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By Mathew R. Ignash ( - Last updated on May 28, 2000.

Amiga - Atari ST - C64 - Gameboy - Genesis - ZX Spectrum

  • Vital Data:

  • Created By: Rainbow Arts/Factor 5, 1990 -
  • Ported to Amiga by: Same as above.
  • System requirements: Kickstart 1.3 or higher and a joystick. If you want to install it to a hard drive it takes up about 1mb of space.
  • System recommended: A two button joystick is supported.
  • System Friendlyness Scale: 12x45x789x - The game does not multitask, only generates TV output and will not utilize RTG software.

  • About The Game:

  • Synopsis: Turrican is an action packed platform shooter that has spawned a number of sequals. This game sold for $39.95. You pilot a silver armor through five different worlds shooting everything that moves. You get a variety of weapons and the ability to turn into a slaw blade to cut into opponents.

    A WhdLoad hard drive installer and patcher is available on the Aminet which makes the game useable on most Amiga systems.
  • FAQs:

  • Reviews:

  • Amiga Format: Matt Evans gave Amiga Turrican 88% in the August 1988 issue.
  • Amiga Games Database: A review of Amiga Turrican.
  • Amiga World: In the February 1991 issue Peter Olafson said ''Turrican is one of this year's essential arcade games.''
  • Your Sinclair: Turrican for the ZX Spectrum gets 93% in the January 1992 issue.

  • Extras:

  • Aminet Turrican files -
  • Cheats for Amiga Turrican -
  • Download the zip'd ADF file from the authors. -
  • WhdLoad Installers -

  • AltOS Amiga Web 
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