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By Mathew R. Ignash ( - Last updated on September 13, 2002.

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  • Vital Data:

  • Created By: id Software -
  • Ported to Amiga by:
    DoomAttack - Georg Steger, 1998
  • System requirements:
    DoomAttack - A 68020 CPU, 2mb of fast RAM, AGA chip set or a CyberGFX compatable video card, Workbench 3.0, about 14mb of free hard drive space and the commercial doom wad file.
  • Systems recommended:
    DoomAttack - A high speed 68030 CPU or better and 8mb of fast RAM.
  • System Friendlyness Scale:
    DoomAttack - 1234567890

  • About The Game:

  • Synopsis: Doom is a pretty famous game, that lacked an Amiga version for many years. id software declined porting it publicly many years ago, stating that you would need a 68040 CPU and a video card just to run it at a playable speed. This was at a time when that was considered pretty much the top end of Amiga market, which was too small a market for them. This was probably for the best in the long run. If they had ported it it they probably would have just compiled the code in a weekend, and then we would have stuck with a half-rate Doom, done as an after thought. Instead in December of 1997 id released the source code for the engine used in Doom and Doom II. The result was a number of ports from various talented programmers, who competed with each other over adding new features, faster gameplay, and compatability with various hardware set-ups. Right now I use an Amiga Doom engine called DoomAttack by Georg Steger. By merely installing his executable, support files, prefs program and a rather large datafile from the MS-DOS version of Doom, I get a very professional Doom on my Amiga 1200.
  • FAQs:

  • Reviews:

  • Acorn Arcade: The Acorn port of Doom gets 75%.
  • Amiga Games Database: A review of Amiga Doom.
  • Electric Playground: Victor gave the Jaguar version of Doom 9 out of 10.
  • Electric Playground: Victor gave the N64 version of Doom 8 out of 10.
  • Electric Playground: Victor gave the Playstation version of Doom 10 out of 10.
  • Electric Playground: Victor gave the SNES version of Doom 7.5 out of 10.
  • PSM Online: Doom for the Playstation got a 7.0, and includes all the levels of Ultimate Doom and Doom II.

  • Extras:

  • Amiga Doom Webring -
  • Aminet files -
  • Cheats -
  • Doomworld -
  • Doomworld FTP site -
  • Usenet -
  • Yahoo's Doom link page -

  • AltOS Amiga Web 
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