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Wolfenstein 3-D

By Mathew R. Ignash ( - Last updated on September 13, 2002.

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The Game
  • Vital Data:

  • Created By: id Software -
  • Ported to Amiga by: Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz, March 1999
  • System requirements: A 68020 CPU, AGA graphics chip set, and about 1.5 mb of hard drive space.
  • Systems recommended: A 68030 or better CPU.
  • System Friendlyness Scale: 1234??789?

  • Instructions
  • About The Game:

  • Synopsis: Wolfenstein 3D was the first real big hit from id Software. It was a first person perspective shooting game for MS-DOS and sequal to Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, a platform game for the Commodore 64. This game took quite a long time to make it to the Amiga platform, and arrived about seven years after the initial release. To get the game running you will need the Amiga executable, along with the data files to either the demo or full version of the game.

    B.J. The story: You're William J. "B.J." Blazkowicz, the Allies' bad boy of espionage and a terminal action seeker. Your mission was to infiltrate the Nazi fortress Castle Hollehammer and find the plans for Operation Eisenfaust, the Nazi's blueprint for building the perfect army. Rumors are that deep within the castle the diabolical Dr. Schabbs has perfected a technique for building a fierce army from the bodies of the dead. As an escaped prisoner in a Nazi war prison, you will move smoothly through a 3D world full of amazing detail and animation Unlike other 3D games, you'll run through a sensational and realistic 3D environment, with intelligent moving guards and opponents.
  • FAQs:

  • Reviews:

  • Classic Gaming: The Fragmaster reviews the MS-DOS port of Wolfenstein 3D.
  • PC Game Review: Various submitted reviews of Wolfenstein 3D.

  • Extras:

  • Aminet Wolfenstein files -
  • Maps of the levels -
  • Weapons for the game -
  • Wolfenstein 3D Amiga home page -
  • Yahoo's Wolfenstein 3D link page -

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