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By Mathew R. Ignash ( - Last updated on May 28, 2000.

Acorn - Amiga - Atari ST - Linux
Macintosh - MS-DOS - OS2 - Win32

  • Vital Data:

  • Created By: Raven Software, December 1994 -
  • Ported to Amiga by:
    AHeretic: Jesper Svennevid, January 1999 -
    AmiHeretic: Steffen Hauser, January 1999 -
    Heretic: Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz, January 1999
  • System requirements:
    AHeretic: Seems to run on 68020+ CPU. It requires either the AGA chipset or a CGFX compatable video card, 8mb of free system RAM and a hard drive with about 6mb or 15 mb of space.
    AmiHeretic: Seems to run on PowerPC CPU with WarpUp.library. It requires either the AGA chipset or a CGFX compatable video card, 8mb of free system RAM and a hard drive with about 6mb or 15mb of space.
    Heretic: Seems to run on 68020+ or PowerPC CPU's. It requires either the AGA chipset or a CGFX compatable video card, 8mb of free system RAM and a hard drive with about 6mb or 15mb of space.
  • Systems recommended:
    AHeretic: A 68060 CPU and a CGFX compatable video card.
    AmiHeretic: A CGFX compatable video card.
    Heretic: A 68060 or PowerPC CPU with PowerUp software and a CGFX compatable video card.
  • System Friendlyness Scale:
    AHeretic: 1234567890
    AmiHeretic: 1234567890
    Heretic: 1234567890

  • About The Game:

  • Synopsis: Good news! Heretic has been ported to the Amiga! I have so far discovered three versions. They all need the shareware WAD to run. The screenshot on this page is directly taken from Heretic running on my Amiga 1200! The ports that seem very similar, the only notable difference at this point seems to be that the one by Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz has PowerUP support as well as 68k and the one by Steffen Hauser is made for WarpUp systems. I tried the game on an AGA system with a 50mhz 68030 CPU and found it to be playable if I shrunk the screen two steps. The hardest part was downloading the MS-DOS shareware archive and installing on PC-Task and then copying the .WAD file I needed. You can download the latest executables at the Doomworld site, I have a link below.

    The shareware wad, which weighs in at about 5mb, allows you to play the level City Of The Damned. The 14mb commercial wad allows several other levels to be played. In the game you start off with a staff and an elvin wand. As you advance you gain access to gauntlets, an etheral crossbow, a dragon claw, a hellstaff, and a phoenix rod.

    The Story: In a twisted medieval dimension, undead creatures and bestial horrors have done the unthinkable--callously slaughtering your entire race. Your friends. Your family. Eliminated. But the nightmare has just begun. Wielding ungodly weapons such as the Firemace and Hellstaff and casting spells from the Tomes of Power, you must seek your vengeance. Or die trying.

    Here are some cheats to try out:
  • QUICKEN - God Mode / Degreelessness mode.
  • RAMBO - Gives you all the weapons with all their ammo
  • GIMME - Lets you choose from artifacts a-j getting anywhere from 1-9 at a time.
  • RAVSKEL - All keys.
  • RAVMAP - Shows the whole map.
  • KITTY - No clipping mode enabled / Walk through walls/Can't pick-up anything.
  • ENGAGEXY - Level warp: X = Episode, Y = Level number of that episode.
  • PONCE - Refills health.
  • SHAZAM - Turns on the Tome of Power whether or not you have one.
  • MASSACRE - Instantly kills all monsters in the current level.
  • COCKADOODLEDOO - Turns you into a bawking-like-hell chicken.
  • TICKER - Turns on Developer's Mode (the -devparm command in DOOM).
  • IDDQD - Kills you instantly.
  • IDKFA - Takes away all the weapons and keys you have.
  • FAQs:

  • Reviews:

  • Amiga World: Richard Drummand gave Amiga Heretic 90% in the July 1999 issue and said it was a ''A vast improvement over Doom.''
  • Gamespot: The MS-DOS version of Heretic gets an 7.6 out of 10.

  • Extras:

  • Aminet files -
  • Doomworld -
  • Doomworld FTP site -
  • Shareware WAD needed to play -
  • Usenet - news:alt.binaries.heretic
  • Usenet -
  • Yahoo's Heretic link page -

  • AltOS Amiga Web 
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