id Software
  4. Rage Of Mages by Monolith
  5. Settlers II by Blue Byte
  6. Shogo: Mobile Armor Division by Monolith
  7. Worms: Armageddon
  8. Z by Bitmap Brothers

Also view the System Friendlyness Scale that I use to grade games. Or you can view the platform porting page.
Off site Amiga game reviews:

  1. Genetic Species by Marble Eyes and Vulcan Software
  2. Max Rally by Fortress Software
  3. Nemac IV by Zentek
  4. OnEscapee by Sadness Software
  5. Stunt Car Racer
  6. Uropa2 by Austex Software/Vulcan Software
  7. Worms: The Directors Cut by Ocean

Latest News:

Updating pages after a long period of inactivity. Removing more dead links.


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