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By Mathew R. Ignash ( - Last updated on May 28, 2000.

Amiga - Arcade - Atari 2600 - Atari 5200
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Arcade Screenshot
  • Vital Data:

  • Created By: Namco.
  • Ported to Amiga by: Kev Gallagher, 1998
  • System requirements: 512kb of chip memory and a joystick.
  • System recommended: Same as above.
  • System Friendlyness Scale: 12x4xx789x - The game does not multitask, it only generates PAL TV screens and will not utilize RTG software.

  • About The Game:

  • Synopsis: Galaxian was an arcade game of the early 1980's that held to the premises set up in Space Invaders. You have a lone ship at the bottom of the screen, and their is an armada of aliens at the top who you are trying to kill off while dodging their random fire. This game is colorful and had cool sound, as well as having nasties divebomb you occasionally.

    Galaxians is a piece of shareware by Kev Gallagher is a pretty fair rendition of Galaxian. It doesn't like NTSC systems or 68060 CPU's, but can be forced to run on them using the PAL promoter and Oxypatcher. Sadly I could not get a screen shot of it. The picture on this page is from the arcade version under MAME. I suggest writing a start-up script to automatically change to PAL mode and launch the program if running on an NTSC system.

  • FAQs:

  • Reviews:

  • Classic Gaming: The Fragmaster reviews the Arcade port of Galaxian

  • Extras:

  • Aminet Galaxian files -

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